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Episode #4 - After Saying Goodbye Intro_10

Episode #4 - After Saying Goodbye

In this parallel game of Big Brother, 22 strangers were locked up and propelled into a fantasy world like no other. While trying to survive the elements of this house and the game played within its walls, the 22 players will have to compete in grueling challenges, find trust and know when to betray. It’s a ride you don’t want to miss.

Welcome to Parallel Big Brother Season 1: Survival!

Tonight on Parallel Big Brother, Luke left everyone jawdropped after his final goodbye and so did Cerina. Would this shake everything up and mess with the dynamics that had formed? Would the fact that they were about to finally play Big Brother have an impact?

Episode #4 - After Saying Goodbye Welcom10

Sara walks in the Diary Room

I'm so glad cerina is gone omg. She was such a two faced woman. Honey tryna shake up our alliances. LaughingLaughingLaughing GIRL BYE. At this point I'm just waiting for the next comp so I can get rid of people complaining. This game is supposed to be fun and if y'all would stfu for like 10 minutes and stop trying to throw other people under the bus it would. It would also be 10x more fun if people would stop taking everything so freaking seriously. Lmao. I'm worried about Caleb but the game goes on. Hopefully I'll be able to strengthen my bond with Syd. I want to trust Caleb, but this is a game being played over the internet; he can say whatever he wants and so can other people. These are the reasons alliances NEVER work; doubt.

Bill walks in the Diary Room

Definitely feel more into the game now after forming an alliance yesterday. Am a bit concerned though about a couple of members after seeing Luke's eviction speech last night. Think I'm just gonna leave it alone for now but definitely keep my eyes and ears open

Andrew did all he could to get Millie alone in a room with him the first chance he got after that explosive vote.

Andrew: "Hey, Millie. I just wanted to message you privately and explain myself. Let me just start by saying that I have always been loyal to the silent 7. I was in a fake alliance with Caleb and Luke. They were both pretty bossy and controlling and I didn't care for it. They started mentioning that they wanted you and Cerina out because they thought you were a pair but I didn't want that obviously because you guys were in my other alliance. They sent me a list of people who were voting for you and Cerina and it was supposed to be close and get both of you out. I didn't let you guys know because I didn't want it to get out somehow that I leaked information. And it turns out that cerina was talking with Luke. I voted to evict Luke like I said I would and I have a screenshot to prove it. I think cerina leaked to Luke that I was in the silent 7 and that's why he mentioned my name after he was evicted. I just don't want the group to think I lied to or betrayed anyone. I didn't tell anyone about my fake alliance because I was never true to it. You can share this with the group if you like, but I felt that since you specifically asked me in the chat that I would take the time to explain myself. Hopefully we can continue working as a group because I think we can rule this game."

Millie: "Hey Andrew! and thanks for letting me know this I appreciate it lol. There's no hard feelings so don't worry! & don't u have an idea of who could have voted me out?"

Andrew: "Jo Victoria Damola Trey Iman. This is what Caleb and Luke sent me, but I don't know if its true."

Millie: "Interesting lol thanks for the info. I think Jo may be wrong but who knows"

Andrew: "Yeah she probably voted with us against Luke because I think I remember someone said they talked to her in silent 7, but I don't know who the other vote for you would be. Maybe Taylor? I know she was like the last person to vote because the host called her and Cerina out lol"

Millie: "Yes I believe Jo voted for Luke as she said she would lol and yeah it possibly could have been Taylor. Do you remember the votes they had for Cerina?"

Andrew: "Luke
Me (Caleb)

voted for Cirena

Obviously I voted for Luke and not Cerina, but this is what Caleb sent. I don't think Jala voted for Cerina though because she's in the silent 7."

Millie: "Jala voted for Luke too lol so someone else voted cerina"

Andrew: "Hmm. I'm not sure. Luke and Caleb are obviously liars so I don't know who is correct and who isn't. We only really know us and the rest of the silent 7s votes."

Millie: "That is true"

Andrew walks in the Diary Room

I think I'm going to throw this HOH in hopes that someone I'm close to wins... Cerina and Luke really fucked things up for me.

After all the exposed parties, Trey figured it would be a good time to get an alliance going with some outsiders.

Trey: "hey you guys um people got exposed and everything but I wanted to ask if us three could work together."

Bianka: "Laughing I'm still in shock. But yes I'm down"

Trey: "same LaughingLaughing and yay."

Victoria: "Ok cool! Sorry I've been out for awhile so I'm just getting caught up on everything lol"

Trey: "it was a lit experience"

Damola walks in the Diary Room

I really suck at this game. I can't even make connections with people

Iman walks in the Diary Room

So I think trey is on my side. If only temporarily. I tried to advise Caleb to address the issue instead of ignoring but if he wants to dig his own grave

Jenn wanted to make sure Millie still trusted her and that she could still count on her being an ally.

Jenn: "I know you probably have doubts about me, but I worked hard today so Caleb's plan didn't come true. I am with you guys and I'll do whatever to prove that I am."

Millie: "Did you tell Caleb we voted him out? and yes iknow if it wasn't for you me and Cerina probably would have both left. So thanks for that"

Jenn: "I don't know if I specifically said, but I told him that there would be 2 votes. That's before I realized he needed to go and that I was with you guys. I know I screwed up, but he was the first one to talk to me so I thought he was good. It's the least I could do for screwing up so bad"

Millie: "It's okay I forgive. We need to make sure we won't turn on each other and get the bigger threats out"

Jenn: "I promise you I won't turn on you. I'll have to back that up with actions I know. I'll even take screenshots if need be. I mean it when I say I'm after Caleb. I don't know why I trusted him to begin with"

Millie: "Alot of ppl seem to trust him for some reason. Do you think you have any idea on why ppl are targeting me so hard?"

Jenn: "I have no idea why they trust him. It was because of your connection to Cerina."

Millie: "& I also have you're back. Wow lol I didn't really have a connection with her Laughing. Just had similar target"

Jenn: "Thanks and I have your back Smile I don't know why he thought you two were so close. Yet he was gunning for Johnny in the tribal council."

Millie: "Same because we weren't everything blew out of proportion lol. Do you have any ideas on what I should do to gain people's trust?"

Jenn: "Lol I feel like that's how it is with him. I told him I voted B out so he just looked at the votes and went from there. I feel like people trust you in the game. I don't know what you could do besides just proving you're loyal with actions"

Millie: "Hmm but they wouldn't want me out 5 ppl voted for me Laughing. but that is also true proving myself with actions."

Jenn: "Oh yeah. I don't know who specifically voted who but Caleb and Luke rounded up people to vote for you and cerina. I don't think you did anything to them, Caleb and Luke just talked to everyone else. Bill just asked me if I wanted to work with him. He asked if I knew of anyone else, so I said you. Is that cool?"

Millie: "Yeah I havent really done much I guess my vote is what screwed me. Yeah that's fine but I heard he was after me which in not sure why. But if we can make ans amends that would be cool"

Jenn: "You heard that bill was after you? I haven't talked to him until he just messaged me asking for an alliance. We're gonna take Caleb out and repair our side. I don't know what to do to get everyone in silent 7 to trust me again. I really was loyal :/"

Millie: "Do you think its best to align with Bill? And I trust you I think you probably just have to prove your loyalty to them like u said. And at least you came clean. Maybe message a few of them to see how they feel"

Jenn: "I don't know. I haven't talked to him until just then. So I'm not sure if it's a good idea of not. Yeah I think I'm gonna have to do that too."

Episode #4 - After Saying Goodbye E4c17-bullshit

Millie walks in the Diary Room

Caleb is in an alliance with half the house or so I think. Mood. Jenn is the rat that exposed me and Cerina for voting Caleb out sksksk LaughingLaughing. Ugh now I have a target on my back for literally doing nothing

Trey walks in the Diary Room

What the fuck. Luke going home just shows how in the dark I was about everything. I need to win this next HOH in order to ensure my safety this week. I love Kathy a lot. We haven't talked game, or at all outside the main chat, but she's outstanding. She reminds me a lot of Karen from BBCAN5 and it makes me entirely happy.

The game had been shaken but it was time for everyone to get their heads on back straight and face off in the first Head of Household challenge of the season.

Episode #4 - After Saying Goodbye Hoh10

Sara walks in the Diary Room

I don't trust Caleb or Jenn anymore and idk how to move forward. I think maybe I could find a real ally in Millie. Especially cause she likes Ariana Grande, that just makes her trust worthy loll Andrew wants me to forget about what Luke and Cerina said... BOI if two people are throwing out the names of the rest of my alliance members obviously I made a mistake.

Syd walks in the Diary Room

At this point in the game I have no idea where i am lol! Luke was my number 1 but he was causing waves and going after my number 2's Millie and Jala who I saw more potential and trust with. I'm just going to go week by week, scheming and ratting because the game is just more fun that way? Isn't it. We're 3 days in and I'm already building my resume for my final 2 speech. Oh and by telling Luke that I voted to evict cerina I completely avoided Cerina and Luke's blow up/call out session in the group chat. If Luke would have known I actually evicted him my game would of been blown up because after all he was my number 1 for less than 48 hrs

Host: "Guys we have a winner. Stay tuned"

Caleb: "Damn"

Trey: "omg"

Syd: "Really"

Damola: "That was fast"

Trey: "that was really fast"

Syd: "I literally didn't even get one"

Iman: "Clearly we have a flash here"

Bianka: "Damn I was only missing one Sad"

Andrew: "Congrats to the musical genius! Lol"

Kathy: "Google can be your friend....or your enemy....lol"

Johnny: "Congratulations to the winner! that was not easy"

Episode #4 - After Saying Goodbye Tenor

Jala walks in the Diary Room

I hate you guys. This isnt a song this is a statement, Girl y'all stress me out

The first Head of Household was crowned, Jo.

Episode #4 - After Saying Goodbye Jo10

Kathy: "Congratulations Jo! That was amazing!"

Jala: "Congrats Jo!"

Jo: "woohoo yay!"

Kathy: "#Karanoia is going to bed. Check back in with you all in the morning. Congrats again Jo."

Damola: "Goodnight Kathy"

Sara and Andrew were hanging out in the bathroom doing some laundry.

Sara: "I want to trust Caleb I really do. you don't think he's paying us all do you?"

Andrew: "I think we should keep talking to him, but restrict information. Luke and Cerina really tried to screw things up for us."

Sara: "Yeah; when Cerina was talking shit I was like whatever... but Luke? There has to be some truth in that!"

Andrew: "I thought Luke was a little sketchy only because he seemed to talk to almost everyone. What do you think we should do moving forward?"

Sara: "I think we should all try to salvage this alliance. But have something on the side just in case. I'll always be here for you tho bro. And I don't know what it is but I don't 100% trust Jenn like I only 90% trust her."

Andrew: "I think that's a good idea. Yeah I have a funny feeling about her too. She can still be in, but maybe we should only share big details with each other. I've been talking to Jo to try and see where her head is at, but she isn't giving me much information. I honestly don't even know who is working with who but there are obviously some big alliances."

Sara: "I started talking to Victoria, Millie, and Jo and I added them to a group chat so we've been talking. So far just me and Millie cause she's an Arianator and so am I."

Andrew: "I'll keep talking to Jo so that if she lies to one of us, we can catch her. I need to find someone else to chat with so that we can get some more Intel, but I dont know who."

Sara: "What about Bill? I don't think anyone is talking to him lmao."

Andrew: "True lol. It seems like him and Taylor might be two that don't have anyone. I'll see what I can do and let you know."

Sara: "Okay and I'll let you know if any of these girls bite onto this alliance (I picked the ones who loved Ika Laughing)"

Andrew: "LaughingLaughing at least you guys have something in common! Lol"

Sara: "Tru! I could never talk to Bill his least favourite player was Frankie Grande.. that's my queens brother Laughing"

Andrew: "Laughing That's why I'm talking to him then! Lol I'll get the info we need hopefully so that you don't even have to deal with him."

Sara: "Honestly I want him out after he won immunity he was like "I got you all right where I want you" and I was like BOI YOU GOING HOME NEXT JUST WATCH. If one of us win we put him up next to a pawn. Like Kathy, cause Kathy's a sweetie she wouldn't leave over him I don't think."

Andrew: "OMG haha. That would work. I love Kathy haha. She really is Karen part 2."

Sara: "She really is! When she complains about technology Laughing Laughing Laughing"

Andrew: "Bill has responded but it's just general chit chat right now. That's the greatest! Lol it's so cute"

Sara: "It's like "awe she's not familiar with her phone how adorable!" It's the same feeling I get looking at my Grandma working her phone"

Andrew: "Same LaughingLaughing old people are just hilarious sometimes. Do you have any idea who she's thinking about nominating?"

Sara: "No I know that it won't be me, Millie or Victoria."

Andrew: "Thats good! I hope she's not thinking me."

Sara: "I'll talk to her DW! I gotchu! Should I mention Jenn?"

Andrew: "Thank you! I sincerely appreciate it! I wouldn't think she'd be a target but maybe just trying to figure out who jo is already thinking is best."

Sara: "I'll let you know if I know anything (:"

Andrew decided to sneak up to the HOH room before bed and talk to Jo himself.

Episode #4 - After Saying Goodbye Giphy

Andrew: "OMG CONGRATS JO!!!!!!!"

Jo: "Woohoo. That was a good one lol something I know about...music LaughingLaughingLaughing"

Andrew: "Playing to you're strengths, that's great! I got the first and the third one but I couldn't figure out the second."

Jo: "Lol I struggled with the second but I thought someone older beat me to it tbh"

Andrew: "Without google I wouldn't have got any of them, I've never listened to any of those artists hahaha. I can't believe you have to nominate in two hours!! That's crazy fast"

Jo: "I know!!! any suggestions? I'm dead set on one person but I'm willing to listen to figure out the other"

Andrew: "The only person that seems easy to me would be Caleb since he told everyone to nominate him. Other than that I'm not sure. Sorry "

Jo: "Ok all good thanks for the suggestion anyeay"

Andrew: "Anytime, sorry I wasn't a huge help lol"

Before it got too late, Andrew went to find Jenn.

Andrew: "I'm so happy jo won!!! I literally told her good luck 2 seconds before the comp began. We should both be safe hopefully"

Jenn: "Me too!!!! I've been talking to her too and got her to flip on Caleb so hopefully she stays loyal to me."

Andrew: "Hopefully!! I think she is close with Millie too so hopefully she is loyal as well."

After carefully reviewing her options, Jo nominated Kathy and Caleb.

Episode #4 - After Saying Goodbye Noms_s10 Episode #4 - After Saying Goodbye Noms10

Jala: "Thank you Jo for not nominating me <3"

Kathy: "No worries Jo. I got played big time by my group. Rookies do make mistakes. Bitter pill to swallow but one lives and learns. No hard feelings on my part. Good luck everyone. Take care."

Johnny: "Take Care Kathy!"

Veto players were revealed to be Jo, Kathy, Caleb, Taylor, Victoria and Jala.

Episode #4 - After Saying Goodbye Pov_pl10

Victoria: "Oooh my first veto comp!"

Jala: "Awe yay"

Millie: "Good luck everyone !"

Sara: "I'm lowkey so glad I'm not playing cause I'm exhausted."

Caleb: "Update: he's awake but when we talked to him he was very, like, off? We were confused so we asked the doctor and he said he's probably not going to get back 100% to how he was, which makes us a little sad but we also believe in the power of prayer. Thanks for the thoughts and I'll give another update when something new happens"

Millie: "Hope he gets better"

Kathy: "It is quite a blow to the system so it is not unusual that he wouldn't be quite lucid immediately after. Hopefully with time he'll come around just fine. I will keep him and your family in my prayers Caleb. Take care."

Jenn and Andrew meet up before the Veto challenge.

Andrew: "LMAO we got called out in the eviction interviews again! They say that it's just a game and they want people to make big moves yet they blow us up? Whatever though, we'll fight to save ourselves if we have to."

Jenn: "Yay! I'm glad we're safe! Lol yeah, it makes no sense. Like we got out two of the biggest rats. Come on guys lol"

Andrew: "It's whatever hahaha. Luckily jo won the first HOH"

Jenn: "Hahaha they're idiots tbh. Luke admitted to being with everyone, so I wanted him out."

Andrew: "Exactly! Like he admits to playing messy, says he wants other people to play messy, but then when we play messy, he calls us out... he's a dumbass"

Jenn: "He's a child Laughing he's just mad we caught on... like you told us who you were talking to which was almost everyone, why would we keep you? He also thinks it was Millie who pulled off the vote switch... dumb ass Laughing :lol Laughing"

Andrew: "*face palm* lol"

Jenn: "I'm confused as to why he called us out then if he thinks Millie did it lol. He also said he put too much trust in us... like I guess you did, but you didn't make me feel like I was really a part of your alliance lol"

Andrew: "Him and Cerina talked I guess and they just know we are in both alliances lol. They are both dumb. Seriously!!! I didn't feel connected to Luke at all"

Jenn: "Lol true ^ she called you a genius, and something about a tissue for me? Lol k girl. They are dumb, and are taking the game way too seriously! Lol me neither. When he said how many people he had I knew this vote would be the best time to get him out"

Andrew: "Yep, I'm just gonna try to lay low for the next few evictions if I can lol."

Jenn: "Good idea! I'm gonna try too lol"

It was now time for the first Power of Veto challenge of the seaosn.

Episode #4 - After Saying Goodbye Veto10

Andrew: "Good luck to those playing."

Trey: "good luck to everyone playing"

Jo: "ditto!"

After a short time it was revealed that Kathy was the winner of the Power of Veto.

Episode #4 - After Saying Goodbye Veto_w10

Kathy: "Well if I were to win this one I'd run right out and buy a lottery ticket....lol."

Jala: "Good job Kathy!"

Damola: "Congratulations Kathy!!"

Victoria: "Congrats Kathy"

Andrew: "Congrats Kathy!"


Andrew walks in the Diary Room

Well, Kathy won POV... she either has to like newer music, know how t use Shazam really well, or is actually younger than she says she is. Worst case scenario is some other people helped her out so that they can backdoor a bigger target. I'm hoping that bigger target isn't me.

Sara and Andrew met up to talk about their disbelief at Kathy winning that challenge.

Andrew: "How the hell did Kathy of all people win???? Lol"

Sara: "Laughing cause neither of us were playing."

Andrew: "But it's Kathy!!? Lol the oldest woman in the game just beat out 5 people in their teens/20s and she struggles with technology! Lmao"

Sara: "Well it's just guessing songs right? She probably listens to the radio a lot and also she's older so she's heard more music."

Andrew: "Well that's true, I didn't think about it that way haha. I don't listen to the radio so I would have sucked."

Kathy decided to use the Power of Veto on herself. Jo now had to replace her nominee and she decided to replace Kathy with Taylor.

Episode #4 - After Saying Goodbye Veto_s10Episode #4 - After Saying Goodbye Renoms10

Episode #4 - After Saying Goodbye Final_10

Caleb: "Hi wait! Please also remember the only reason I stayed was to not screw the format! Please take me out. Thanks."

Andrew went up to talk with Jo to make sure of her target.

Andrew: "What do you want to happen this week? Let Caleb go since he asked for it and even thanked you for nominating him or try to go for a big target, whoever that may be?"

Jo: "well i don't know who that big threat is"

Andrew: "I don't either, I was just being general about it. Luke seemed like he was the only big player so far and now that he's gone, no one else really stands out. I figured more people would go for Caleb since he tried to quit the game anyway, but I could be completely wrong."

The votes came in and Caleb got his wish, he was evicted 13-1.

Episode #4 - After Saying Goodbye Evicte10

Bill: "Take care Caleb. Prayers and best wishes for your grandpa. Hope he makes a full recovery"

Jala: "Bye Caleb! Hope your grandpa gets better, he will be in my thoughts!"

Kathy: "Caleb - take care. We're keeping you, your family and your grandpa in our thoughts. Please keep in touch and let us know how things are going."

Trey: "Take care Caleb. I'm keeping your grandfather in my good thoughts and hope for a full recovery."

Jenn: "Bye Caleb. Hope your grandfather is better soon!"

Andrew: "Hope to see ya later, Caleb. Prayers for you and your family!"

Iman: "Bye Caleb and I pray your grandfather has a speedy recovery"

Damola: "Bye Caleb. Hope your grandpa feels better"

Johnny: "Bye Caleb, you,your Grandpa and your Family will be in my thoughts."

After eviction, Millie and Andrew found themselves alone in the pantry looking for something to eat.

Millie: "Hey, Andrew I just wanted to let you know there's still no hard feelings. I still trust u and hope to chat with you more in the game"

Andrew: "The feeling is mutual, Millie! Thanks for the message"

Millie: "No problem!"

Sara walks in the Diary Room

I know I made a good choice with starting an alliance with Millie, Jo, and Victoria. Especially if Millie got a shout out for being a good player by Luke. Luke was the one in my alliance that I actually trusted and now that he's gone so is our alliance. Andrew actually is really dumb. He doesn't use common sense. OF COURSE Kathy won! Music is so liberating and I know for DAMN sure that if Kathy listens to half of the music I've listened to in my short life by the time she was my age; WOW that's a lot of music. YOU SEE ANDREW SHUT YOUR DAMN MOUTH

Kathy walks in the Diary Room

Time to vent because I can't get to sleep. I came into this game knowing no one. Only Katie who I followed during BBCAN 5 ( my memory is crap but I am a little older and it's late) but I am pretty sure she did the translations on Twitter when the French Connection were speaking. In any case...I got thrown into a group of people with Luke at the helm. Knowing people likey knew each other going in, and knowing I had no connections at all I was willing to follow his lead. But little did I know I was getting played already. His goal was to keep himself safe and I ended up as an outcast along with Jo and Meredith. And somebody talked because as evidenced by tonight, Jo knew I voted for her. I still don't know who voted for me and really it's water under the bridge. Then Caleb convinced me we were ride or dies and I bloody well fell for that too. Only to find out upon Cerina's exit that he too was in an alliance that I didn't know about. I like to think I am not gullible...but I am honest and I guess I am silly to expect that of others in this game. While most people don't know what it is, Rheumatoid Arthritis is an auto-immune disease wherein your body attacks your joints and in most causes moderate to severe disability. Unfortunately it caused me to have to stop working 6 years ago and give up my dreams of doing most physical activities. And it was devastating to know I would have to give up any dream of pursuing being on The Amazing Race Canada or Big Brother Canada. (Not to mention the other physical activities I can no longer participate in.) So, I might be a little more excited than most to be able to participate. I'm hoping for the best, but if I do go I want you all to promise me to invite me to the next one. Despite being an outcast and now being on the block, I am loving it. Thanks for listening. Now to try to turn my brain off and get some sleep. Hugss

The Big Brother game was on full speed ahead. After some bumps and bruises, it seems like chemistry was setting in, but which one would prevail? Find out next time on on Parallel Biggggggg Brotherrrrrrr

Caleb's Aftershow Interview

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