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Episode #11 - Rats and Drama Queens Intro_10

Episode #11 - Rats and Drama Queens

In this parallel game of Big Brother, 22 strangers were locked up and propelled into a fantasy world like no other. While trying to survive the elements of this house and the game played within its walls, the 22 players will have to compete in grueling challenges, find trust and know when to betray. It’s a ride you don’t want to miss.

Welcome to Parallel Big Brother Season 1: Survival!

Tonight on Parallel Big Brother, watch as Luke's ghost lives on inside the Big Brother house, shattering hearts and breaking alliances. Would this end in a blood bath?

Jenn walks in the Diary Room

Here I am thinking I'm playing one of the best games, and Luke doesn't even call that out! Fuck you Luke! Or maybe I'm just playing such a good game even Luke can't see it? Okay I gotta stop being cocky or I'll be the next one out

Before leaving, Luke took Jala aside and whispered a lot of stuff regarding Syd that made Jala really angry with her. She blew up in front of many in the kitchen.

Jala walks in the Diary Room

So I just had a very nice conversation with Luke and I know what I already suspected which is that Syd the Snake needs to leave this game with her flip flopping ass.

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Syd: "Ugh I didn't get to say anything back to him"

Jala: "How did you know he'd be against you Syd the most"

Syd: "Because on day 1 we made a final 2 because we have a birthday in the same month. Ik what a good start to the game lmao. And then Jala and Millie remember when I faked a vote and sent him a fake screen shot? That's the screen shot he was talking about. And I won't deny that I trusted him for day 1 because that would be a lie. This is very akward because no one is saying anything."

Jala: "He said you sent him screenshots of a whole alliance we were in. And that he has reciepts to prove it"

Millie walks in the Diary Room

Oh wowow my suspicions were correct Syd is a rat. Ahhh i always knew girlie was sus welp time to win HoH hehehe Laughing

Episode #11 - Rats and Drama Queens Giphy

Syd, Millie and Jala went to the bedroom to talk it out with more privacy.

Jala: "You never told us anything about this. And this was made before day 2"

Syd: "And no offence I don't appreciate u interrogating me in front of the entire freaking alliance. No I did tell u that Luke thought I was working with him. I told u many of times"

Jala: "No offense it wasn't an interrogation. No you didn't tell us he knew about our whole alliance. And that you told him I was running and telling cerina everything he said to me. He said the reason he said in his exit interview that I was the reason he left is Bc you gave him all that info and that I was telling him everything. That's not appreciated."

Syd: "I haven't told him anything until day fucking 2 or Jala. If u chose to not believe that that is ur own fault. If u chose to be mad at me for something that furthered all of our games go ahead. I have LITERALLY told him 0 since day 2."

Jala: "It's not my fault it's a game. That didn't further our games. It furthered your game while hurting everyone else in the alliance"

Syd: "t's just becoming clear that u never really trusted me because u are the only one that cares about anything that the snake luke said. It didn't hurt any of u. So don't even try"

Jala: "When you're saying you 100% have our backs on day 1 it's interesting that this was on day 2. It did hurt me. He called me out in his exit interview and then came back, I could've easily been gone. If you 100% had our backs you wouldn't throw my name out there to him and our whole alliance to him on day 2, it's that simple"

Jala walks in the Diary Room

Syd is mad at me for interrogating her infront of everyone but I had to make it crystal clear to the alliance that she can not be trusted like me and Millie knew from day 1

Syd: "I don't know what u want me to say? On day 2 I was still figuring out my game, there's nothing wrong with that. I was allowed to feel the water with different groups."

Jala: "Own it. It's simple. You're acting like you did us favors by exposing us, you didn't. And if you're still figuring out your game don't bs and say you "100%" have our backs"

Syd: "I'm literally just telling u the truth and how I honestly feel? There's no reason for me to lie, I'm telling u my honest mind set through it all and that's ur own fault for not accepting what is the truth. And I wasn't going to sit here and say i have ur back like 50%. So stop"

Jala: "Not the point. You're telling us the truth cause you were caught. Oh sorry I didn't realize while me and you Millie were being honest you were BSing"

Syd: "No? I'm telling the truth because it's irrelevant if all this was relevant I would of told u before he called me out lmao. U can't be mad at me for trying to figure out my game, it was day 2 so chill ur freaking grill"

Jala: "It wasn't relevant for me to know you were throwing my name out there or that our alliance was BS or that you knew why Luke called me out? That all seems relevant. Girly if you think I have the energy to be then you really are more delusional than thinking you could get away with all this"

Syd: "I honestly don't care anymore. You can go ahead and be mad at me for things I did on day 2. That effects no one but yourself. I've explained myself and you've refused to accept what I've said. That's on you not me. I can't do anything but tell what is true and it's up to u weather or not u accept it"

Jala: "Can you read or not? I said if you think I'm mad you're delusional"

Syd: "But u clearly are mad so??"

Jala: "I accept what you've said, not accepting the bullshit you did. Big difference. No it's on you, not me. I was loyal HAHAHAHH. You're pressed Bc you got expose"

Syd: "But I'm really not? I got exposed by Luke who I haven't trusted since day 2. If I were pressed I probably wouldn't be here right now lol. I wouldn't be saying anything. But I'm really not? I got exposed by Luke who I haven't trusted since day 2. If I were pressed I probably wouldn't be here right now lol. I wouldn't be saying anything."

Jala: "No you got exposed for lying to me and Millie the whole game and throwing our names out there. I'm sitting here Bc Millie's messages are broke and we wants answers"

Syd: "I got exposed from something that doesn't effect u, or me or Millie because it all happened on DAY 2 get it through ur head"

Jala: "Girly bye day 2 doesn't matter it still was bullshit that you hid up until whatever today's day is. WHAT PART OF. You exposing me to Luke did effect me. You exposing the alliance to Luke did effect Millie. It's simple stop your confused bullshit"

Syd: "I never stared any bull shit so how could I stop it ?"

Jala: "You started when you sent Luke our bs and lied about having our backs"

Syd: "I don't really know what u want me to say anymore? I've told all truth, I'm not going to sit here and talk in circles all day I've got better things to do lol"

Jala: "You think anything you say makes a difference that's the funny part. You can't talk us into whatever you want us to think we're not dumb Laughing . No misting going on here. You told us the truth when you got EXPOSED. Not when Luke called me out, not when Millie had 5 votes against her."

Millie: "Hi, if u were loyal us why didn't u say it after it happened tho not when u were exposed? and if I'm being honestly I don't think u were ever 100% with us lol. U ssid u put your ass on the line for the 7 alliance which is fine, but when did u do it for Queenies. I've been targeted forever because u exposed that alliance and u never put your ass on the line for me. My messages are sending finally lolol"

Syd: "I can't help but laugh because ur mind is so twisted right now, u keep saying the same things and I keep saying the same truth? That's about it, I can't say anything else. Obviously u don't believe me and that's just how it's going to go lol"

Jala: "Your twisted, not me. Don't make an alliance with us then spill our tea. It's hilarious Laughing "put your ass on the line""

Syd: "And Millie I don't want u to read this and for it to sound rude, u were actually a target before hand and not because of me. I don't want you to think that was me"

Jala: "That's the best thing I've ever heard. Millie was a target Bc you sold out our alliance really"

Millie: "Okay I get that but when I was up otb u said u would speak to Damola but disappeared? then came back later and played dumb asking who do we vote out lol & Bill was surpised that u would vote to keep me why is that?"

Jala: "I'm confused when she put her ass on the line. That's the true tea LOL Laughing"

Syd: "I put my ass on the line when damola and trey won hoh. I convinced them not to put any of u guys up, y'all were there first chooses and I changed that. And I always ask who we are evicting before I vote because my last short game I voted wrong because I wasn't paying attention lollll- true story"

Millie: "Hmm well u never told us we were picks u always just said Bengal so & u would act sus when I was up lol"

Syd: "Lol? I didn't say u were picks, I said y'all as in the allainxe. And u can't say I acted sus when u were up because I didn't lol"

Millie: "u said u guys and h didn't answer why Bill thought u would vote me out. And yeah u kinda did act sus"

Syd walks in the Diary Room

I'm kinda dying laughing right know. Jala is sooooo pissed and i honestly am telling her to truth but she won't accept it. It seems like Jala and Millie are the only two who can't accept what I'm saying and everyone else trusts me so I honestly don't care anymore

Syd: "When did Bill think I would vote u out?"

Millie: "The time it was me vs Johnny"

Syd: "U can't say I acted sus because I'm not very active when I'm not apart of comps. Bill said I would vote u out? Seriously? I never talked to bill about my votes so I can't really say why he would say that"

Jala: "You didn't put your ass on the line for us"

Syd: "I said I put my ass on the line for the alliance. I did. When I was fighting to keep y'all from being noms I was basically showing where I was in the house. And I made sure damola voted to keep Millie"

Millie: "Damola didn't even vote. so u didn't really make sure lol"

Syd: "It wasn't u then it was another person in the alliance. It could of been jenn? I did not have the chat anymore so I can't check"

Millie: "what are u talking about? How does that include Damola lol?"

Syd: "Lol I just mixed up names, I basically made sure damola voted in our favour every week"

Jala: "Mhm Point being, you're very confused."

Syd: "Lol no I'm not? Sorry I don't remember who was up every week and how everyone voted"

Jala: "What does that have to Do with you saying one thing then saying another. If you don't know for sure don't say it"

Millie: "Okay but I'm saying the week I was up u didn't make sure because she did not vote"

Syd: "Okay so basically I have no desire to talk to either of u anymore. No offence but y'all are being jerks for no reason at this point. Y'all are acting like children because you can't accept truth. There is no reason for me to talk to either of you if your just going to sit here and pick at everything and anything I say"

Millie: "i've been a target since forever basically because u exposed the silent 7 lol"

Syd: "Millie and what I was saying is that I mixed u up with jenn, we already cleared that. And no u were honestly a target before that. And that's honestly not a lie"

Millie: "Yeah I was a target because of the Cerina thing correct. However u made my target bigger by exposing the alliance"

Syd: "No I actually didn't but that's okay"

Millie: "every time I would go up they would mention I'm with everyone and blahblahblah"

Jala: "We're being jerks? for not believing for bs. HA. Interesting. But you're not a jerk for selling us out? Okayyyy"

Millie: "I'm not mad btw lol I just want a clarify things."

Syd had enough and just stormed off.

Episode #11 - Rats and Drama Queens Giphy

Syd walks in the Diary Room

I can't fight because everything thing I say the two freaking chihuahuas come out of there cages lol. I'm not a confrontational person, I don't know what to do in these situations except say what legit happened lol

Episode #11 - Rats and Drama Queens Giphy

Jala: "HAHAH she dipped. I'm mad Idc fuck her"

Millie: "I'm not picking I'm literally asking questions I have sksks wowowow"

Jala: "LaughingLaughingLaughingLaughingLaughing"

Millie: "sus lmao"

Jala: "You saying "I'm not mad" girl don't make her feel better. We need her to be shook for HOH"

Millie: "LOL Laughing"

Jenn walks in the Diary Room

It kinda sucks that Luke called out Syd, but on the other hand I think it's gonna get me further in the game. Jala/Millie will go after Syd and vice versa before they come for me. I can't wait to sit back and watch this play out

Bill and Iman had it out after the eviction. Iman didn't trust him anymore and was pissed at the way he handled his power behind her back. After the altercation, he went to Jenn to talk about it.

Bill walks in the Diary Room

So let me get this right... We vote out our biggest threat, win hoh and yet somehow lose two of our own alliance members?!

Bill: "I'm sure I'll be her and Trey's number one target now lol"

Jenn: "OMG SHES PISSED. Don't worry about it. She won't have anyone after this"

Bill: "We just gotta make sure we don't let Jo win the next hoh. Could definitely see Iman and Trey getting her to work with them"

Jenn: "I don't know if I have any sway on Jo, but I think she would listen to me. That's why I think we should get closer to her in case she was to win HOH. If 6 of us can't win against Jo then we suck... lol i hope not. Iman and Trey have to go"

Bill: "Agreed. We certainly haven't wronged her in any way so I think she'd be open to working with us for the next round or two"

Jenn: "Definitely not. I think she'd be open to it too. It'll be us 6 and her as 7 if everything works out as planned. I am worried for final 6 because it's basically up to you and I to win HOH and go after Millie first. Do you think we should get closer to Syd just in case?"

Bill: "It wouldn't hurt to try. Just don't know how active she's gonna be"

Jenn: "That's true. That's the worst because Millie and Jala are our biggest threats but they're also the most active too. About Iman, what were you supposed to do? Ask her to nominate Luke? Or tell her you had this power?"

Bill: "Yeah I understand what she's saying but I wasn't about to reveal any of this to her cuz I know she would've gone straight to Luke and told him"

Jenn: "Of course. I don't know why she would be mad lol"

Bill: "It really is funny how people take this game so personally"

Jenn: "They really do and get mad when you play the game. Like sorry you didn't want an alliance member gone"

Bill: "It's ironic that Luke put me on the block because I didn't talk to him and he didn't know if I was really playing the game. Well now he knows haha"

Jenn: "Hahaha he made that mistake Laughing"

Bill: "Awww poor guy. He's confused! Laughing"

Jenn: "He's so hurt it's funny"

Bill: "What a little punk"

Jenn: "He is a little punk. Of course you'd get him out now... he's just being stupid"

Bill: "Hmmm think I'll get his jury vote if I'm in final two? lolll"

Jenn: "LOL I'm gonna say no. For sure! I think Jo may be with Jala and Millie but when I was talking to her last night she was so against Luke"

Bill: "Well what's your take from all of that? He really hit Syd hard"

Jenn: "Looks like Syd is really playing the game. I'm not surprised about his comments about me because I am partly the reason he got evicted first but I legit didn't do anything to him this time Laughing I couldn't even vote. He's just pissed I put him on the block. I'm not surprised about any of the other comments really. Kathy is loyal to us and I know that. Millie Jala and Syd are who we need to be afraid of."

Bill: "Still trust them till final six. If I'm wrong I'll take the fall"

Jenn: "Part of me wonders if we should take out Millie before Jo. Everyone talks about how good Millie is playing and it scares me. Or take out Syd first because she sent Luke shit..."

Bill: "Yeah I don't know quite yet. Trying to process all of this"

Jenn: "Same. I'm so confused. It's a lot of information."

Bill: "Jala's really upset about the screenshots Syd apparently leaked to Luke"

Jenn: "I can understand that. Luke is untrustworthy so it's a little sketch about sending them to Luke. I don't think it could hurt pulling her closer to us. We just have to be careful showing our cards in case Jala or Millie win"

Bill: "Yeah I'm a little leary about saying much of anything to any of them right now"

Jenn: "Yeah me too. We can just discuss what's going on here. It's really a shit show. I only trust expressing my feelings to you. I can't talk to them about what I'm feeling"

Bill: "Same. At this point I'm almost content to sit back and let those three destroy each other's games while we keep Kathy and Jo close"

Jenn: "Same. I think that would be a smart choice. We could be a solid 4. Jo already feels weary of Millie because Millie hasn't talked to her, and Kathy trusts me and you more. They're going to go after each other now 100%. We're in a good spot right now I think. If syd wins, she's gonna put up Jala and Millie. If Millie or Jala win, I think syd and Iman or Trey will go up."

Bill: "That's what I was just thinking. If anything this probably took the target off of us for right now. I'm kinda hoping Jo wins hoh now haha"

Jenn decided to go talk to Iman and make her feel better.

Iman: "I'm just worried that whoever wins hoh will put me on the block because I won hoh last"

Jenn: "I feel like Jala, Jo or Millie might if they win because you put them up but I don't know because I'm not close with them. If I win HOH I have no reason to put you up because you didn't put me up."

Iman: "Yeah that makes sense. Thank you that really means a lot Smile"

Jenn: "You're welcome Smile I hope I can win. I always feel like I'm doing so good until a winner is announced"

Iman: "Same!! Usually I send in an answer and right after they are like we have a winner. I get excited but then it turns out its not me because my answer is wrong"

Jenn: "The exact same thing happens to me Laughing I always think I got it because I send it in before they say we have a winner"

After talking to Iman, Jenn noticed Syd was sitting alone in a room crying.

Jenn: "Syd girl I have no idea what's going on in the group right now, but know I have your back!"

Syd: "Basically just Jala trying to make me look bad. When y'all are the only people I trust in this game. everything I do is to help the alliance but she's trying to make it look like I'm a ducking snake or something"

Jenn: "I know. I know you're with us and you just did that to save our alliance."

Syd: "We needed him to trust someone on our alliance. It's just simple as that"

Jenn: "I agree. Luke just pisses me off tbh"

Syd: "Yah Jala is now just calling me out in a group chat with just me and her"

Jenn: "Hopefully she calms down"

Syd: "She isn't calming down what so ever. She basically hates me"

Jenn: "Try to do damage control. That's what I had to do when Luke called me out first"

Syd: "I'm trying but she's very angry. Everything I say she gets pissed off ar. Just finding a new reason to be mad that isn't valid"

Jenn: "She just needs to calm down"

Syd: ""I honestly don't care anymore. You can go ahead and be mad at me for things I did on day 2. That effects no one but yourself. I've explained myself and you've refused to accept what I've said. That's on you not me. I can't do anything but tell what is true and it's up to u weather or not u accept it" Just sent that to her. She won't accept what I'm saying and there's nothing I can do to change her mind right now"

Jenn: "Hopefully she accepts that. It's really nothing you can do about what you did on day 2... it's in the past now and she should move on from it"

Syd: "She's not accepting it. She's continuing"

Jenn: "Omg"

Syd: "Yah she's honestly just really annoying me because she can't be annoyed about something happened on day 2"

Jenn: "Yeah for sure. It's something that happened so early on it shouldn't matter"

Luke left the house in shambles on his way out, but they had to quickly regroup and focus on the next Head of Household competition. Please visit the link below to watch it happen live.

Episode #11 - Rats and Drama Queens Hoh17

HoH Challenge: https://youtu.be/Mi3dWcpFYeY

After all that fighting, Jala got the fire needed and she came out with the win.

Episode #11 - Rats and Drama Queens Hoh_ja10

Trey: "congrats jala!"

Jala: "Thank you!"

Jo: "Congrats Jala! That was a tough one"

Kathy: "Well done! My apologies for leaving - however, my grandchildren showed up for a swim. It's so hot today!"

Jala walks in the Diary Room

Syd is shaking that I won HOH, time for that snake to get out of this game and join the jury. She tried to come for me but failed , don't come for me if you weren't called upon. As of right now, I feel solid with Jenn and Millie, of course. Jenn has grown on me quite a bit and has proven her loyalty to me so those two are the only ones I don't want out.

Bill was upset he didn't win the HOH.

Bill: "I had it and choked!"

Jenn: "You did! It's okay though. What do you think Jala will do?"

Bill: "I really don't know"

Jenn: "Do you think syd? It's not looking good for syd..."

Bill: "I know but let's all talk this through. I honestly don't know what to say"

Jenn: "I don't know what to say either.."

Bill: "Fuck! I feel like we can trust Syd but Jala's making a strong case against her"

Jenn: "She is making a strong case against her. Fuck. If we lose Syd, me and you really need to pull in Jo and Kathy closer to us."

Bill: "And the problem is Millie and Jala have been doing the same thing imo"

Jenn: "Millie and Jala have been doing the same thing and that's why they're fighting so hard right now to get Syd out. I do think Syd was very solid with Luke and Trey but knew she had another group to back her up. I don't want either of those 3 in the game for much longer but trey and Iman need to leave"

Bill: "I hate to say it but we might have to just let Syd go at this point cuz obviously as long as she stays there's gonna be distrust between her and Jala and Millie which will just bury our alliance
Flag this message Delete this message. And I definitely agree about getting Jo and Kathy closer to us. Kathy just worries me cuz she's never around anymore. I don't know why she's even playing tbh. She has so many other obligations with her family"

Jenn: "We need Jo because she's good at comps. Kathy is more loyal than anything so that's why she's a good number for me and you. I feel like we're gonna have to count on ourselves to win though because it seems like Kathy has way too much going on, especially at 10 with her husband. We will stay loyal to the 5 as long as we can. If Jo is trustworthy we will strike at final 6 so it's 4 vs 2."

Bill: "Works for me. Keep talking to Jo and I'll try to keep Kathy calm and up to speed haha"

Jenn: "I want me and you to make it to the end so badly. I'll keep talking to Jo. I need to make sure she's with us and not Millie. Yes calm down Kathy. She'll probably need it lol"

Episode #11 - Rats and Drama Queens The-breakfast-club

Meanwhile Jala and Jo were having a heart to heart.

Jala: "Hey I know we haven't talked really in this game but I was just messaging you to see where your head is at?"

Jo: "In terms of who I'm targeting? Well I wasn't putting you up if I had won hoh and I won't still if I'm not up...i know Luke tried 'exposing' everyone but he had nothing much to say about me because I didn't really promise him much tbh."

Jala: "Yes exactly ! I don't have anything against you in this game. You're 100% not going up, you didn't put me up on your HOH. I just want to see how you feel about working together moving forward. I thought I had Syd in this game but clearly she's playing everyone, so she's my target. Would you be open to vote her out?"

Jo: "Syd? Sure I haven't spoken to her myself so I'm ok with that. And yes to working together if you're up for it !"

Jala: "Yeah I feel like she's sliding by in the game. And yes I'm 100% up for it that's why I figured I'd reach out to you!"

Jo: "Awesome. Thanks! No worries on my end and if I'm playing pov and win I'll keep the noms the same obvi"

Jala: "Yes I really hope you're playing! You seem to do well at these comps lol"

Jala who was now at odds with her close ally Syd decided to nominate her and Iman.

Episode #11 - Rats and Drama Queens Nom_sp16 Episode #11 - Rats and Drama Queens Noms19

Kathy also used her power to block Syd from playing the Power of Veto. Players were Jala, Iman, Bill, Jo and Jenn

Episode #11 - Rats and Drama Queens Veto_p15

Trey: "Surprised"

Bill: "I'm still worn out from hoh. Can't think anymore today"

Kathy: "Good luck everyone - my brain is on overload from this entire weekend."

Iman walks in the Diary Room

Just found out the nominations and it is wild. I knew 100% I would be nominated this week but I didnt realize people were that angry with syd. But now I have a dilemma, Im pretty sure syd will end up going home while sitting beside me. However I doNOT want to be one of those fools who goes home because they didnt use their immunity idol. Or like become marcellas. But if I save syd too, that wont end well in the long run. goddamit!!!!

If Jala is willing to put aside our past differences to start new then i dont really see how me saving her sworn enemy will help build trust. If only I was a competition beast then I wouldnt need to worry about allies and i could be like FUCK YOU ALL. If syd was able to win competitions then I would have considered screwing up everones plans but she is no help to my game

Syd went to Jenn to make a plea for her to try in the Veto and use it on her.

Syd: "Jenn please try in the pov, id really appreciate it"

Jenn: "I promise I'll try I knew you before the game started so I have your back! "

Syd: "Thanks jenn, I'm glad you still have my back. I'll have to work on Bill."

Jenn: "You're welcome. Of course I have your back girl. I think Bill is just scared right now"

Syd: "I know, I hope he chooses to save me though. I'm annoyed that Luke has this power over them"

Syd walks in the Diary Room

So I can't really explain why. I feel personally offended by Jala and Millie. I felt attacked in the "queenies" group chat earlier because they refused to accept anything they just proceeded to attack me for an hour. I cried then, crying now after being nominated because people who were telling me they were on my side after what happened clearly don't care enough

Syd didn't want to just throw in the towel so she went to see Jala to try and clear the air.

Episode #11 - Rats and Drama Queens 309d0689f34bbd7907fa6b04fd6996e6

Syd: "Hey, so I'm just apologizing. I'm sorry I can't take back what I did. I'm sorry if I hurt you guys, it obviously wasn't my intentions. I was hoping I still had your guys trust but clearly not. I'm sorry things went this way <3"

Jala: "Don't be sorry, it's just a game. you didn't hurt us, this was just the best move that is it."

Syd: "I kind of sucks that you guys didn't have more of a trust for me. I hate that you guys are faulting me for something that shouldn't matter now. Because our alliance has almost made it to the end"

Jala: "It matters to us"

Syd: "There is only 2 more people to get out"

Jala: "It's a combo of things. "

Syd: "It's just some things it's not fair to accuse me of, like saying I acted sus one week. I've honestly just been inactive when there are no comps happening"

Jala: "It's not accusing you it's just an observation. And I didn't say that, that's how Millie felt"

Syd: "Okay. Well I'm sorry I made her feel that way, it wasn't my intention. I never had an intention of getting you guys out or anyone in the alliance <3"

Jala: "I felt like you did. It's not just the day 2 stuff that's the thing, there's a lot that came out. You don't need to be sorry it's just a game"

Syd: "What came out?"

Jala: "You playing a lot of sides"

Syd: "But I told you guys every time someone would message me who wasn't in the alliance, I'd like to add I never approached these people as well."

Jala: "But there's also things you told them that you didn't tell us"

Syd: "I only kept talkin to them so I'm the event they won hoh our alliance would be safe, and that occurred a few times. Like what?"

Jala: "Of course you told us to make us feel like you were with us. You talked to them to cover yourself. Everyone in our alliance was nominated besides you"

Syd: "I honestly didnt talk to them to cover myself, I did it for alliance. I can't prove that because i can't prove my thoughts. When y'all were nominated it was by the people I wasn't taking to, I can't explain why they didn't nom me"

Jala: "It's over with, if this was the wrong move then time will tell but I think this was the best move. You had pull over everyone. You were in a GC with Trey and Luke. Who did Trey nominated? Who did Luke nominate?"

Syd: "But I didn't, the only people I had every talked to were our alliance, damola because she approached me and trey and Luke which luke started. Trey didn't nominate us?"

Jala: "He nominated Jenn."

Syd: "Luke I had no pull over, I tried"

Jala: "Luke says otherwise"

Syd: "As a replacement nom, and to be fair trey never told me much. I'm 95% sure he was In a supersate group with Luke. And Luke will say what ever he wants because he's a snake."

Jala: "And I'm confused why you keep saying we were upset and blahblahblah when you were the one who literally left the convo with me and Millie and didn't let us all talk it out? Luke had proof though. All we were doing was asking so everything was out there and you couldn't handle it and left but expected us to still trust you/think we're good?"

Syd: "I left the group because me you and Millie were honestly just talking circles, I didn't see a purpose to the group because I could tell I had lost your trust"

Jala: "What did leaving solve? Obviously you leaving proved where you stand."

Syd: "I felt there was no way for me to explain my self any further, couldn't tell anything other than what I had said which was the truth"

Jala: "You didn't have to leave? You could've just stopped responding. You left Bc you didn't like what we were saying"

Syd: "No I genuinely left because I didn't want to continue to be told what I was saying wasn't true. It's simple as that. I'm honestly not a confrontational person as well so I left also because of that"

Jala: "We never said what you said wasn't true. We were asking you questions."

Syd: "But u were insinuating it, that's just how I feel"

Jala: "It wasn't a confrontation, if you're in an alliance with someone you should be able to ask them stuff. And this is how we feel."

Syd: "But you were asking me things but not being fair about it? It was 2 vs 1. I couldn't do anything but explain myself and every time I would explain myself the two of you basically wouldn't accept it as a good enough answer"

Jala: "Just Bc you give an answer doesn't mean the convo has to end right then and there. We can discuss things. Oh and I wanna make sure you don't think I'm like mad or I'm sorry if I'm coming off as rude, there's really no hard feelings lol. This is literally just an online twitter game for fun! Outside of this you're still one of my fav mutuals!"

It was now time for the Power of Veto challenge.

Episode #11 - Rats and Drama Queens Veto18

Host: "Houseguests, there are 15 words for you to unscramble below. Your 60 minutes starts now. Do not forget to send it to @ParallelBB_DR"

1- aodcrrhe
2- taiatccl
3- raadr
4- bsoerwr
5- ilailvn
6- couatius
7- eraedml
8- iginnrog
9- ogsfnreievs
10- pbiihort
11- ifdn
12- wreop
13- iiwhtn
14- ynac
15- odsrw

After a short while, there was a winner. Jala!!!

Episode #11 - Rats and Drama Queens Veto_j11

Jo: "Congrats Jala!"

Jala: "Thank you!"


1- Hardcore
2- Tactical
3- Radar
4- Browser
5- Villain
6- Cautious
7- Emerald
8- Ignoring
9- Forgiveness
10- Prohibit
11- Find
12- Power
13- Within
14- Cyan
15- Words

While this was going, Kathy could no longer handle the drama of the house and went into the DR to advise that she would be walking out and going home right now.

Episode #11 - Rats and Drama Queens Latest?cb=20121023213158

Trey: "Kathy?"

Jenn: "Um what happened?"

Iman: "Kathy decided to resign from the game"

Jenn: "I'm shook right now"

Jala: "Sad"

Jala decided she wouldn't be using the Power of Veto and the house was given a choice about Kathy's sudden departure.

Episode #11 - Rats and Drama Queens Veto_s18 Episode #11 - Rats and Drama Queens Final_19

Host: "Houseguests, Kathy has decided to remove herself from the game. It's unexpected and messes with the game plan once again, so we come to you to put the next step to a vote.

Kathy will be removed from the game and also loses her spot as a juror.

Now you must vote, in your DR for either

a) Evicted HGs battle for a chance to come back
b) The remaining players vote someone back in
c) America votes someone back in
d) Pre-jurors get to play in a special challenge to earn a spot on the jury as a juror

Please vote and pick only one option before the voting deadline ends. Majority will rule!"

Millie: "Hope Kathy is fine"

Iman grabs Jenn before the vote to make sure she can count on hers.

Jenn: "Hey Idk what your relationship with syd is but I have your back and I hope you will consider keeping me this week"

Jenn: "Hey Iman, I'm voting to keep you Smile"

Iman: "Thank you so much <3"

Jenn: "I want you to know I have your back too. I haven't went against you and I appreciate that you've returned the favour"

The votes were in and Syd was evicted by a vote for 4-0.

Episode #11 - Rats and Drama Queens Evicti14 Episode #11 - Rats and Drama Queens Syd_ju10

Syd: "Shocker! But really love you all... well most of you it was fun playing this game with all of you! I wish I would have known I was working with flakey people though, well mostly. A couple of you were truly good bye. Also my pic looks so creepy in the black and white thing!"

Jenn: "Bye Syd! I think Syd's has been the creepiest one so far though Laughing"

Jala: "Bye Syd!"

Millie: "LaughingLaughing Bye Syd"

Trey: "bye syd"

Bill: "Bye Syd. Take care"

Iman: "Bye syd"

They also found out that Bianka had won the challenge to become a juror in place of Kathy.

Episode #11 - Rats and Drama Queens Bianka13

Jala walks in the Diary Room

Syd should've known she fucked up the minute she left the Queenies GC when me and Millie were trying to talk to her. She tried it.

After many many clues from the host, someone finally figures out the "cyan words" and knocks on the DR 3 times.

Jala walks in the Diary Room

Knock Knock Knock

Episode #11 - Rats and Drama Queens Hii-la10

Congratulations Jala!

You have discovered a Hidden Immunity Idol! This power gives you immunity and must be used before voting begins after final nominations are in place. All votes cast against you, or the person you decide to use it on, will not count. This power is valid only up to F6 (so this round and next round) and must be used by then. It is entirely up to you if you wish to share with other HGs of this power.

Alliances were forever damaged now that day 1 allies were turning on each other. Would they be able to repair the trust lost? Find out next time on on Parallel Biggggggg Brotherrrrrrr

Syd's Aftershow Interview

Episode #11 - Rats and Drama Queens Interv34 Episode #11 - Rats and Drama Queens Interv35 Episode #11 - Rats and Drama Queens Interv36 Episode #11 - Rats and Drama Queens Interv37


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