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Episode #6 - From Hero to Zero Empty Episode #6 - From Hero to Zero

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Episode #6 - From Hero to Zero Intro_10

Episode #6 - From Hero to Zero

In this parallel game of Big Brother, 22 strangers were locked up and propelled into a fantasy world like no other. While trying to survive the elements of this house and the game played within its walls, the 22 players will have to compete in grueling challenges, find trust and know when to betray. It’s a ride you don’t want to miss.

Welcome to Parallel Big Brother Season 1: Survival!

Tonight on Parallel Big Brother, watch as a returning player wins their way back into the house. Will they be on their way back out or would they be able to slip through the cracks?

As the HGs found out that a player would be returning to the game, no one was very happy about it.

Taylor walks in the Diary Room

Honestly, I have no clue what is going on

Jala walks in the Diary Room

I am feeling really good right now, my number 1 ally since day 1 and the only person I trust in this game just survived the block.

Sara: "Are you nervous about who comes back?"

Andrew: "Honestly a little. Luke and Cerina seem pretty pissed at me for stupid reasons, but I don't know. You?"

Sara: "I don't want Cerina to come back because I was shady and petty towards her and she know it."

Andrew: "LOL I kind of hope Meredith comes back because she's pretty inactive and she left early Laughing but she probably won't even show up for the comp"

Sara: "Laughing I didn't like her from the beginning"

Andrew: "Cerina or Meredith?"

Sara: "Both actually"

Episode #6 - From Hero to Zero Tenor

Jala walks in the Diary Room

I would rather listen to Kathy talk for 24 hours straight than have Caleb or Luke return to this game. That is saying a lot. Honestly truly. Sidenote: *Syd says she has been working Damola to vote for Millie to stay*
*Damola doesnt even vote*. WHAT IS THE TRUTH?

The evicted houseguests were informed that they would get a chance to battle back and gain a spot in the game.

B came in last place
Meredith came in 5th place
Johnny came in 4th place
Cerina came in 3rd place
Caleb came in 2nd place
Luke won his way back into the game

Episode #6 - From Hero to Zero Luke_r10

Damola: "Congratulations. Welcome back"

Luke: "Hey guys!!!!"

Syd: "Welcome back Luke!"

Bianka: "Congrats!"

Iman: "Hey!! The house chat was boring without you "

Bill: "Hi Luke. Welcome back"



Victoria: "Yeahhhh!!"

Episode #6 - From Hero to Zero EJZRv

Jenn and Andrew were two people who were not happy to see Luke back.

Episode #6 - From Hero to Zero Tumblr_lzpq1wueei1rq535ko1_400

Jenn: "If I win Sara and Luke are going up"

Andrew: "I'm not welcoming him back, fuck him. Lol good plan."

Jenn: "I did to be nice."

Andrew: "It would be fake so I'm not Laughing #teampetty"

Jenn: "Hahahaha mine was fake. And in hopes he won't target me"

Episode #6 - From Hero to Zero Tenor

It was already time for the third Head of Household competition.

Episode #6 - From Hero to Zero Hoh12

As always, someone finished and won very quickly. The new Head of Household was Damola.

Episode #6 - From Hero to Zero Hoh_da10

Victoria: "Wow. Congrats Damola!!"

Andrew: "Congrats Damola!"

Jenn: "Congrats Damola"

Bill: "Congrats Damola!"

Damola: "Thanks you guys"

Sara: "That was really hard omg. I'm so impressed! Good job Damola!!"

Episode #6 - From Hero to Zero 1*kmsyvhGsjEZWhd9mYuysaw

Victoria decided to go up to the HOH room and congratulate Damola on her win.

Victoria: "Hey damola! Congrats on the hoh...I only knew Zach and Vanessa lol"

Damola: "Lol thanks Victoria"

Victoria: "I also just wanted a chance to talk to you to see if I was on your radar...I haven't really talked to a lot of people so I wanted to know if we could work together maybe? If you kept me safe I would not put you on the block ever lol"

Damola: "lol I haven't talked to people too but you're not on my radar. I would love it if we worked together"

Victoria: "Ok that's great! Also I can honestly say that no one I've talked to has ever said your name"

Damola: "Hmmm. I was thinking of putting up bianka. I feel she's really good at comps. What do you think?"

Victoria: "Yeah she is really good..In the words of ika "go with your gut" lol"

Damola: "LaughingLaughingLaughing"

Damola walks in the Diary Room

I'm very excited to have my first hoh! Deciding who to put up will be a challenge but I think I can make a smart decision. I just heard Bill has a lot of people on his side and is playing hard but I'm not sure if I should put him up yet. I'm leaning towards Bianka and Andrew but there's still time for me to change my mind

Andrew came knocking and asked if he could have a moment alone with Damola.

Andrew: "Hey Damola, congrats on your win--that was extremely fast!! I know we haven't talked at all, but I would like to offer up a deal. If you don't nominate me as an initial nominee or a replacement nominee, i will not put you up at all the first time I win HOH."

Damola: "Thanks Smile. And I really like that deal."

Andrew: "Great Smile. maybe we can even work together in the future? It's nice to have allies."

Damola: "It really is."

Andrew: "By the way, I don't know if you have any plans, but I've heard that Bill is playing pretty hard. He apparently has a group of 4-5."

Damola: "Really?"

Andrew: "He's messaging me and telling me he's all alone, but Kathy told me he has a big group. There's no way he's alone this far into the game"

Damola: "Yh, Do you have any idea the people he has with him?"

Andrew: "I think it's bianka, Kathy, Millie, and maybe more but idk"

Damola: "Hmm ok. Thanks for the info. I'm really grateful Smile. I would really like it if we could work together"

Andrew: "Me too! With Bill having so many people I feel like I am underplaying"

Damola: "Yh. Can I ask a favor?"

Andrew: "Sure!"

Damola: "Do you mind if I put you as my pawn. I don't want my target to win and I need someone who has a strong chance of winning the veto. What do you think?"

Andrew: "I'm just worried that if I end up staying on the block then I would definitely go home. Being called out by Luke and Cerina really made people look at me. I'd prefer to not, but if that's really what you want then I'm fine with it."

Damola: "Thanks. I'll try really hard in the veto. Good luck Andrew."

Episode #6 - From Hero to Zero 6a00d83451b26169e20147e0440b3b970b-pi

Damola walks in the Diary Room

It's so hard to know if people are telling you the truth when you get some info cause you can't see their facial expressions.....

Jala walks in the Diary Room

I threw that HOH knowing I have ties to Luke and the savage 7 and I knew if I won it they would want me to target the other so I decided to not show my cards this early on.

Damola decided to nominate Bianka and Andrew.

Episode #6 - From Hero to Zero Nom_sp10 Episode #6 - From Hero to Zero Noms13

Luke: "Aha"

Bianka: "Damn my love for movies"

Andrew: "Laughing"

The veto players were Damola, Bianka, Andrew, Millie, Sara and Kathy.

Episode #6 - From Hero to Zero Pov_pl11

Jala walks in the Diary Room

Bianka getting nominated is amazing bc her ass thought she could come for the queens, girl dont do it. Shout out to Syd for working Damola to keep me her and Millie safe. Her ass can go like yesterday. THE QUEENS STAY QUEENS

Sara walks in the Diary Room

I'm so nervous for this POV comp. so far in most challenges I would've lost. I'm so devastated my lil Andrew is on the block so this veto is riding on our shoulders. I hope that he can win it for himself; but I am prepared (No I'm not) to do whatever it takes to win this veto. Or at least help him. But at the same time i need to make sure no one knows about our alliance.

Andrew went up to Millie since he had helped keep her safe recently.

Episode #6 - From Hero to Zero Never-give-up

Andrew: "Yay you got picked!! Would you use it on me if you won?"

Millie: "If I won I would 100% consider it! best of luck to u during the veto. Do you think anyone else would use it on you if they won too?"

Andrew: "Thank you!! Damola said she would fight hard, but I'm pretty sure I'm her target even though she told me Bianka is. Sara might, but I'm not sure. No one else though"

Millie: "No problem! If Damola wins it I guess will see of she uses it. If so hope I'm not her renom haha. Yeah Sara seems nice she may use it on u"

Andrew: "I really don't think Damola will... Why would she nom me in the first place haha. But either way, I guess we will see what happens"

Millie: "Maybe as a pawn? she didn't seem to have much of a reason to put you up"

Andrew: "Possibly!"

As Andrew walked out, he noticed Jo.

Andrew: "Well, if I stay on the block as expected, I hope I have your vote to stay."

Jo: "Of course! How many votes do you think you have right now?"

Andrew: "Maybe 4? You would make 5 and then I only need 2 more."

Jo: "Oh you need 7 to stay? Ok well you have mine"

Andrew: "Yep! If everyone votes that is. Thank you so much!! I'll repay you in any way I can in the future if I stay! "

Luke walks in the Diary Room

I'm SOOOOO happy to be back!!! Luckily Damola trusts me (and after her noms, I think I trust her) and I didn't think she'd be loyal to me after I was first evicted but I guess she was... or she's playing me but if she was Idk why she wouldn't have just nominated me today.. unless I get backdoored but that'll just be no fun I'll have to make her think I'm her slave so that she doesn't try to put me up Jala and me actually kept talking after I left so I really trust her and I think we r gonna work well together Idk if I trust Trey and Syd. Trey was very sus after I left and wouldn't actually show me who he voted for and Syd was just pretty weird about it the whole time... now, Damola and Jala seem to be my best bets. Bianka could be trustworthy but she's just so sketchy!!! And then Victoria I trust a lot and I think we r good she just can't rly seem to win anything (I don't think) so she is just a vote but I feel like she'd keep me safe if she wins HOH so I'll do the same. Honestly, rn nobody should be coming after me bc I'm ONLY going after Andrew and Jenn. Nobody else even needs to be worried!

Sara went up to her Arianator buddy Millie to poke around and see if there was a chance she would save Andrew if she won the veto.

Episode #6 - From Hero to Zero Tenor

Sara: "Would you use the veto on Andrew "

Millie: "If I won it I would consider it. Would you use it on him if you won? lol"

Sara: "Probably yeah"

Millie walks in the Diary Room

Syd lied about voting to keep Luke and he fell for it with her fake screenshot Laughing. I'm in alliance with Jala and Syd called QUEENIES . It's flopping hard Laughing Syd doesn't give any info and she acts dumb 75% of the time. Girlie we know your act but ppl seem to be falling for it

Bianka was trying to see if anyone would be willing to use the veto on her if they won it.

Bianka: "Any chances u could use the veto on me if you win?"

Kathy: "Bianca - needless to say none of us has gotten to this point in the game without siding with one or two people. I promised to never name names so I won't. I am at a bit of crossroads right now. I have to try to win it though because I don't know the person who is HOH - so there are no guarantees I won't go up if I don't win. **I don't think I'd ever even seen her name in chat until she won HOH** Should I win I will promise to let you know what I am going to do though okay? I'm having a bit of a Karen moment....lol. When I was on the block I didn't even think of asking people what they were going to do if they won. I'm thinking that wasn't very bright of me....lol. Talk to you a bit later. Take care. Bianka - It auto corrected your name and I just noticed it. Sorry. I did type it correctly I promise."

Bianka: "It's ok lol"

Kathy: "Bianka - I can be such a dough head sometimes. I wish you the best of luck on the POV! I won when I was on the block against the highest of odds so I am sure you can win. (Now back to making dinner.). Take care. You've got this. I don't have a clue honestly. I did not watch all BBUS seasons."

Bianka: "I hope so. My heart is beating so fast lol."

Kathy: "That's the way mine was when I played POV and was on the block. The only one I could even guess at was that Pauline was in the second picture. I was clueless....lol."

It was now time for the third Power of Veto challenge.

Episode #6 - From Hero to Zero Veto13

Damola hit another homerun and won with a record time.

Episode #6 - From Hero to Zero Veto_d10


Bill: "Congrats Damola"

Jala: "Wow that looked tough, congrats !"

Damola: "Thanks guys"

Kathy: "I didn't watch all the BB US seasons - but it was easy to pick Paulie out...lol."

Bianka went up to the HOH room to try and sway Damola to use the veto on her.

Episode #6 - From Hero to Zero Giphy

Bianka: "I'm just gonna try here... so here me out please pretty please"

Damola: "Sure"

Bianka: "I was wondering if there was any way you could use the veto on me? First, I really don't have a lot of people on my side like maybe 1 Second, we're two comp beast that could really help each other. And third (I haven't told this to ANYONE)...I might have something that could really benefit you if u keep me... remember Pandora's box?"

Damola: "Hmmm"

Bianka: "Well I was told that it could be something positive or negative either for the house or me. And as you know someone came back ... which I wouldn't consider it positive for the house... see where I'm going?"

Damola: "Yh I see. I'm going to really think about this"

Bianka: "If you keep me that power is yours! I swear! I just want it used and if I'm not here it's wasted cuz only I can use it. Like I really don't care if I'm gone next eviction I just want someone to benefit from it. I will vote with you and have your back."

Damole decided to keep her nominations the same and not use the Power of Veto.

Episode #6 - From Hero to Zero Veto_s13Episode #6 - From Hero to Zero Final_13

Bianka set off to try and get herself the votes to stay. First up was Jenn.

Bianka: "Hey girl! This is the awkward moment when I beg for your vote.. I'm really hoping I can stay a little longer ... I'm kind of a free agent so I'm willing to help you out anyway I can, if there's anything I can do let me know please please please"

Jenn: "Hey girl! Do you have any other votes as of yet?"

Bianka: "I have one I know for sure maybe two but I'm just starting now to ask people"

Jenn: "Oh okay. Let me know."

Bianka thanked her and kept roaming the house until she found Bill.

Bianka: "Hey Bill! This is the awkward moment where i beg for your vote. I know we haven't really talked but I would really appreciate it, I hope to stay a bit longer and that would be one more person guaranteed to not go after you. Plus Andrew was one of the people called out for being in an alliance and that would be an opportunity to break that up"

Bill: "Hi Bianka. Appreciate you reaching out to me but unfortunately Andrew has already done the same and I promised him my vote. I'm sorry. Just wanted to be honest with you though. I wish you the best of luck"

Bianka: "Is there any way I can sway you??"

Bill: "I've already voted. I'm sorry"

Bianka: "all right thank you anyway:)"

Bill: "Good luck"

Luke and Jala were hanging out on the hammock together trying not to get caught while playing footsies.

Jala: "Bianka and Andrew seem a little salty in the main GC lol"

Luke: "Lmaoahaha good LaughingLaughing And he isn't even extra he's like, a bad level above extra. So who are you thinking of voting out?"

Jala: "I honestly have no ties to either, I am just going to go with the majority and see what others are doing. I'm sure you want Andrew right?"

Luke: "Yeah I want Andrew"

Jala: "Yeah you should vote Andrew Bc he obviously is against you! I feel like Bianka is against me so right now I'd probably vote Bianka and she's won more comps"

Luke: "Yeah Damola said she wants her out. I think imma vote her out just to stay on the right side of the vote and so that Dam trusts me"

Jala: "Yeah I think a lot of people want Bianka out. I figured she did by not using the POV. How much do you talk to Sara?"

Luke: "Yeah:/ And nah not since I left"

Jala: "I have not talked to her at all and she just randomly messaged me saying "Who are you voting out?" uhmmm... girly we have not talked this whole game"

Luke: "Lol she just did the same to me. But I feel like we could work together since I was with her before I left but she might've stayed with Andrew and Jenn."

Jala: "Someone said she is trying to make sure Andrew has the votes to stay"

Luke: "oh no"

Jala: "So she is still with them"

Luke: "Oh god"

Jala: "So be careful with her lol. Yeahh but Andrew does have the votes so she can chilll"

Bianka went to someone she felt would want her to stay for some confidence.

Bianka: "Be honest. What are my chances of staying? lol"

Luke: "As far as I'm conceded, good. I want Andrew gone and I think that we r good so I'm willing to keep u if u r willing to keep me in the future"

Bianka: "I totally am! I was actually really surprised u were voted out"

Luke: "Lol just making sure:)) But yeah I think you will stay Idk why you wouldnt."

Bianka: "I mean she called me out as a comp beast (like I just won two let's chill lol) and wasn't Andrew called out as being apart of an alliance? so he at least had two other people fighting for him"

Luke: "Exactly Andrew was a snake and u know movies. Let's see who's really a threat here Laughing"

Bianka: "Laughing My heart is beating so fast. I just have to remind myself there's no money at the end of this lol"

Bianka figured maybe the way to stay was to get the person she felt was most connected in the house, on her side.

Bianka: "Hey girl! This is the awkward moment when I beg for your vote.. I know we didn't have the greatest start (me nominating you and whatnot) but I'm really hoping we could have a new start. I kinda let other people dictate my hoh (rookie mistake) u weren't the target and I knew u were staying anyway ... I'm kind of a free agent so I'm willing to help you out anyway I can, if there's anything I can do let me know please please please. Well there's one deal I could make with you and it would be really beneficial too you. let me know if you're interested... but I would really have to have your trust"

Millie: "Hey girl! who dictated your HoH? & What's this deal you speak of? lolol"

Bianka: "Well I know one person for sure pushed more for you to leave. And the deal is remember Pandora's box?"

Millie: "Who wad the person? lol and yes I remember"

Bianka: "Jenn randomly approached me and Asked if I was keeping the noms the same and said best move would be for you to leave and that you were playing with the whole house"

Millie: "I'm not playing with the whole house Laughing"

Bianka: "And as Pandora's box, I got a little advantage that could benefit you and if you would help me stay I would gladly use it too help you. You said they're we're people after you and I think it's jenn and her alliance if Andrew leaves it's one less person in her alliance and my power could help you get rid of one more"

Millie: "What is this power exactly if you can say? and you're not allowed to use it on yourself if needed?"

Bianka: "I can't use it if I'm nominated. Can't say much but it involves votes. I just want to stay so at least someone can benefit from it or else it's wasted. I really don't mind using it for someone else and you seem like you could benefit from it. If i was align with someone and they were in my position i would definitely use it"

Millie: "Do you think you might know why people.may be targeting me? because I legit I have no clue. & I hear your plead I will take it under consideration. But if I'm being honest I don't really have pull with the house. As u know people are coming after me lol"

Bianka: "All I heard was it might be because they think you were in an alliance with cerina and playing the whole house. But also the majority of the house saved u"

Millie: "Nope, we talked but that was it and I'm not playing the whole house. I don't even talk to everyone Laughing That is true they did but I think it's because they felt Johnny was a bigger threat"

Bianka: "Thats what I thought too. I didn't want to risk changing the noms and he stayed. Plus I've been called out as a "comp beast" which means bigger target on my back (thanks hoh).... I just really like movies lol"

Millie: "lol, How do I know you're not lying and making this plead to everyone?"

Bianka: "The only other person I told about the power ( and I didn't say what it was about) was Damola in hopes that she would i the veto on me"

Millie: "Oh that makes sense since she didn't use it I guess she declined. Do know who could have voted me out?"

Bianka: "Prob jenn for sure, except for Caleb she's the one who brought up your name. But I know of at least two people for sure who didn't vote to evict u"

Luckily for her, she saw Kathy was alone in the backyard.

Bianka: "Hey Kathy! This is the awkward moment where I beg for your vote. I was never going after you and you always have my vote"

Kathy: "Well Bianka, I have come to the realization that I am not cut out for this game. There is so much scheming going on in the background that I am not kept in the loop with. It has gotten to the point that it is bothering me. And that's not good. Andrew reached out to me and I told him I would vote to keep him. But I am not. He has not said two words to me this entire game. A little tired of my first contact with people being that they want something from me. As I said, I am not cut out for this. I will screen shot my vote to you when I am done it. I would great greatly appreciate it if you would not tell anyone at all. Just tell them I wouldn't commit to who I was voting for. And then if you want to target me after that that's cool too. Might be better for me to get out of this sooner than later and let all of you who have more energy fight it out. I am not sharing any of this with ANYONE. Not even someone with whom I am currently aligned. Let them think I voted you out. Now I need to go vote - screenshot it and share it with you and then I need to go relax. Glass of wine is sounding really good about now. Take care and I hope things go well for you Bianka."

Bianka: "Thank you so much I appreciate it. You're always safe with me no matter what"

Kathy: "As you said to me a few days ago, never count yourself out. Take care sweetie. Book and wine time."

Trey walks in the Diary Room

Damola and I seem like a good pair and the move to evict Bianka seems logical. However, Bianka is an ally, meaning I don't know how Victoria and I could fair in the game without a comp beast like her. Hmmmm. Hopefully if I'm in the veto competition, I don't win because I could never afford the risk of keeping noms the same or taking bianka off the block.

Bianka was not giving up, it was time for Jala.

Bianka: "Hey girl! This is the awkward moment when I beg for your vote.. I'm really hoping I can stay a little longer ... I'm kind of a free agent so I'm willing to help you out anyway I can, if there's anything I can do let me know please. Plus Andrew was one the people called out for being in an alliance earlier so that would be an opportunity to break that up"

Jala: "Sorry girl, I just saw this but I already cast my vote and its locked."

Bianka: "By the sound of this I guess it wasn't for me"

As she was about to throw in the towel, Jo came up to her.

Bianka: "Hey girl! This is the awkward moment when I beg for your vote.. I think we could work well together and i have no intentions to go after you. So I would really appreciate if u could help me stay pretty please"

Jo: "Hey Bianka how many votes do you have to stay?"

Bianka: "I have 3 for sure so far"

Jala walks in the Diary Room

Im thankful Damola basically did me and Millie a favor and is giving us the chance to take out Bianka, she fucked up coming for one of us. Karmas a bitch. See ya.

Luke has a brief talk with Sara before going in to vote.

Luke: "I think I'm keeping Andrew bc I promised Damola I'd vote however if she'd keep me safe and she did... even tho he a snake. But just saying we should start working together again now that I'm back we were good literally Andrew and Jenn were snakes and caleb was a lil crazy but I feel like we were the best two of the group Sane and trustworthy. Wbu? I mean, is work with them as long as I could trust them but like, that was just SO sketchy last time"

Sara: "I really wanna work with you too! I don't even know what happened with Jenn and Andrew. But I'm voting to keep him too."

Luke: "Yeah Andrew and Jenn were in Cerina and Jhonny and them' dalliance"

Sara: "I KNEW IT"

Luke: "Ik! I tried to spill it before I left but I didn't have time to explain"

Jenn and Andrew met up before the votes were revealed.

Andrew: "Kathy just messaged me back and said she would vote for me to stay. I'm glad you told me to reach out."

Jenn: "She likes when people acknowledge that she's in the game. Millie or Johnny didn't ask for her vote and she was upset haha yay! I'm not worried about you staying "

Andrew: "She told me Millie reached out but johnny did not, and she even mentioned that people usually only talk to her to fish for information or get support and it made me sad. it could be all part of her master plan, but I'm going to keep talking with her and try to make her a permanent ally."

Jenn: "Millie asked her where she was voting but didn't specifically ask for her vote. Yeah, I feel bad for Kathy she is sweet and is a good person to have on your side. I don't think she has anyone really, she doesn't like Luke because he screwed her over. Bianka just asked me for her vote"

Andrew: "Me you and Kathy have something in common. lol. I KNEW YOU WERE WORKING WITH HER haha"

Jenn: "What do you have in common? Lol working with who?!?!"

Andrew: "Jo hasn't messaged me back yet...."

Jenn: "I haven't spoken with Damola or Taylor though. And I'm no longer on good terms with Sara Laughing Jo hasn't messaged me back yet either. Bianka told me she has one vote."

Andrew: "I just casually told Sara before veto that it's not the end of the world if I don't win and end up going home and she told me it is. LaughingLaughingLaughing I really don't understand why she trusts me sooooo much but doesn't trust you whatsoever. I wonder who that one vote is.."

Jenn: "Hahaha I really have no idea. I figured after that happened she'd know we were together, but apparently not Laughing maybe you give her valuable info? I don't know how you got away with it and I didn't haha. Me too. I have no idea who she's with."

Andrew: "She could totally be playing me and if so, kudos to her. She's a damn good actress if so haha. I literally have no clue where Damola, Bianka, Iman, and Taylor fit in this game. They seem like they are all alone because no one mentions them."

Millie walks in the Diary Room

Bianka said she knew I was going to stay. Girlie no you didn't Laughing

The votes were in and we sadly had to say goodbye to Bianka by a vote of 8-4

Episode #6 - From Hero to Zero Evicte11

Luke: "Bye Bianca thanks for playing with all of us!!"

Bianka: "To expose or not expose? That is the question. Aiight I'm out lol"

Trey: "Bianka Sad"

Sara: "You will be missed"

Luke walks in the Diary Room

This time around I'm tryna be careful. This thing with Jala and Millie is great but I need Millie gone at about F6 or even sooner bc I can't be the third wheel of a duo in the end bc I would get myself an automatic third place. Plus Damola is great, Kathy has lost it, Idk if I can trust Sara Trey or Syd so right now I need to cling to them like a koala to a tree in a hurricane They're basically my only hope rn. If Damola goes home this next round I'll be in some deep shit. Plus the HOH will be officially cursed since Johnny technically was kinda HOH in week one and went home, Bianka was HOH and went home, and now if Jo or Damola go it's gonna be a scary thing winning comps

Once again, the house was all over the place and one side couldn't seem to keep full control for more than one round. With Luke back in the house, would he be the first to go right back out? Find out next time on on Parallel Biggggggg Brotherrrrrrr

Bianka's Aftershow Interview

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