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Episode #3 - Exposed 101 Intro_10

Episode #3 - Exposed 101

In this parallel game of Big Brother, 22 strangers were locked up and propelled into a fantasy world like no other. While trying to survive the elements of this house and the game played within its walls, the 22 players will have to compete in grueling challenges, find trust and know when to betray. It’s a ride you don’t want to miss.

Welcome to Parallel Big Brother Season 1: Survival!

Tonight on Parallel Big Brother, the aftermath of the last vote is still felt in the house and rivalries start heating up. Who will fall victim?

Iman walks in the Diary Room

Being nice is exhausting. Normally I only need to get to know a couple of people. But this is 20 people!I don't think I have that much energy

Now that Caleb had survived, he met up with Luke to plan their next move.

Luke: "Bianka and Trey and Syd on the first day but I haven't rly talked to her since. Like ppl trust u and u will be at the least risk bc u have the largest backing"

Caleb: "I don't think I do though. I've never talked to Trey or Syd at all. I've had a few conversations with Bianka."

Luke: "Is 5 plus those three if I talk to them again and whoever you've talked to that's at least 8?"

Caleb: "I think Sara is best for it if we need someone in the alliance."

Luke: "Right? Trueeeeeee since she won yesterday."

Caleb: "Let's form something with them. We can tell the group about it so we aren't lying and then we can use those 4 to our advantage. That way you and I are covered on 9 different fronts. Or is that to sneaky even if we let them know?"

Luke: "If u win HOH I think you should take advantage of it bc ppl will offer u deals left and right But rn I got those for us and they'll do what I tell them but if we are together in too many groups somebody is bound to connect the dots"

Caleb: "Okay. So I will start solo talking then. But I could argue the same argument for a Luke HoH"

Luke: "But then I have to pick a side if they want something different With u, I'm a buffer so they won't think I'm betraying them by not doing what they want If it's not up to me then they will continue to trust me and they can be used as votes which imo is the most important part of the game bc that's what keeps you here or sends you out. Like, imma try don't get me wrong, but with out group I don't think I'm the best to win it bc I have to listen to those ppl"

Caleb: "But if I'm forming that bond with them we can push our agenda separately. If we both are pushing it and they don't think me and you are together they see it as "wow maybe this is a popular opinion" I just don't want to put myself that far out there rn."

Luke: "U can try but don't bring my name up. Lmao I was thinking the same thing. But my only worry is that me and Sara have already "won" something. Why isn't Andrew doing it? He hasn't won, hasn't been nominated, hasn't had to pick a side yet?"

Caleb: "That's true"

Luke: "Forget us we've done too much I think it should be him And if we wanna get to the end, is two won't be caught later down the line once ppl put two and two together"

Caleb: "And with this many people it really wouldn't be a big side."

Episode #3 - Exposed 101 Karen

Luke walks in the Diary Room

Lmao ok caleb is freaking out and like, stahp. It's TWITTER bb. Like chill it sucks but like, aren't u 30 or something? I'm 16 and I'm taking this better than u rn. And if he leaves idrk bc he seems to be close with a good amount of ppl other than me (and not even that close with me) and tends to freak out and worry too much. Like, I'm trying my hardest to cats right now but I just really can't. I have enough people (I think) with me that he can go and it won't mean anything to me

Meanwhile part of the Silent 7 (Andrew, Jenn, Cerina, Millie, Jala, Syd and Johnny) gathered to talk about the next challenge, they hoped it was time for HOH.

Andrew: "We HAVE to win this first HOH. The first HOH can set the tone for the rest of the game."

Cerina: "Yes, I agree!!"

Jenn: "Does anyone want it?"

Cerina: "I hope I'm around for the comp. I get off work at 10."

The houseguests were advised that it was now time for the next challenge. This time, they were still playing Survivor, but it was individual immunity as everyone would be heading to Tribal Council and the two people with the most votes would be evicted.

Episode #3 - Exposed 101 Surviv11

Luke: "Oh goddamn this challenge is hard!!"

Syd: "Y'all better not be extra in this comp, I can't be up until 2 am lol. I need to be up at 6am"

Jo: "LOL same"

Iman: "Will the egg rolls be provided?"

Host: "Outwit, Outplay, Outlast"

Episode #3 - Exposed 101 VNnJlU8

Round #1: Sara and Taylor are out

Victoria: "Woohoo"

Silent 7 alliance was trying to come up with a plan for this challenge and upcoming vote.

Cerina: "This is crazy. So the whole house is going to vote someone out? I think we only have enough votes to guarantee one person will leave. It's okay, only one person wins immunity. I don't plan on being up the whole night to win. We just need to prep for our votes but I'm sure there's time for that"

Jenn: "Yeah two people will be eliminated. I think so but if we pile the votes on one person at least we have that."

Millie: "I'm sure I will be up I'm always up late Laughing but it's okay Jenn you're safe with us"

Jenn: "I trust you guys Smile"

Andrew: "Who do you guys think we should go after?"

Jala: "I'm thinking we all collectively vote together so we can decide who goes"

Andrew: "Yeah that would be smart. But like Cerina said, we can basically only control one of the votes, the other is up in the air."

Jala: "Yeah true, who are you guys thinking? We have to vote Caleb I'm pretty sure. He's got his hands in everyone's business"

Johnny: "I have no idea"

Jala: "And is trying to get out Cerina I think."

Johnny: "Yes he does. Oh that's not cool!"

Jala: "So how does everyone feel about voting Caleb ?"

Johnny: "I'm in"

Millie: "I'm fine with Caleb. Will have 7 votes if all of us do it."

Jala: "I'm in also"

Syd: "I'm in"

Andrew: "I'm in"

Cerina: "Voting Caleb is music to my ears"

Jala: "Lets do it then"

Johnny: "That's life That's all the people say Voting Caleb out in the month of May"

Cerina: "How about this? If anyone outside of us 7 asks who we're voting out let's say Kathy??? I feel like people will vote Kathy out just because and hopefully she can get the second most votes. That won't make us a target either."

Jala: "Okay then yes we should tell Kathy that way her and Caleb go tonight"

Cerina: "Plus Kathy sent a lot of people the same welcome message"

Syd: "Yah I got the same one as a few other ppl"

Millie: "I never got one lmao but I'm down"

Andrew: "Me either haha, this is a solid plan though"

Episode #3 - Exposed 101 Tenor

The challenge continued

Host: "Outwit, Outplay, Outlast"

Round #2: Bianka and Jenn are out

Caleb: "I feel like I'm going home."

Host: "Outwit, Outplay, Outlast"

Round #3: No one eliminated

Luke: "What if bb fell asleep"

Syd: "I really want to go to bed"

Kathy: "BB probably fell asleep and set an alarm. Or is busy eating egg rolls. LOL"

Damola: "Lol Kathy"

Caleb: "lol I wish I could take a egg roll and sleep."

While the Houseguests have to stay up late, some of them used this time to talk and build some relationships.

Luke: "So can u keep a secret?"

Jala: "yeah what's up"

Luke: "Lit. So caleb seems to have everyone I've talked to on his side And that scaring me. Like, everybody is like, I rly like him he's rly trustworthy. And rn he's working to get out Cernia (the volatile one) but what if while he was doing that, we rounded up troops to get him out? Bc then two huge targets would be gone"

Jala: "Omg I'm glad we're working together. I've been thinking Caleb too. He's sketchy and he has a lot of info and he's been sharing it with others. I think we can get the troops"

Luke: "And like, I have no problems with Cernia but she's scary!!! Like, I don't want to have to compete with that!! Laughing But her beef is with Caleb and not me so I like her But caleb is too sketchy for my liking"

Jala: "I say Caleb is a bigger threat than cerina as of now. And I think Caleb would be better to get out now while we can get the votes than later on when he has too many people fooled!"

Luke: "Exactly!!!!!! Cerina isn't a threat compared to him I heard about how she wanted him out and if anything she's only doing all of us a favor"

Jala: "Yes agreed. I say Caleb is the right way to vote, I'm in if you are!."

Luke: "Yes hundo"

Jala: "Sounds good, is there anyone else you talk to that you can maybe see where their heads are at with the vote!"

Luke: "I could try syd we talked a lil yesterday and Trey maybe You should try demola Rn caleb still thinks I'm with him so I'm ur man ok the inside. If demola goes to him abt me I'm screwed but if you go to her I can make sure ur not a target to him"

Jala: "Hopefully they don't go to him! I also think since its two going tonight we have to be careful"

Luke: "Who should the second be? I'll do whatever u want."

Jala: "Bc if everyone voted Caleb that'll leave us vulnerable so maybe we need to feel them out and if they say another name let them vote that way. So that way it's not one of us"

Luke: "They are set on Cerina. Like, it's him and Cernia rn unless we come up with a different idea and round the troops. Like, if your second target is doable I could go to him and with them as both his and our second target, they're bound to go home"

Jala: "I don't know if we need cerina out right now that's the only thing that sucks about that"

Luke: "Exactly. Whatever u say I'll go for that's where I'm out rn"

Jala: "It's also bad to rock the boat too. How many people does it seem like are voting cerina?"

Luke: "it seems like maybe 8 or 9 ppl have gethered for her but Idk yet he won't rly give specifics"

Episode #3 - Exposed 101 Tumblr_lpto4ttIv21qfkkv5o1_400

Meanwhile the challenge was still going on.

Host: "Outwit, Outplay, Outlast"

Round #4: Trey is out

Host: "Outwit, Outplay, Outlast"

Round #5: Syd is out

Victoria: "I'm sooo tired lol"

Iman: "Me too"

Host: "Outwit, Outplay, Outlast"

Cerina gathered her main alliance, the silent 5 (Syd, Johnny, Millie, Jala and herself to talk about the upcoming vote.

Cerina: "I am so confused. Are we all voting Caleb? Or is Luke's team voting Caleb and we're voting bblover"

Johnny: "i Thought it was Caleb"

Jala: "Luke said he cant convince them to do bblover, so they will likely do cerina still. Luke is voting Caleb 100%. I say we vote Caleb."

Johnny: "I feel the same way"

Cerina: "Well congrats Caleb, you took us both down with you."

Millie: "Do yall think we can get Bengal to vote with us?"

Cerina: "Talk to him privately. See who he's voting for."

Jala: "We need him to vote Caleb."

Millie: "Do any of y'all think u have any pull? Cerina or Johnny? I don't see him listening to me or Jala lol."

Johnny: "Oooo I don't know I still haven't responded to his apology dm from the last game"

Cerina: "Johnny, bill talked to me today. He was sad you haven't responded. He says he's so sorry for voting you out. Maybe you can make amends??? And see if he'll vote with you as a token of loyalty"

Johnny: "I'll give it a try."

Cerina: "Thank you"

Millie: "Yes please. then will have 9 for Caleb then 9 left that wee need to see where they will go"

Cerina: "Why does it seem like the only person talking to me is Caleb?!!! Please go away!"

Millie: "he's still talking to u? lol damn. he hasn't messaged me"

Cerina: "Yeah, it's annoying. I practically told him the damage is done. You took both of us down. Now he's saying he just wants to make jury. Like why are you crying to me?"

Millie: "LOL. And he wants u out too the irony"

Cerina: "Me made us both targets and now he wants me to go speak on his behalf"

Jala: "Forget him hes delusional"

Millie: "his game is so messy"

Cerina: "Then how did he gather all these votes against me?!"

Millie: "he's messy because we know but nor everyone does. he's targeting both of us"

Andrew: "Because he doing out we both voted for him. It's making me crazy. Maybe it wasn't Andrew. If I can recall correctly, when I first mentioned voting Caleb yesterday, Jenn was the first to say no"

Millie: "Jenn also wanted Johnny out no?"

Cerina: "No because he was in our group of 7. Taylor wanted him out. Maybe if we would've voted Taylor and b this wouldn't be happening. I didn't think the comp earlier would be so simple. He's still talking to me. I'm starting to think he's distracting me so I miss the Hosts announcement"

Millie: "That's what I was thinking earlier too so you're probably his main target"

Jala: "And if hes talking to you it probably helps him stay awake"

Episode #3 - Exposed 101 Tumblr_inline_o19gkxjloF1tmz170_500

Meanwhile the challenge was still going on.

Round #6: Andrew and Johnny are out

Kathy: "I'm either going to grab a Red Bull or bow out...need a few moments to think about it."

Caleb: "OMG"

Kathy: "I'm sure I have 30+ years on most of you....so if I do bow out I hope you'll understand."

Iman: "You did awesomely!"

Caleb: "Proud of you Kathy!"

Millie: "You're doing great"

Damola: "You did great Kathy"

Host: "Outwit, Outplay, Outlast"

Round #7: Luke and Jo are out

Caleb: "Klemon is eliminated."

Kathy: "Well everyone, its been a slice. But there is just no more gas in the tank. Good luck to everyone. Take care."

Bill: "Goodnight Kathy"

Host: "Outwit, Outplay, Outlast"

Round #8: Kathy is out

Host: "Outwit, Outplay, Outlast"

Round #9: Iman is out

Luke walks in the Diary Room

And I have a conspiracy theory but after looking into it I don't honk it's right. In the beginning it said you could be whoever u want or whatever and I got to thinking about Kathy. What if she's not the "old lady" she says she is. She could literally be a 12 yr old boy with a great sense of humor and a wonderful imagination. But after kinda stalking her a lil idk about that but like, it's still in the back a of my mind just as a small little entertaining thought

Caleb: "Everything okay Cerina? I've seen you type a couple of time and then quit."

Cerina: "I'm fine. Im not typing anything, just have my word ready."

Host: "Outwit, Outplay, Outlast"

Round #10: Bill is out

6 had managed to stay in the challenge until the 3 a.m. EST deadline. It was now time for the tie-breaker.

Host: "Houseguests, 6 of you have managed to make it to the end of this challenge. You will now go head to head in a Tie Breaker. We will play music chairs to crown the winner. When I post "Outwit, Outplay, Outlast" you will have to rush over and post. The last person to post each round will be eliminated until one remains."

Tie-Breaker: Jala 1st out
Tie-Breaker: Victoria 2nd out
Tie-Breaker: Millie 3rd out
Tie-Breaker: Damola 4th out
Tie-Breaker: Cerina 5th out

Episode #3 - Exposed 101 Caleb_10

Episode #3 - Exposed 101 Scsc

Host: "Congratulations Caleb, you have won Immunity. Now everyone has 12 hours to DM @ParallelBB_DR to cast your votes."

Victoria: "Congrats"

Damola: "Congratulations Caleb"

Millie: "Congrats Caleb"

Caleb: "Thank you. Guys thanks for keeping me on my toes."

Jala: "I stayed up for nothing. Congrats Caleb!"

Caleb: "Sorry Jala"

Jala: "Its okay! Im happy for you lol just exhausted"

Millie: "Same"

Kathy walks in the Diary Room

What a night that was.  I held out until 1:45 I think it was.  Then tried to get to sleep and my brain wouldn't turn off.  So I was back up around 2:30 sitting with my phone checking out Twitter to see how the challenge was going.  Congratulations Caleb!

Andrew walks in the Diary Room

This game is so hard! The ONE person that I absolutely wanted out won immunity... What are the odds. Now i have to get rid of my fake F2 and there's nothing that can change that. If only I could expose the other alliance without directing the target to me.... Oh big brother if you could help that would do wonders, but I know you can't.

Jenn pulled Millie aside to run a plan by her before she got to work on the votes.

Jenn: "I'm gonna talk to you here because Jala is working with Luke, but what do you think about evicting Luke?"

Millie: "What are the pros for evicting him? but if we have the votes to evicting him I'm fine with that. Evict * Me and Cerina seem to be options to be evicted and I want to stay of"

Jenn: "He's in with everyone! I got a message from him last night asking if I'd vote you or Cerina out... so he's trying something. He's close to Caleb. They're the ones who are gathering on the other side."

Millie: "Oh Yikes. he probably has the votes to get both of us then?"

Jenn: "I don't know if he has the votes to get both, but definitely one by the way he was talking"

Millie: "Do you think you can find out which one? it'll probs be easier to go from there. If you think we have the votes for Luke to go we can try to get Jala to vote him too"

Jenn: "Like which one is leaving? Yep I can ask. I'm working on Jo right now but everyone in the group will hopefully vote out Luke"

Millie: "I really hope so, that can at least save Cerina or me"

Jenn: "Okay so Luke just got back to me and cerina is the main target. They have 5 votes for her."

Millie: "And all those 5 voted already?"

Jenn: "I'm not sure if they did, but Luke and Caleb and Kathy have for sure. He just told me that."

Millie: "Oh, Trey messaged me he said others have suggested Cerina. He probably will vote for her as well"

Jenn: "Trey is working with him. I think he will."

Millie: "thanks for lettibg me know this info btw"

Jenn: "It is crazy. They're talking to everyone but they don't know we know, so that puts us at an advantage.. You're welcome. Next step is getting Caleb out the door. They're stupid enough to come to me too lol"

Millie: "yes we need him our hopefully we win HoH."

Episode #3 - Exposed 101 Giphy

Caleb went to work fast to get votes on his new arch enemy Cerina.

Caleb: "You see your people and see if we can round up votes for Cerina and someone else. Bianka already mentioned it. We've 6 votes for her."

Luke: "Sick"

Caleb: "Who is our next target"

Luke: "That bengal b guy? Seems useless. Bill? Or maybe Iman?"

Caleb: "I like Iman his avatar is funny"

Luke: "Lmao right LaughingLaughing"

Caleb: "So who should we contact. We should divide"

Luke: "Lol idk just tell me who you are going for and I'll see who else there is to talk to that's approachable?"

Caleb: "I just want Cerina"

Luke: "I already told u up there u loosin it boy"

Caleb: "Uh. You pick yours tho. If it's Iman or Bill, that's cool. But if it's someone else, I'm down. Who are you contacting. We should split the votes in our chat maybe? You, sara, and Jenn- Iman Me, Kathy, and Andrew- Cirena and then you pull people in."

Luke: "What about Jala? I was talking to her and then get a dm from Cerina about l "hey word on the street is I may be in danger""

Caleb: "I've only told Kathy tbh. Who has she heard it from?"

Luke: "She didn't say but I wa wonky talking to Jala. So like, it seems like they r together and a power duo Meaning Cerina and Jala and Millie are probs together then What if we got Millie and Jala out instead bc then Cerina would be helpless"

Caleb: "Jala or Millie hasn't made splashes though. Cirena would be easy to get people on board."

Luke: "But they are the hands and feet (and votes) of Cerina"

Caleb: "Try and see where she's getting her info."

Luke: "I'm basically tryna make Jala think that I'm working against u trying to keep Cerina (they know you want her out I guess bc of how yesterday went) and this is where I got. Like, I'm not gonna push my luck it sounds like a rly bulky alliance out there"

Caleb: "Wait they know it's me?? what?"

Luke: "Idk how they found out or who told them but yes."

Caleb: "What if they have a huge ass alliance? damnit"

Episode #3 - Exposed 101 RF9eG6l

Voting was now open but many decided to call it a night first and strategize in the morning. The next day, Iman and Victoria were up and talking about the vote.

Iman: "This voting thing is stressful lol. I don't even know who Im voting for. I want to vote with others but like who is the target?"

Victoria: "Omg I know what you mean. I would say people who aren't as involved with the game. Cause if we have more group challenges...then not being here will increase the chance to lose"

Iman: "Yeah you're right. But idk if there will be anymore group challenges. Isn't it better to keep those people because they won't try as hard?"

Victoria: "I guess but if we do more group challenges they won't be here to help us win. And I would like to get immunity as much as possible lol"

Iman: "Truee"

Cerina was feeling defeated and pacing around the pool area.

Luke: "So what's the plan"

Cerina: "I'm not going to vote"

Luke: "Oh lol. You are literally a badass this game is gonna be so much fun with u Laughing Laughing Laughing"

Cerina: "Well my minutes are numbered in this house. I wish you the best. Be careful, there's a lot of people playing hard so fast. It may be in everyone's best interest to lie low and fly under the radar"

Luke: "This past 24 hours has shown that... ppl are so hard to trust here and I love it bc it's the game but at the same time it's literally day 3"

Cerina: "If I do vote, is there anyone you think I should vote for? I really don't want to vote, I was thinking of even just picking someone completely random that's on no ones radar"

Luke: "Lol pick a random person and make everybody wonder who the snake is Or if u think ur going vote for yourself to make ppl you were aligned with think that there's a rat Laughing lol idk drama is always fun but at the same time not voting is like, the respectable move Laughing"

Meanwhile Caleb was working on Trey for his vote.

Trey: "I have not voted yet"

Caleb: "Okay. I know there was mention of a Millie thing."

Trey: "Yeah I heard about that. I was just checking validity with people"

Caleb: "Is that something you're down for? She seems threatening you know? Like the middle always making it to the end."

Trey: "mhmm"

Caleb: "I'm just trying to catch my head. I don't know who to trust, Trey"

Trey: "yeah. you can trust me. I've wanted to work with you since day 1. you seem like a great ally"

Caleb: "Really? Surprised. You're nice!"

Trey: "yep. yep. I mean if Millie is who everyone is going for then I'll do it"

Caleb: "I'll vote. I've no loyalty to her. I lowkey think she tried getting me out night one during the tribal. I was told everyone was voting one way and the oh look a vote split."

Trey: "really? wow. that's crazy"

Caleb: "Yeah she was the only one responding other than Cerina who I know was the other vote. Like they told me they were. But I told her I wouldn't vote her. All I have is my word. You know?"

Trey: "yeah"

Caleb: "Can I be like real with you for a second. I'm just gonna go ahead and trust that I have nothing to worry about from you, bud."

Trey: "yes. absolute trust here between me and you. I have your back and you got mine"

Caleb: "Okay. There is a vote split."

Trey: "Tonight?"

Caleb: "A lot for Cirena and like one less for Millie. For this vote. Yes"

Trey: "omg"

Caleb: "I told Cirena I wouldn't vote her which makes it awk because I want to lowkey. Would you feel comfortable casting you vote for Cirena and I'd vote Millie?"

Trey: "that's fine with me"

Caleb: "Ok. Vote then screen shot and show ? Smile Or no screenshot. That's fine. I promise I'm honest. What I say I do I do. Did i flake you out?"

Trey: "you did not I'm just trying to decide still."

Iman and Bianka were off in the hot tub relaxing and trying to decide what to do with the vote.

Iman: "I'm wondering where the votes will fall because I ofcourse want to vote with the majority"

Bianka: "Did u have anyone in particular u wanted to vote for?"

Iman: "Some have approached me about voting for millie? But I dont really know her...I'm open to anything honestly"

Bianka: "I don't know her either so I wouldn't mind her leaving. Lol was that too harsh ?"

Iman: "lmao Nahh. as long as it aint us! LaughingLaughing"

Bianka: "Hahahaha exactly!"

Luke was starting to feel uneasy about the vote so he went to find Jala.

Luke: "Gah these results are taking too long what if the tables were turned and somehow I go out"

Jala: "How would that even happen?"

Luke: "Lmao idk maybe one side of the house flipped bb is always unpredictable and nobody can ever seem to stick to a plan Laughing"

Jala: "Your name hasn't come up has it? Bc I thought Cerina and Caleb were the only ones but then Caleb won immunity"

Luke: "lol I didn't honk it did but if somebody wa like "he's sus" then the whole house could flip for literally no reason Laughing"

Jala: "You're not sus at all though so I think you should be good! Me on the other hand. I could go probably cause I don't talk to anybody really"

Luke: "I mean, u have ur group tho and as long as they stay loyal"

Jala: "I wish I had a group. I definitely don't. People just come to me Bc they want something and that's really it, nobody actually trustworthy"

Luke: "Laughing lol well I have yet to hear ur name. If I talk to ppl for over a day here it's trust I've come to realize Bianka talked to me day one and last night about the vote but she just wanted info really I could tell she wasn't rly legit"

Damola walks in the Diary Room

I decided to throw the comp to Caleb once Millie was out because I was told she has the votes to be evicted and I also want Caleb to stay because he's my ally but he's also a bigger target ahead of me. Hopefully this decision doesn't come back to bite me Laughing.

The house was seemingly very quiet at the moment. Many were being called to the DR.

Bianka walks in the Diary Room

So far the game is going good. I'm glad my ally Caleb won immunity. I didn't really think i needed it so I was ok with losing this time. The two people I found the threats at the beginning of the game were cerina and Meredith. Not that Meredith is eliminated, one of my target remains but it seems that other people are also targeting her which is great for me

Luke walks in the Diary Room

So this furious 5 thing is great and all but they are kinda annoying me like, I feel like they're keeping me safe and all but my true allegiance is with Syd and then probably the Diaper 2.0 coz Idk I like the vibes there better but like, furious 5 is almost too friendly for my liking. The whole "let's stay friends after this" and "let's do a BB19 draft" is a little much tho. Love being with tru bb fans but like, this is a game. Bianka seems like she trusts Caleb but I'm trying to kinda get her to not so that way, 1: she is reliant on me (even if she is t reliant on me rn, which I totally expect, if caleb comes into the equation, it make me less valuable since there would be a second option) and 2: IDK IF I TOLD FURIOUS 5 ABOUT MY ALLIANCE WITH HER. I CANT KEEP UP!!! But a LOT of ppl seem to trust caleb and I want to talk to that cerina girl but she just seems too unpredictable and volatile. She could easily expose me and even though I wouldn't be trying to make it look like I want caleb out, she could make it look like that. There's also Millie but if she is so attached to Cerina's hip as they say she is I don't wanna even try with her. Caleb needs to go at some point but ATM he's just too important as a number. Even though I want them gone, it could be good to keep caleb and Cerina here. Their feud would take the target off my back but at the same time, both ppl have wanted to go after somebody who is close to them and since I look close to caleb, I could be gone. Idk. I think I jut want all three of them out now just to eliminate the issue in total.

The votes came in and both Cerina and Luke left with 7 votes each. Millie received 5 but was safe.

Episode #3 - Exposed 101 Luke_e10

Luke: "What the shit I knew it. Snakes all of ya"

Trey: "omg"

Luke: "Three of the best ppl just got evicted!!"

Caleb: "Woah."

Jala: "Bye guys"

Jo: "Au revoir!"

Episode #3 - Exposed 101 Latest?cb=20140807014459

Bianka walks in the Diary Room

Well not really.. I expected cerina to leave but not Luke! He was so sure he was staying. But that #ExposedParty tho. Even I suspect he had a lot of deals with other people,Caleb was kind of my ride or die but now idk if I can trust him. I might have to still work with him and pretend i still trust him but I'll have to align myself with other people. I already lost luke and now Caleb is sketch

Jenn tries to talk to Cerina who looks upset.

Cerina: "Stick to the group. Even if you have another alliance, you can trust this group."

Jenn: "I'm 100% with the alliance. I hope they know they can trust me. I rallied today to get the votes to get out Caleb's number one. He's gotta go down."

Cerina: "Yeah for sure"

Jenn: "I'm sorry you had to go girl. I didn't want you or Millie to leave. Caleb has way too many people on his side."

Cerina: "I know. Luke sent me a screenshot, him and his people voted Millie"

Jenn: "Yeah I know. Caleb was trying to rally everyone to vote for you and Millie. I wish I could've saved both of you but we only had enough votes to go against theirs."

They were asked back to the living room for the goodbyes.

Victoria walks in the Diary Room

So I'm so glad I survived that eviction...wish I could've won immunity but I'm happy Caleb got it. And cerina got exposed on her way out...but she also kinda exposed Caleb as not honoring deals. I'll have to see for myself if he's trustworthy or not

Luke: "I love u guys and snakes plz come clean to me bc I always support ppl who play messy!!! Keep fighting the good fight and make it interesting for all of us watching!!! @MillieJalaJohnnyAndrewSara love you guys and keep playin messy!!!!!! #staymessymyfriends. I'm done now love u all thx for playing!!!"

Cerina: "Alliance alert Caleb, Andrew, Jenn and Sara. Caleb and the whole house."


Syd: "Omg this is a mess"

Cerina: "And if you have a final 2 with Caleb, it's basically void. He even wanted to team up with me. Goes to show you. Kathy don't honor any deals with Caleb"

Caleb: "lol you've had it out for me since the tribal. It's called saying what the other person wants to hear friend. Enjoy leaving "

Syd: "Cerina on a roll"

Cerina: "Bye caleb!!! See you tomorrow!!!"

Episode #3 - Exposed 101 6cda56f896138a3cd5a8516201ed06a3

Iman walks in the Diary Room

Good god everything is so crazy! I cannot believe that the 5 of them were working together. This HoH is crucial but not for me! I know I'm safe no matter what side wins. Still I need to befriend both sides while actually only trusting Kathy and bianka. It's either Millie or Caleb going next week so we shall see who

While the hosts tried to show Luke and Cerina the door, the other houseguests were getting ready for their first Head of Household challenge. Jenn took this chance to get in Cerina's face before she left the house.

Jenn: "Thanks for throwing me UTB when I was working to keep our alliance safe and go against Caleb. You the real MVP"

Cerina: "Well, it was you and Andrew who told Caleb that me and Millie voted him out, so no you're the real MVP!"

Episode #3 - Exposed 101 Muaaaaa

Jenn: "Andrew wasn't a part of it actually Laughing I told Caleb because I thought I could trust him at that point, then realized I trusted you guys more. Shit happens."

Cerina: "Sad  Sad  Sad . He's running his house"

Jenn: "I'm sorry girl. I wish he didn't have half the house with him. Im going after him next, even though I know that means nothing to you."

Cerina: "I'm sorry too. We could have had something good. See if you can patch things up with everyone else. Not sure how they feel about you and Andrew right now but it's worth a shot if you truly want to work with them."

Jenn: "I know. We could've. Caleb got around early and was the first one to talk to me. I should've known. I'm gonna try my best. I really was loyal to you guys and voted how I said I would."

Cerina: "I believe you. But I'm gone now so try to talk to the rest of the group. I don't think they're going after you but let them know you have their backs"

Jenn: "I know. I'm gonna start trying to mend the relationships. I need something to prove I got their backs."

Cerina: "Pull out a win!"

Jenn: "I'll try! Smile"

Luke had some parting words for Jala.

Luke: "Damn ya played me"

Jala: "Wtffff. I didn't even vote for you. I didn't even know you or Millie were options"

Luke: "There are no votes for bblover and ik u didn't vote Cernia Not mad well played. Hope we play again sometime I'd love to work with you!"

Jala: "I was seriously rallying the troops to do it but then I was informed you wanted Millie out so I felt played, I had no choice but to go to the other side. But it's all a game! Definitely !"

Luke: "Omg wait rly? Caleb wanted her out I just had to help him bc I thought he was starting to get sus of me"

Jala: "Yes I was told you were telling people to vote Millie. So I was like wtf if he's lying to me about bblover then I'll just vote him lol. Who all voted Millie anyways?"

Luke: "Plus you were with her so I couldn't exactly tell u and have u tell her or Cerina or somebody Laughing But lmao idek I think it was me, Trey, Kathy, Jenn maybe? Idrk I can't remember"

Caleb was visibly shook about the vote and losing Luke in a blindside. Andrew and Jenn went to check up on him.


Andrew: "I have no idea!! I voted Cerina like I said"

Caleb: "HOLY SHIT. I voted Millie?!"

Andrew: "Did Cerina rally people to get Luke out????"


Jenn: "Wtf... I voted Cirena too like you told me."

Caleb: "We neeed to pull someone in immediately"

Andrew: "I'm here! I'm trying to think. Do you have Kathy??"

Caleb: "Easy way to solve this is screen shot your vote. Go to the DR account and screenshot. I'll believe you guys. Should I just self evict now since my two people are working with someone trying to get me? Has everything I said been passed back? Sad. The silence isn't instilling confidence either."

Jenn: "We're not working against you. I'll be real here. I voted for Luke. He's a snake and he had everyone in the house. I don't want you gone, but I wasn't gonna protect a guy who's talking to everyone. Plus Cerina told me what you said. So I didn't know if i could trust you"

Caleb: "What did I say?"

Andrew: "It seemed like he was running the show."

Caleb: "I have always been forthcoming with the screen shots"

Jenn: "That I told yoou that Cerina and Millie were voting you out in tribal."

Caleb: "I never confronted her about you."

Jenn: "I know you have, but how else would she know that?"

Caleb: "I told her no one is responding so it looks like I'm going home. I'll show you one sec. *Caleb proceeds to showing them his conversation with Cerina*"

Everyone stays silent.

Caleb: "Are we not going to talk about this"

Andrew: "What is there really to talk about? Cerina fucked us all."

Caleb: "Its not over until you're evicted"

Jenn: "Cerina did fuck us all over."

Caleb: "Plus her parade was on me. I wanna know how she knew the alliance and sus left Luke out."

Jenn: "I'm loyal to you, but I had to take my shot at Luke while I could. Luke told her. Luke messaged her screenshots. I knew he was shady."

Caleb: "Why didn't you tell me. How did you know?"

Jenn: "I found out after the vote. Cerina told me. I messaged her to see what was up and she told me that."

Caleb: "wow"

Jenn: "She told me Luke sent a snapshot and that him and his people were voting Millie. So I'm assuming he sent her more than that?"

Andrew: "I'm honestly just in shock."

Caleb: "Luke did. Freaking snake ass kid. But jenn I didn't tell her anything about you. If it was just you her and Millie and Johnny in the group tho, they're with her.. So you were last one available."

Jenn: "That's true. I can't believe she told me that you told her. Ugh she likes to stir the pot...Luke was working with everyone that's why he needed to go"

Caleb: "Apparently I am too?"

Andrew: "Apparently. How truthful can cerina be though?"

Caleb: "People seem to think a lot."

Caleb excuses himself and later bumps into Sara.

Sara: "Just in case. I'm feeling sketched by what Luke said. I trust you though."

Caleb: "I'm not with everyone. I was getting votes and asked if people were working with someone and said no. I never formally agreed to anything."

Sara: "I believe you. I've bee doing the same thing."

Caleb: "lol I don't know who I trust anymore. You were the only one that wasn't thrown out there more than once"

Sara: "I was only thrown out there once!? What? I haven't done anything I was literally asleep while everything was happening lmao. I'm glad I wasn't thrown around a lot I'm playing it under the table rn."

Caleb: "She knew about the furious 5"

Sara: "HOW OMG"

Caleb: "He also said you're with Millie Johnny jala Andrew."

Sara: "LaughingLaughingLaughing. Andrew yeah but that's cause he's in our alliance."

Caleb: "I don't have it in me to continue this game lol"

Sara: "Omg Caleb ):"

Caleb: "I'm serious man. I'm stressed lol. I'm not even winning anything. If one of us doesn't win HOH we are screwed."

As Caleb continues to make his way towards the Diary Room, he sees Iman.

Caleb: "That was explosive huh?"

Iman: "Yeah so crazy! Cerina is interesting to say the least  Laughing"

Caleb: "I haven't made a final 2 with anyone. And when I told her I wanted to work with her was night one in tribal when I knew she was voting for me. She's full of it but there's no point in defending that on the chat."

Iman: "She was just mad and trying to take you down with her so it makes sense if what she said was blown out of proportion"

Caleb: "People aren't going to think like that."

Iman: "You should just address it to everyone in the group chat. That way people don't have the wrong ideas"

Caleb: "No point."

Millie walks in the Diary Room

This isn't my first rodeo and I'm being targeted so soon. I need Ronnie 2.0 gone now! lmao Caleb must leave

Trey walks in the Diary Room

After being informed of a vote split by Caleb, I was completely flabbergasted. I thought it was going to be a unanimous vote for Millie. I kind of had a feeling Luke was going. No one I talked to mentioned it, but he is a pretty fearful competitor. Would have been great to have him around, since I just lost a potential number, but now it's just me. I have Syd from the Diaper 2.0 Alliance and possibly Caleb. So those two are who I'm going to trust 100 percent.

Damola walks in the Diary Room

So Caleb who by the way I thought was my ally just got exposed. I'm not surprised he has an alliance. I'm just glad my name wasn't mentioned. This might be a good situation for me. If I throw the hoh comp. I don't think either side of the might put me up.

Caleb made an announcement before the challenge was set to start.

Caleb: "Hey guys. So regardless of game things right now, I just got a really sobering call from my mother. She said that my grandpa is in the hospital and it doesn't look good. So I'm currently heading over there. I'm in 3 classes right now, and work everyday, and now with this I'm going to have like zero time to play. So I'm pulling. This looks shady asf because of what just happened but my grandpa was like my best friend. Thoughts and prayers are loved. Good luck everyone."

Millie: "Aww hope he's fine"

Syd: "Poor Caleb"

Damola: "Aww sorry Caleb"

Caleb was asked to come to the Diary Room and after a talk he decided to stay in the game but asked  his fellow houseguests to be taken out.

Caleb: "I won't screw you guys over. Just know I'm serious when I say nom and evict me. I'm not talking game or anything. It's not forcing me to stay. It's keeping the game on course. But bring me back for the next one you do cause I'll be ready to play and in a good headspace"

Andrew walks in the Diary Room

I just cast my first vote of Parallel Big Brother, ahhhhh! I hope all goes according to plan. This is only week 1 and things are already so intense. This first HOH is crucial for the Furious 5!! I wonder what the Head of Household competition is going to be... Hopefully you guys don't throw in some sort of game changing twist too. That's too much stress on me!! This whole week is going to be insane. 3 Head of Households, 3 Power of Veto, 3 Evictions. What more could you guys really throw in???

Another round, another dramatic outcome. Would the house remain divided, find out next on Parallel Biggggggg Brotherrrrrrr

Luke's Aftershow Interview

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Cerina's Aftershow Interview

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