Episode #14 - The Bitter Taste of Betrayal

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Episode #14 - The Bitter Taste of Betrayal

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Episode #14 - The Bitter Taste of Betrayal

In this parallel game of Big Brother, 22 strangers were locked up and propelled into a fantasy world like no other. While trying to survive the elements of this house and the game played within its walls, the 22 players will have to compete in grueling challenges, find trust and know when to betray. It’s a ride you don’t want to miss.

Welcome to Parallel Big Brother Season 1: Survival!

Tonight on Parallel Big Brother, watch as the house gets shocked with a double eviction. Trust will be broken, but would it come back to haunt the culprit?

The final 5 were about to get the shock of a lifetime before the next Head of Household competition.

Host: "Tonight is a DOUBLE EVICTION. Which means that you will be playing 2 HOHs and 2 Vetoes and yes, 2 people will be leaving, giving us our final 3."

Jala: "kk"

Jenn: "OMG Double eviction?! HOLY F"

Millie: "Oh wow"

Jenn: "Holy crap"

Jala and Millie tried to figure out how to handle this news.

Millie: "I knew it lmao sksk. ugh we both have to win a comp tonight"

Jala: "We need Bill out tonight"

Millie: "Yes and Iman hopefully. Good luck girlie"

Jenn joins them to freak out a little bit.

Jala: "DE fml"

Jenn: "Fuck omg"

Jala: "We gotta win comps tonight guys. It all comes down to this. I hope all of us stay safe tonight!"

Jenn: "I can't win this one but I know you girls got this!"

Jala: "I'm fighting for us 3"

Millie: "we literally have yo help ewch other by winning "

Jenn: "I am too. Omg if we all make it to final 3 holy crap"

Millie: "Would be iconic"

Jenn: "It would be so iconic! We all deserve to be there <3"

It was now time for the first Head of Household challenge of the evening.

A) Frankie Grande
B) Josh Feinberg
C) Ryan Quicksall
D) Carol Journey
E) William Collins
F) Britney Haynes
G) Rachel Plencner
H) Angie Swindell
I) Danielle Lickey
J) Michelle Meyer

1) 9th
2) 4th
3) 14th
4) 7th
5) 10th
6) 8th
7) 6th
8 ) 11th
9) 5th
10) 2nd

The first Head of Household of the evening was Jala.

Bill: "Congrats Jala"

Millie: "Congrats Jala!"

Jala: "Thanks <3"

Millie went to congratulate her.

Millie: "Yasss u do it lol. Gonna try and win this veto Laughing and next HoH!"

Jala: "I want Bill gone"

Jenn walks in.

Jenn: "Yay!!!! Go Jala Smile"

Jala: "<3 You girlies win the next one"

Jenn: "100% Smile"

Millie: "We will"

Jala: "Just gotta win veto, HOH and then veto ! Then We're off to final 3"

Jenn: "We got this. I believe in us"

Jala: "Bill dmd me privately and told me I can put him up if I want LOLOLOLOL. I was already going too"

Millie: "LOLOL:lol:"

Jenn: "We're so close!!!! LOL Laughing"

Jala: "Sent my noms in"

Millie: "Did you add a winky face? I don't think Iman is around"

Jala: "Deadddd I should've Laughing I don't either LOLOLOLOL"

Millie: "LMAO poor her LaughingLaughing"

Jenn: "Hahahaha she must not care much Laughing"

Jala: "I guess not. She goes then Bill goes and we're solid"

Jenn: "That works in our favour"

Millie walks in the Diary Room

If I leave on Jala's HoH I'd be SHOOK Laughing

Jenn made sure to check in with Bill before the nominations.

Jenn: "What do you think about if she nominates me and Iman or you and Iman. If whoever isn't on the block wins veto, takes the other off, she'll have to put up Millie and we vote her out?"

Bill: "We can't let Iman win"

Jenn: "I don't think Iman is around"

Bill: "Makes it easier then Wink"

Jenn: "For sure! We gotta win the the other HOH tonight or pov"

Bill: "Do you want to take out Millie instead?"

Jenn: "I don't know. If we win POV it would be smart. Or do we just go to final 4 and hope me or you can win over those 2?"

Bill: "Especially with double and Jala can't compete in next hoh'

Jenn: "So it would be me you and Iman. Not me you and Millie"

Bill: "Hmmm it's certainly tempting. And if Iman isn't here just you and me Wink"

Jenn: "We should do it. They are probably already thinking the same thing"

Bill: "Yeah if you or I win let's do it!"

Jenn: "Preferably I win because if not I'm going up and they might get rid of me instead"

Jala only had a few minutes to nominate. She decided to put Bill and Iman up on the block.

Jenn: "We got this!!! Tonight we'll be down to 3"

Millie: "So fast"

Jala: "So nervous for this veto. next veto is HUGE. BC they cast the sole vote to evict. Bill can NOT win that veto"

Jenn: "Next veto is huge. It doesn't matter who goes up on the block at that point. Whoever is off the block has all the power"

Jala: "guys if Iman isnt around do we almost want to get Bill out first if we have that opportunity then Iman just to be safe. bc then we know one of us will win the F4 vetto for sure bc it is only us 3 competing"

Millie: "I'm okay with that if y'all are"

Jala: "They both need to leave tonight regardless"

Millie: "because if Iman isn't around will have more control the next round"

Jala: "Im thinking that gives us the best odds at the F4 veto and HOH. bc us 3 will be the only ones playing in it since Iman can not"

Jenn: "That's true. Unless Iman shows up then that is probably the best move"

Jala: "I dont see iman showing up lol]"

Millie: "lol same"

Jala: "I think Bill is the right move. just to give us better odds"

Millie: "Iman doesn't seem to participate much in comps too tbh"

Jala: "I cant vote, so as long as you two arre comfortable doing it, I say we make that move"

Jenn: "That's true Iman doesn't really participate at all"

Jala: "Obviously if Bill wins veto then Iman goes. but if he doesnt lets make the move against bIll. You guys down for that?"

Millie: "What ever u guys think is best I'm fine with"

Jenn: "I kinda feel bad because we said f4 but I wanna do what's best for our game"

Jala: "He voted MIllie out so I mean she has a reason too lol"

Jenn: "When did he vote Millie out? When she was next to Johnny?"

Jala: "Yeah. He told her he did. If you guys are not comfortable doing it its okay, I was just thinking thatd give us the easiest path. bc Iman is nonactive and Bill is active in every comp"

Jenn: "No you're right. I'm okay with what everyone wants"

Jala: "Okay So bill it is unless he wins veto. Lets win this veto!"

Jenn: "We got this."

It was now time for the first Power of Veto competition of the evening.

Your 5 items must total $26.03

List of items

Milk = $4.35
Apple = $0.98
Eggs = $3.19
Laundry Detergent = $11.25
Toothpaste = $2.78
Dog Food = $7.99
Paper Towel = $1.56
Aluminium Foil = $1.97
Peanut Butter = $3.65
Chicken Breast = $12.82
Mustard = $2.89
Potatoes = $3.55
Soda = $1.23
Popcorn = $2.77
Eggplant = $2.09

Jala: "Okay"

Millie: "Got it"

After some time, we finally had a winner and it was Jenn.

Bill: "Congrats Jenn"

Jala: "COngrats Jenn\"

Millie: "Congrats Jenn!"

Jala and Millie felt like all went well for this first round.

Jala: "Bye Bye Billll"

Millie: "I'll be SHOOK if she uses it on him and I go lmao"

Jala: "LOL I would pass out"

Millie: "LOL I'd scream LaughingLaughing"

Jala: "That would be a carzy move"

Millie: "On your HoH too sksksk"

Jala: "iconic skskssllol. Also, I couldnt play in the next HOH so I couldnt even do anything about it"

Millie: "You shookt ha with the Bill proposal lol"

Jala: "hell no"

Meanwhile Jenn and Bill were hiding and talking about this move they wanted to make.

Jenn: "Omg!!! Now I'm about to make the biggest move of the game. Holy shit."

Bill: "Let's do it!"

Jenn: "They messaged me btw. Wanting to get you out"

Bill: "Really? Oops!!! haha. Makes this an easy call now"

Jenn: "They're gonna try to expose me to you, but I've had your back since the beginning. If I wasn't with you I wouldn't be making this move right now. Omg holy fuck this is insane"

Bill: "Don't worry. I've got your back 100%!"

Jenn knew this would not win her any friends with the girls but she felt like she had to make a move. She chose to use the Veto on Bill. This meant that Millie was automatically the nominee sitting beside Iman in the end.

Jala and Millie were not pleased with the events that had just went down. Millie was packing her stuff and Jala was pacing around her.

Jala: "SHE MADE THE MOVE. lol she had a final 2 with Bill this whole time. kskskskskskss"

Millie: "dead she used it on Bill LMAO. both were gonna put us up"

Jala: "Lowkey should take out Jenn before Iman. I am deceaseddddd"

Millie: "LMFAOO"

Jala: "I feel betrayed"

Millie: "I'm laughing SKSKS"

Jala: "this bitch must want to be ended. WHY WOULD SHE EVER"

Millie: "LMFAO. I'm OVER"

Jala: "Im screwed too...I cant even win HOH"

Millie: "U better win that Veto!!!I knew she was gonna keep Bill ahhh"

Jala: "How did you know?????"

Millie: "She was acting too sus especially when u asked about Bill. good luck!"

Jala: "I am honestly pissed. Her ass wouldnt even be this far without us girl bye. we knew shed snake us though, damn it. I wanted that POV so bad."

Millie: "We did ugh. I always knew she was sus LaughingLaughing"

Jala: "I did too thats why I was fighting for POV"

Millie: "I kept going over 3 cents"

Jala: "I was actually going to suggest we take out Jenn. but then thought not too"

Millie: "At least u won HoH because maybe it would of been u instead"

Jala: "I was going to do Bill and Jenn. Yeah she clearly wanted one of us gone"

Millie: "Fuck u should have. Iman would of went up and bye Bill lol"

Jala: "bc I remember we wanted Iman to be at the end with us two"

Millie: "Yep we did or at least F4"

Jala: "but then I thought our final 3 gc with jenn was going well and not to ruin that. Ugh fuck why didnt I do it. You better drag in your exit interview questions. LOL"

Millie: "I always knew she was tied to Bill. he was with everyone in the GC but us"

Jala: "Ugh I know fml"

Millie: "I flopped, but u got this"

Jala: "you didnt flop. Jenn is just a dumb bitch"

Millie: "Tea I am and it's obvious and LMAO"

Jenn came to say sorry to Millie.

Jenn: "Girls. I'm sorry, but I had to make this move."

Millie: "So am I leaving or Iman"

Jenn: "I'm sorry Millie"

Millie: "It's ok lol"

Words had been exchange but it was now time to say goodbye to Millie who was evicted by a vote of 2-0.

Jala: "Bye M <3 love youuu"

Bill: "Bye Millie"

Millie: "Bye Jala love u too! Good luck guys!"

Jenn: "Bye Millie! I hope you don't think this was personal."

Millie: "I don't no worries lol"

Jala walks in the Diary Room

Jenn just fucked up sending Millie out that door, I will be damned if that bitch makes it anywhere near final 2 let alone final 3 . Bitch better hope she wins HOH or I am winning veto and sending her ass out

Jala was upset but she had to work some magic in case Jenn got more power in the next round.

Jala: "Heyyy. I am not mad about the move, I jsut wish you wouldve had me in on it. I wouldve been fine with it, Are you and me still good though? Bc Now I am confused if you are against me or not lol"

Jenn: "Hey girl! I know I'm sorry I just thought about it. It wasn't my plan until I won. Me and you are still good 100%. Millie would beat us both out we got to final 4"

Jala: "Hey I wasnt trying to sell you out lol. Millie said she wanted an answer so I was making sure she didnt think we all have been against her or something lol"

Jenn: "I didn't see the message because so many messages are coming in"

Jala: "Yeah, I just didnt want her to feel upset. bc noone was answering and maybe shed feel better knowing it was last minute and not like you have been playing her thats all"

Jenn: "I know and I hope she's not. I was with you guys 100% but I knew you two were closer than me with either of you"

Jala: "Well I guess I am going next it is what it is"

Jenn: "If you win veto you're the deciding vote"

Jala: "I know but I likely wont win it"

Jenn: "You're a strong competitor! You have 1/3 of a chance."

Jala: "We shall see"

There was no time to dwell, it was already time for the second Head of Household challenge of the evening.

Jenn was victorious and secured herself a spot in the final 3.

Jala: "congrats Jenn"

Bill: "Congrats Jenn"

Jenn: "Thanks you two"

There were not many choices to go with, so Jenn put up Jala and Iman for nomination.

Jenn continued her roll and also claimed the Power of Veto leaving her with all the power.

Jala: "There is no chnace of you using the veto on me?"

Jenn: "I've played this game so hard, and I can't see me winning against you."

Jala: "II can. Youve won more comps than me. YOuve been the underdog. I am just saying I wouldve saved you 100%. I meant it when I toldyou I want to go to the end with you"

Jenn: "No one thinks I'm playing a good game. You would've went with Millie before"

Jala: "Not true. Your winning by taking out Millie. No way, I told you Millie has more connections and would win. All I am asking is to use veto and us two go to the end like planned"

Jenn: "I thought you two were best friends"

Jala: "Bill never had your back , I did. I wouldnt even evict Bill if thats what you wanted. I am just asking for a shot, I saved you in evry HOH I had, I protected you tonight. I fought for you, please return the favor"

Jenn: "When has bill never had my back? I'm leaving it up to Bill."

Jala: "What did I do? Like I literally had your back this whole time"

Jenn: "You didn't do anything. I just don't think I can win against you"

Jala: "You know you can"

Jenn: "I really don't think I can. Everyone has been cheering you for and Millie this whole game"

Jala: "Whatever Jenn. it is just annoying to have someones back and then they screw you. When Iman wins this game I will be screaming."

Jenn: "I'm sorry. I really thought both you and Millie would've taken each other over me. I've put way too much work into this game to come out third."

Jala: "Youre still coming out third."

Jenn: "If that's how it goes, so be it. I would've anyway"

Jala: "I was taking you. My Drs proved that. But whatever, if you think people will respect a snake game they won't. Good luck getting any respect from jury adios"

Jenn: "I am probably making the biggest mistake right now and I'm sorry. I always thought you were taking Millie."

Jala: "bill and iman have been togethr. Iman told Millie. You fucked up"

Jenn: "That's obviously over since Bill screwed over Iman"

Jala: "No he never screwed Iman. Iman knew he was making that move also. Congrats you got played, you're not getting taken to final 2. Only person that was going too you got them evicted so idec"

Jenn: "I'll have to win out. I've proven myself so far."

Jala: "Even if you make final 2... youve backstabbed too many people. Not a respectable game. Honestly, the fact that Bill misted you, he deserves to win LOL"

Jenn: "I guess it depends on how the jury feels Laughing I have people in there who support me lol"

Jala: "yeah nah"

Jenn: "I guess this will be a repeat of Kat vs lemon? Laughing"

Jenn decided not to use the veto and Bill was the sole vote.

Jala was evicted by a vote of 1-0.

Jala: "ADIOS BITCHES. The queen stays queen."

Bill: "Jala it's been fun but I vote to evict you"

Jala: "Cant wait for Iman to win this game!!!!!!!!"

Bill: "She might"

Jala: "Bill shut your assup. Go wink at Jenn some more buddy."

Bill: "Will do Jala. Thanks"

Jenn: "OMG"

Jala: "Goodbye to the snake and her puppy dog Smile"

Jenn: "I'm the queen actually"

Jenn walks in the Diary Room

Everyone thinks I made no moves, but I've worked harder than anyone in this game. I got Luke out the first time. I convinced my alliance to trust me again after I was exposed by Luke and Cerina. I spoke with Bill and we got a new alliance together. I brought in BOTH Millie and Jala to that alliance. I survived triple eviction and another time on the block. I made relationships with so many people in this house, but I was loyal to my people. God I've done so much and for fucking Jala to tell me I don't deserve to win, it fucking sucks. I'm the reason she's out there too. Don't tell me I haven't made any moves Laughing Everyone thinks I made no moves, but I've worked harder than anyone in this game. I got Luke out the first time. I convinced my alliance to trust me again after I was exposed by Luke and Cerina. I spoke with Bill and we got a new alliance together. I brought in BOTH Millie and Jala to that alliance. I survived triple eviction and another time on the block. I made relationships with so many people in this house, but I was loyal to my people. God I've done so much and for fucking Jala to tell me I don't deserve to win, it fucking sucks. I'm the reason she's out there too. Don't tell me I haven't made any moves

Stones had not only been thrown, they had killed and two big players were sent packing back to back in an epic double eviction. Would Bill and Jenn seal the deal? Find out next time on on Parallel Biggggggg Brotherrrrrrr

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