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Episode #13 - Back and Forth Empty Episode #13 - Back and Forth

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Episode #13 - Back and Forth Intro_10

Episode #13 - Back and Forth

In this parallel game of Big Brother, 22 strangers were locked up and propelled into a fantasy world like no other. While trying to survive the elements of this house and the game played within its walls, the 22 players will have to compete in grueling challenges, find trust and know when to betray. It’s a ride you don’t want to miss.

Welcome to Parallel Big Brother Season 1: Survival!

Tonight on Parallel Big Brother, watch as a house divided struggles to obtain the leg up on the other side. Would anyone decide to flip to the other side?

Jenn walks in the Diary Room

Yesterday was a SHIT SHOW. I definitely have a WAY harder time making it to final 2 now... this game can change on a dime.

The house was getting really quiet with everyone leaving. Jenn and Millie were getting ready for the HOH competition.

Jenn: "I'm so nervous"

Millie: "almost time. This one will be difficult! Lol and its okay u got this!"

Jenn: "I'm ready! We can definitely win this one Smile BB GODS WE NEED YOU <3"

Millie: "LOL yes we do!"

Bill and Jenn crossed paths on the way to the HOH challenge.

Bill: "Now we can both exhale! haha "

Jenn: "Final 6!!!! Omg. I never thought I'd make it this far tbh. Yes definitely relaxed for now!"

Bill: "Not gonna lie, was definitely uncomfortable knowing our fate was in the hands of Jala and Millie. Now let's win and control our own fate! "

Jenn: "I was too. That's why we need to win HOH and feel safe. They've always voted with us, but it's scary relying on someone else for your safety! I was afraid they'd make a deal or something behind our backs."

Jenn walks in the Diary Room

Anyway... I'm stuck between if I should win this or if I shouldn't. I don't want to win because I don't want to 1) have to nominate Jo if Iman or Trey take themselves off the block, 2) Iman hasn't nominated me and I returned the favour so I think there's a little trust there, 3) I don't know what number 3 is.

It was time for the Head of Household competition. Please visit the link below to watch it happen live.

Episode #13 - Back and Forth Hoh19

HoH Challenge: https://youtu.be/8csb61ISz90

Jenn was once again victorious and secured herself another round by securing HOH.

Episode #13 - Back and Forth Hoh_je11

Episode #13 - Back and Forth 3847028

Millie and Jala felt quite safe with Jenn as HOH.

Episode #13 - Back and Forth Image

Jala: "Well we're safe again"

Millie: "Yass. and u still have your power"

Jala: "I know wtf am I going to do with it. The only thing I could use it for is if we want someone to go home that everyone is going to keep. Like if after veto bill is replacement nom or something and we wanted to screw him over I could use my power on the person next to him"

Millie: "LOL that would be iconic Laughing I think Jo is rooting for Jenn. but for now Trey has to go & I think Bill is with Iman"

Jala: "Trey 100% has to go"

Jenn walked in and they greeted her with a big hug as they all jumped around.

Millie: "Yay"

Jenn: "It was only you me and Bill there are first so I was like if any of us win it we'll be fine haha "

Millie: "Iman didn't even participate. Glad you won. Who are u thinking for noms?"

Jenn: "Lol I think she started after Laughing what do you think I should do?"

Millie: "Hopefully I win for us next too it's time. and hmm well who do u think is coming after u"

Jenn: "It's definitely time! Trey 100%. I'm a huge comp threat LaughingLaughing"

Jala: "Yasss Jenn SO HAPPY!!!"

Jenn: "We're safe girls SmileSmileSmile"

Millie: "Jenn comp queen LaughingLaughing"

Jala: "A comp beast"

Millie: "Tea!"

Jenn: "Hahaha Laughing I can't believe he said that when I won one thing by chance Laughing. What do you think I should do? Trey?"

Millie: "If u do Trey u have a reason to put him up and lolol yeah literally by luck. unless he thinks u won more"

Jenn: "Lol he must think I won more lol he's like you're a great competitor ... so I said with my one comp win? Laughing"

Millie: "lol he probs thinks u won Veto or something"

Jala: "Trey is the biggest threat as of now I think lol"

Jenn: "I think too lol he's won so much. It's scary. So Trey and Iman?"

Jala: "Isn't that the only options? Cause you wouldn't do bill right?"

Jenn: "Yep that's true. I keep forgetting who's in the house. I don't think bill will go against us. I def think we'll be the first to get him out if we can all make it to final 4 together"

Jala: "Hopefully he doesn't!"

Jenn: "He screwed over Iman by nominating Luke so he doesn't have Iman. And with trey leaving he will only have us"

Jala: "True!"

Jenn: "It's 3 v 1 basically after we get Trey and Iman out. Iman or Trey are leaving this week. Preferably Trey because he's a comp beast but that depends on if he wins veto"

Jala: "Trey needs to go for sure"

Jenn: "If we don't get him out now he's going to the end 100%"

Millie: "100% we need him out now"

Jenn: "We all get to play in veto too so it's 4-2"

Jala: "Agreed"

Jenn: "Trey needs to leave so we can make it to the end."

Millie: "Will will make it to the end. Know that."

Jenn: "We will!!! What should I say???! Lol"

Millie: "Hmm maybe something similar to what Trey said to u"

Jenn: "Yeah I'll mention all his comp wins. I just realized he only has two too"

Millie: "He didn't win a veto?"

Jenn: "I don't think so"

Millie: "Thought he did Laughing guess I was wrong"

Episode #13 - Back and Forth Giphy

Jenn walks in the Diary Room

Big brother, I think I'm finally getting paranoid... this isn't good

Jenn didn't really need to think about her nominations. She nominated Trey and Iman for eviction.

Episode #13 - Back and Forth Nom_sp18 Episode #13 - Back and Forth Noms21

Iman: "I guess you're only 1% right"

Jenn: "Hahahaha. Better than 0 I guess Laughing."

Iman: "LaughingLaughing"

Episode #13 - Back and Forth Tumblr_mqamxaKDcI1ref340o1_250

Millie and Jala were in the backyard gossiping before the Veto challenge.

Jala: " if trey wins veto and bill goes up... do we really wanna send Iman out over bill?"

Millie: "It's debatable because once Bill gets HoH he's targeting us 100%. & Iman we don't really know much about ha which is not good neither so it's 50/50"

Jala: "I think I want to use my power to send Bill out in that situation. But I won't tell Jenn ... they'll all assume Iman used it to save himself"

Millie: "Unless PBB says u used a special power. u should ask just in case. But I do think Iman and Bill are working together. Because once Bill used his power on me Iman made sure to let me know he's angry at Bill yet Bill didn't go up on Treys HoH. And how did Iman know to vote Jo out lol unless Jenn told her but still"

Jala: "Nvm they say my name so that plan is ova. Unless we get Jenns approval Laughing. Yeah I think Iman and bill are together"

Millie: "Will ask ha if needed and ya 100%"

Jenn woke up and met them for breakfast.

Jala: "Goodmorning girl! Ready for veto tonight?"

Jenn: "Good morning! I hope so! I hope we win it tonight"

Millie: "Goodmorning! and I hope we win tonight too"

Jala: "it is probably going to be questions about what evicted Hg said what. or who said what throughout the game"

Jenn: "Yeah I think it'll be something like that too. Just gotta make sure we win pov"

Jala: "Yeah I'm going to read through the responses and stuff just incase"

Jenn: "I will too. There's so many of them. Do you think it'll be a true or false thing?"

Millie: "I agree with what u guys said and I was also thinking like who won what HoH and so on"

Jenn: "Let's win this girls. Trey needs to stay up on that block"

Millie: "have u guys studied? loo"

Jenn: "I studied a little bit but I didn't get to study much because I've been writing a paper. How do you think they'll quiz us? Did you study?"

Millie: "I'm going to now lol.nom sayings or evictions Qs lol & good luck on your paper"

Jenn: "We got this. I have eviction q's saved but I didn't save nom sayings"

It was now time for the Power of Veto competition. Please visit the link below to watch it happen live.

Episode #13 - Back and Forth Veto20

PoV Challenge: https://youtu.be/KHvG7lrLjo4

Millie was so excited to win the power of veto.

Episode #13 - Back and Forth Veto_m10

Trey: "omg congrats!"

Jenn: "Good job Millie!"

Bill: "Congrats Millie!"

Millie: "Thanks everyone!"

Millie and Jala were rejoicing at her win.

Jala: "I cant believe I slept through veto IM shok"

Millie: "LOL u pulled a me"

Jala: "LOL I really didddd"

Millie: "It's okay I won anyways. We need to win HoH next week! Cant let iman or Bill win"

Jala: "100%%%"

They join up with Jenn to make sure she still doesn't want to make a move against Bill.

Jenn: "Haha you did awesome"

Millie: "Thanks!lol Trey meassged me Laughing"

Jenn: "LOL of course he did LaughingLaughing He's gonna say whatever he can to get you to use it"

Millie: "I won't use it"

Jenn: "I know you won't Laughing. Trey is like Luke in that way."

Millie: "Hes not forcing me lol not really saying much Laughing"

Jenn: "Oh okay that's good then Laughing Maybe he's not like Luke after all Laughing"

Millie: "Ya he just asked wheres my head at but hasnt said anything lol"

Jenn: "Oh okay lol yeah that's the typical message anyone would send"

Jala: "yessssssssss Millie!"

Millie: "Any ideas on what I should say"

Jenn: "We were doing so good. Can say you want to respect the HOH's wishes and keep noms the same? Or just say I've decided not to use it and not give a reason."

Millie: "Yeah that's what I was thinking lol. or something spicy but I'll go normal Laughing"

Jenn: "Either works Laughing Spicy is always good but normal works too Laughing"

Millie decided to not use the Power of Veto on either Trey or Iman.

Episode #13 - Back and Forth Veto_s20 Episode #13 - Back and Forth Final_21

Jala: *whispers to Millie & Jenn* "Bye Bye Trey"

Jenn: "Girls we're almost at final 3"

Jala: "So close!"

Jenn: "We got this"

By a vote of 3-0, Trey was evicted from the Parallel Big Brother house.

Episode #13 - Back and Forth Evicti16 Episode #13 - Back and Forth Trey_j10

Bill: "Bye Trey. Take care"

Trey: "gl guys. it's been fun."

Episode #13 - Back and Forth 9C0UxA4

Jenn walks in the Diary Room

BYE BYE TREY. You came for me, so I came for you. At the end of this season, people are gonna see how much I shit talked. I don't think they'll like me anymore Laughing

One of the dominant alliances had almost voted everyone against them out. It was soon time to turn on each other. Who will throw the first stone? Find out next time on on Parallel Biggggggg Brotherrrrrrr

Trey's Aftershow Interview

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