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Episode #12 - The True Tea Intro_10

Episode #12 - The True Tea

In this parallel game of Big Brother, 22 strangers were locked up and propelled into a fantasy world like no other. While trying to survive the elements of this house and the game played within its walls, the 22 players will have to compete in grueling challenges, find trust and know when to betray. It’s a ride you don’t want to miss.

Welcome to Parallel Big Brother Season 1: Survival!

Tonight on Parallel Big Brother, witness the house scramble to solidify loyalty after a dramatic round where friendships were lost and more than one had fallen. Did these players have enough grit left?

Bill and Jenn were trying to work on their numbers since they had just lost Syd and Kathy.

Bill: "You think Jo will work with us? Did she ever message you last night telling you that I talked to her?"

Jenn: "I think she will. She hasn't told me anything about you messaging her. She said "hey girl hey" about an hour ago though."

Bill: "Let's hope so. We're gonna need her"

Jenn: "Even though she hasn't told me about it, maybe it will work in our favour. We trust each other so we will tell each other what she says. If she's being sketchy then we'll know. I don't think she has anyone else unless she's been lying about not talking to Millie but I really don't think she is. I think Sara was the glue there. We are definitely gonna need her to go against Millie and Jala. She'd be dumb to not go after Millie though. Millie keeps getting called out as a good player so we need to make sure she leaves."

Bill: "I agree but we're getting a little ahead of ourselves again cuz we still need Millie to help get Trey and Iman out. Let's hope she beasts the comp tonight like Jala did yesterday"

Jenn: "That's true. That's for if we all make it to F5 together. It would be amazing if it would go like that but you never know lol idk if Millie will tbh. She has proved time and time again she won't put her ass on the line if she doesn't have to. Syd spoke shit about Jala and that's why Jala beasted that competition."

Bill: "It's probably just me getting paranoid again but I'm getting a bad vibe from Millie and Jala right now for some reason"

Jenn: "Why are you getting a bad vibe from them? I don't trust them either, but we have to play along because we can't have them target us before we go after them. They're 100% a duo which sucks. The best thing about us is that no one knows where as close as we are."

Bill: "They both just seem a little too quiet right now but like I said probably just me being paranoid. Don't think they'll turn on us quite yet cuz they need our numbers but we definitely need to be prepared for upcoming rounds"

Jenn: "They do seem a little quiet. I think they're going to stay with us to get Iman and Trey out, but after that we need to watch out. We need to bring it once it's time. That's why it'll be nice to have Jo with us too. Kathy was nice to have, but she was floppy"

Bill: "Yeah it's a shame about Kathy but you're right. Her emotions got the best of her and it really wasn't gonna do us any good. Jo's definitely our ace in the hole now"

Jenn: "Nope it really wasn't. We sadly couldn't count on her to win, but she was loyal. For sure. We have to work closely with Millie and Jala for now but once we go after Trey and Iman, they're fair game."

Episode #12 - The True Tea Tumblr_lpmvceeHdN1r10t78o1_500

Jenn walks in the Diary Room

To be honest, I really miss having my number one in this game. It's not the same playing the game without him. #TeamAssholes ftw. BB I JUST WANT MY ANDREW BACK. Just casually talking about him like I own him. Which I don't, lol Laughing I'm so bad at these comments

Syd had just left and Jala now had a Hidden Immunity Idol in her pocket. What would happen? It was time for the next Head of Household competition.

Episode #12 - The True Tea Hoh18

HoH Challenge: http://oi65.tinypic.com/1zb9qgl.jpg

Most houseguests had a hard time with this one, but we eventually had a winner, Trey.

Episode #12 - The True Tea Hoh_tr11

Jenn: "Fuck. That was hard. Congrats Trey!"

Jala: "Congrats!"

Episode #12 - The True Tea 200_s


- Albania
- Andorra
- Bangladesh
- Canada
- Chile
- El Salvador
- Grenada
- Haiti
- Hungary
- Jordan
- Kiribati
- Kosovo
- Malta
- Maldives
- Poland
- Serbia
- Swaziland
- Tunisia
- United Kingdom
- Vietnam
- Yemen
- Zimbabwe

Jo: "Lordt good job trey that was super hard congrats!"

Trey: "thanks guys!"

Millie: "Congrats!"

Jenn: "I didn't have Poland"

Bill: "Congrats Trey. That was tough"

Trey: "thanks guys! it was very tough. I kept double guessing"

Millie: "Me Laughing"

Jala walks in the Diary Room

I kept trey off the block and put my ass on the line targeting Syd so I hope trey returns the favor and keeps me safe. Me and Millie have been basically running this game since day 1 while barely winning comps and manipulating and gaining the trust of others. Iconic.

Jala goes up to Trey for some game talk now that he's the HOH.

Jala: "You had to sit out the last 2 HOHs it was probably nice to come back with a win"

Trey: "yeah. secured my safety for this week especially after being so scared of going up the last two weeks"

Jala: "Yeah you deserve it! Do you know what youre thinking ?"

Trey: "honestly I don't really know tbh."

Jala: "Yeahh its coming down where there arent really a lot of options bc not a lot of people left. Do you think you may put me up?"

Trey: "I don't plan too. You kept your word last week saying you wouldn't put me up, and I said that if I had power you're safe. so don't worry. you're not going up."

Jala: "I appreciate that!"

Trey: "your welcome!"

Jala: "I cant believe how little people are left now basically"

Trey: "Same. I was really shocked when Kathy quit"

Jala: "I was so sad! She messaged me to use the veto and put her up so she can go but I told her I wouldn't do that Bc she deserves to be in the game. So she quit instead"

Trey: "Oh really? Sad. she was such a kind person omg"

Jala: "Yeah! That's why I couldn't do that Bc I wanted her to stay and play. She said she cries every night from the stress of the game. And I guess she couldn't handle the stress anymore"

Trey: "awww Sad I wish her the best"

Trey walks in the Diary Room

I just won my second HOH of the season, and it is very good that I did considering that it's the final 7 meaning 5 people get the boot next before finale. I don't know what I'm going to do especially after I've been sitting out the last two rounds in competitions due to that veto. I know that this win is going to make me a big bigger threat now, but it's better to have safety, especially now, rather than never.

Millie and Jala were sweating it a bit with Trey as the new Head of Household.

Millie: "UGH I missed HoH by 1"

Jala: "Flop girly"

Millie: "Ahh tea"

Jala: "Lol just kidding <3. We gonna have to get to F2 manipulating everyone at this point bc were not the greatest at comps lol"

Millie: "Lolol legit I keep flopping LaughingLaughing"

Jala: "Let me know what trey responds lol"

Millie: "lol I shall and lmk too"

Jala: "He said he doesnt know what he is going to do"

Millie: "Yeah he told me the same. Said he has no direct target"

Jala: "He said he wont put me up bc I kept him safe last week. so now we just have to keep you off lol"

Millie: "He said he thinks Jenn but he's not sure on both. he's weighing his options lol"

Jala: "He's annoying"

Millie: "The convos are so awks I can't"

Jala: "I stoped replying. I'm over him. I have the power but I really didn't want to use it on this HOH"

Millie: "literally like this
Me: Hey Trey! How are u?
Him: Good. U.....

like oh? sksk Laughing"

Jala: "And I don't think I should use it on Jenn Bc watch us need it the next HOH. So I think we should wait it out and see what final noms are"

Millie: "Yeah I see him putting up Jenn and Bill. or maybe me but idk"

Jala: "I hope not you! I hope Jenn and bill and bill goes"

Millie: "Same because Bill will get us out before we get him out"

Jala: "Yeah that's the ideal situation"

Millie: "Ya, and if it's Jenn and Bill final noms Bill is leaving"

Jala: "Yeah 100%"

Millie: "Will see and go from there"

Jala: "I'm getting sleepy he needs to make noms already"

Millie: "Ugh he needs to hurry lol iknow hes not thinking that hard"

Episode #12 - The True Tea Summer-style-struggles-8

Jenn walked in on them talking. They tried to play it off as regular chit chat.

Jala: "I think you guys need to reach out Trey! and hopefully get him to nom like Bill and Jo or something like that"

Jenn: "He reached out to me before I nominated him so I can try. He probably doesn't like me right now Laughing. Do you think he'd nominate Iman? Or they're prob together aren't they?"

Jala: "I feel like he is with Iman"

Millie: "I think hes by himself but talks with Iman"

Jala: "I just hope if worst comes to worse its only one of us in this GC and Bill or Jo. Bc then the other 2 in this gc can vote to save the one up"

Millie: "Agreed! wee need to stick together"

Jenn: "Same. I think he talks to Iman for sure. I agree. If only one of us are nominated we will be golden"

Jala: "Yeahh thats the goal right now"

Millie: "I agree, let's hope for the best lo"

Jala: "if you guys reach out to him let me know what he says"

Jenn: "I will I just send the congrats message"

Jala: "Best options for us would be have bill and jo as noms"

Jenn: "100%"

Millie: "just told him Bill is fishy"

Jenn: "Or even Iman and jo but I doubt that"

Jala: "I don't see Iman going up"

Jenn: "I don't either"

Jala: "So we need Bill and Jo"

Millie: "Same, What should we say about Bill. so he puts him up"

Jenn: "I don't know. He wanted Luke out?"

Jala: "Don't necessarily give him reasons to put up bill. But just support his choice of bill and that bill is fishy"

Jenn: "Ya. Do that. Don't give him any more info than needed"

Millie: "Because we don't want to risk us going up. And yeah I meant if he would ask why we agree lol"

Jenn: "I know. I don't wanna work him too hard because he'll be like nope you're going up. And that'll be shitty"

Jala: "Yeah Bc if he feels you guys are pushing hard he won't do it. He needs to feel like it's what he wants"

Jenn: "He hasn't gotten on the subject with me. We're talking about iOS 10... and emojis...I don't wanna have both me and Millie asking because he'll be like um why you coming to me now"

Jala: "Yeah and tbh he's really short and sketch in convos"

Millie: "I just asked where his head was at lol. but he doesn't really talk much"

Jala: "We had one convo during my HOH and he barely answered with anything but a one word"

Jenn: "Yeah he's not talking to me at all lol"

Jala: "I guess we should just hope for the best. Guys! If us 3 make it through this HOH together we control the votes the rest of the game"

Jenn: "I guess it depends who he nominates. If he noms one of us and say Jo then bill will keep us. So we would have 3 votes to stay. But if it's one of us and bill we will have to talk to jo or Iman"

Millie: "Iman and jo would vote Bill out I think"

Jenn: "True. Iman would because imans pissed"

Millie: "Yep so if hes with Iman maybe he'll pick bill"

Jala: "Let's hope"

Jenn: "He may if he's with Iman which he probably is. We got this. We survived so far and we're gonna keep going"

Millie: "Yes we will"

Jenn: "I just wish he'd make his decision soon"

Jenn was walking up to the HOH room when she ran into Bill.

Bill: "Well I know I'm going up. Just hope he doesn't put you up as well"

Jenn: "I just messaged Trey... should I expose Millie and Jala?"

Bill: "Yeah I guess that's the only choice we have"

Jenn: "If me, you and jo are off the block we're golden."

Bill: "I'll do it too"

Jenn: "Be careful. I don't want him thinking we're together."

Jenn didn't want him seeing her go in the HOH room so she went back downstairs. Bill on the other hand decided to go make a plea with Trey.

Bill: "Hi Trey. Congrats on winning. That was super tough! I know we haven't talked till now but I just want you to know that I've never considered you a target. Luke was always my number one target. Would greatly appreciate it if you wouldn't nominate me and as a thank you I would gladly return the favor if I win hoh"

Trey: "thanks and I'm certain that luke was everyone's number one target. he had a huge target on his back. and I might agree to your offer"

Bill: "Thanks for considering it"

Trey: "Yep"

Bill: "Thank you Trey. Appreciate it"

Trey: "you're very welcome."

Trey set his nominations in stone, he decided to nominate Jo and Jenn.

Episode #12 - The True Tea Nom_sp17 Episode #12 - The True Tea Noms20

Jenn: "The parallel universe is quiet today"

Bill: "That's because our king is gone. After all he was the life of the party, right? haha"

The Veto players were Trey, Jo, Jenn, Iman, Jala and Millie.

Episode #12 - The True Tea Veto_p16

Jenn walks in the Diary Room


*Jenn takes a deep breath*

LOL OKAY now that I've calmed down. I want to acknowledge that Trey is just Luke's puppet. I have no respect for his game, and I will not vote for him to win if I'm in jury. I'm not mad that he put me up, I am a threat, but there are WAY bigger people to go after than myself. I'm not mad at him. I just think it's hilarious that Luke has him wrapped around his finger. That's one thing I can say about my game though. I never once let Luke run my game or HOH. I took advantage of a twist to get him out the first time. I'm not ashamed of that. It was perfect timing because the "mastermind" wasn't expecting it. He can talk all he wants about how amazing and great he is, but in reality he's just a messy player and someone I don't want to talk to again. So a big round of applause for Luke, still running the game, and not being in it. You fucking suck. OH AND I just wanna add in Trey that when you nominated Andrew, Sara and I for eviction on the Triple, I don't acknowledge that move as yours either. You've been Luke's puppet this whole game. I'm happy I can say I make my own decisions.

I'm gonna fight so hard for the POV. I can't rely on anyone but myself. I know Bill would've used the POV on me but, I get Jala and Millie... who won't try to win, and won't use it

Jenn and Bill were feeling weird about these nominations.

Bill: "I'm really concerned how quiet Jala and Millie are right now. You might have to win that veto tonight. I'm getting a bad feeling. I hope it's just me being paranoid again"

Jenn: "I'm really concerned too... I'm going to fight harder than I ever have before. I'm gonna make sure I write things down and don't fuck up like I did with the flags. They definitely made some kind of deal... I'm just scared it's gonna screw you over. I'm paranoid too. I can't help it"

Bill: "I'm worried that Trey told them what you said to him about those two. And then they made a deal together"

Jenn: "If I leave I'm exposing them. 100%. If they fuck me over I will be gladly to do it. I know. I'm afraid too but he's an idiot if he thinks Millie and Jala will stick to it."

Bill: "Problem is though, exposing them at this point in the game probably won't do any good. There's too few left. I guess we just have to wait and see how it plays out but if they fuck us over I'm definitely going after them no matter what they try and tell me"

Jenn: "I know. It probably won't but I feel like Jo doesn't know about them. Iman is already on to them because he nominated both of them. I'm just so annoyed. Our alliance fucked us over."

Millie and Jala go dance the nominations away in the pantry.

Episode #12 - The True Tea W9du8z

Jala: "Things are looking good for the Queens of this game"

Millie: "Tea! now to win this Veto"

Jala: "If we win it. We use it? Buttt I don't think it should be used and risk the other going up"

Millie: "One of us needs to win it so we're not put up. And opp. Well if we don't use it we make Trey happy and will have the votes to keep Jenn. Unless Bill turns on Jenn which hes capable of"

Jala: "If he turns on Jenn he's an idiot. Yeah true but would jenn be annoyed if we didn't use it or she'd trust us?"

Millie: "He turned on Johnny last game because he wants to shake things up. And hmm hopefully not"

Jala: "Well he can shake things up out the door LaughingLaughing And oh yay you're playing!"

Millie: "Will have to explain to her the plan and see how she feels. If say I win and use it he'll probably put Bill up"

Jala: "That's true. I say you can use it if you win it. However, if I would win it I wouldn't use it Bc you'd likely go up. But since he says I'm not going up cause he didn't go up on mine, I think it'd be okay for you to use"

Millie: "Hopefully and hopefully Jo doesn't win it because girlie is good at comps"

Jala: "If jo wins it bill would go up hopefully. And I'm more than fine sending his ass out"

Millie: "100% him and Syd back to back"

Jala: "Lol legit would consider him goingover jo. But I know Jenn would never Laughing"

Millie: "Same but Jo is better at comps lol"

Jala: "True I know, she should go if she's up there. I just can't stand him being fake nice to us knowing he despises that we took out Syd."

Millie: "Oh well he'll have fun with her in Jury when he leaves Laughing"

Jala: "The ideal final 4 would be me you Jenn and Iman. Bc jo is too good at comps. And bill is snakes. Jenn has no choice but to stick with us"

Millie: "And trey is sus. Iman is also sus and lowkey af. But Iman is better because she only won w comp"

Jala: "Oh shit. I forgot Trey was here LaughingLaughingLaughingLaughing"

Millie: "LaughingLaughingLaughingLaughing"

Jala: "I'm deaddd. I legit forgot she existed. Okay well basically our ideal final 4 is me you Jenn and one of those irrelevant players. Iman is lowkey but Trey has been winning more than Iman. So I still say Iman is our 4th number if we can drag her there"

Millie: "Yeah that's y I said Iman because Trey is better at comps. we just have to make sure Iman leaves 4th lol"

Jala: "All I know is I don't want Bill in a final 4. I'd take anyone over bill "

Millie: "^me"

Jala: "I know he talked hella shit about us to Syd. Bc he's "supportive ""

Millie: "He can eat his shit Laughing"

Jala: "He prob screenshoted him telling us to be nice and sent it to her like "look I defended you". Well that's one jury vote we'll never have and imagine the pain Syd will have when she HAS to choose between use two"

Millie: "He deff sent it and LOLOL. Well hopefully shes not mad anymore by then"

Jala: "She likely will be. She's bitter as fuck. Its Bc she lowkey thought she'd easily get to the end"

They both decide to go find Jenn so she doesn't become suspicious.

Jala: "Awe well atleast two of us are not up"

Jenn: "OMG"

Jala: "And since it's Jo. We control the votes as of now"

Jenn: "I'll have 3 of your votes so it's okay"

Millie: "That's very true. We got u girlie no worries"

Jenn: "I won one comp...Wtf is he getting on with lol"

Millie: "Ya makes no sense lolol"

Jala: "He tried to justify"

Millie: "Jo won more comps no?"

Jenn: "Lol my one comp win :lol" go me"

It was now time for the Power of Veto competition. Please visit the link below to watch it happen live.

Episode #12 - The True Tea Veto19

PoV Challenge: https://youtu.be/43-yNTXZcyo

Trey was on a roll and become the next Veto holder.

Episode #12 - The True Tea Veto_t10

Trey: "omg yay"

Iman: "Congrats!"

Trey: "thanks!"

Jo: "congrats trey!"

Millie: "Congrats!"

Jenn: "Congrats."

Bill: "Good job everyone. Congrats Trey"

Trey: "thanks guys"

Jala and Millie were in the HOH room waiting for Trey to finish showering so they can all talk.

Millie: "What do u think Trey is going to do
I think he'll keep the noms the same or take Jo down and put Bill up"

Jala: "I think he's keeping them the same for sure"

Millie: "Yeah either or"

After some brief consideration, Trey decided to leave both nominations on the block.
Jo or Jenn would be leaving this round.

Episode #12 - The True Tea Veto_s19 Episode #12 - The True Tea Final_20

Trey: "gl guys!"

Jenn walks in the Diary Room

It sucks being on the block next to Jo. Besides Bill (and even now I'm being paranoid about his vote), she's the only one I really trust. I wasn't even this nervous in triple eviction

Millie and Jala talk about the vote.

Jala: "Well looks Jo is going to go"

Millie: "Yep, bye bye Jo"

Trey walks in the Diary Room

Winning HOH and Veto have definitely made my target on the back of my back bigger, but in this game, it's all up to what I need to do to get farther in this game.

It was now time to say goodbye to Jo who was evicted by a vote of 4-0.

Episode #12 - The True Tea Evicti15 Episode #12 - The True Tea Jo_jur10

Bill: "Bye Jo. Take care"

Jo: "LOL not even one sympathy vote hahaha awesome. Have fun y'all!"

Jenn: "Have fun y'all!"

Bill: "Congrats on making final six everyone!"

Jenn walks in the Diary Room

I'm so so so happy I'm safe!!!!! But, Jo, girl, I'm gonna miss you in this game. You were so genuine and a great ally. I'm sad to see you go!

Things seem to settle down a bit, but for how long? Find out next time on on Parallel Biggggggg Brotherrrrrrr

Jo's Aftershow Interview

Episode #12 - The True Tea Interv38 Episode #12 - The True Tea Interv40 Episode #12 - The True Tea Interv39 Episode #12 - The True Tea Interv41


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