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Episode 2 - Damnit Cerina Intro_10

Episode #2 - Damnit Cerina

In this parallel game of Big Brother, 22 strangers were locked up and propelled into a fantasy world like no other. While trying to survive the elements of this house and the game played within its walls, the 22 players will have to compete in grueling challenges, find trust and know when to betray. It’s a ride you don’t want to miss.

Welcome to Parallel Big Brother Season 1: Survival!

Tonight on Parallel Big Brother, we watch as the houseguests are told about the first twist this season and we also witness the chaos after the first set of challenges. It's one you don't want to miss.

The first few to wake up ushered away to the kitchen to start on breakfast knowing the challenge was bright and early today. Bianka starts making French Toast while Damola handles the bacon and eggs.

Sara walks in the Diary Room

I thought I wasn't going to like Jen but she's actually really cool. Am i a snake Big Brother?

Bill walks in the Diary Room

All right my first dr session... Well that was easy! Hope all the comps are like that! haha Wink Not gonna lie though. Not getting picked kinda sucked and has ignited that competitive fire within me! And if a certain someone is still pissed at me from the other game, fine. Just gave me an easy target for when I win hoh!

Syd: "Do u guys think we should try for he hoh"

Andrew: "If that's what the group wants, I'll try my hardest."

Jenn: "Yeah, what do you guys think? I mean I don't think it could hurt to go for it"

Cerina: "I'm a strong believer of winning the first hoh"

Jenn: "Same. We'll fight for it!!!! Good luck everyone Smile"

Episode 2 - Damnit Cerina Giphy

Luke walks in the Diary Room

I'm worried I'm only getting one side of the game. I have my ppl but what about the 20 other ppl in the game!! And then there's the ppl who don't respond to me which is just stressful!!!!

After an eventful first night, Caleb, Andrew and Jenn enjoy a peaceful morning and a cup of coffee while solidifying some bonds.

Jenn: "Who's the red flag group?! Haha I'm only catching up now"

Andrew: "Meredith, Johnny, and Millie. They seem to know each other"

Caleb: "I just woke up. Oops"

Andrew: "Lmao I had to just stop looking through the chat last night, it went on tooooo long"

Caleb: "So I'm talking with Luke and Sara. Luke and I are bonding over riverdale and impressive queens and Sara messaged me compliments so she has my vote you know?"

Andrew: "Great! Putting in work lol"

Caleb: "I gotcha. Y'all better not leave me high and dry Laughing. I'm scared of betrayal"

Andrew: "This is my final 3. I promise!"

Episode 2 - Damnit Cerina Tumblr_inline_ntpbj0CEIA1tz0hjh_500

Jenn: "Final 3 guys!!! 100%. Big brother always comes with paranoia but we have to trust each other Smile we got this!!!!"

Caleb: "Luke asked me in an alliance. I'm gonna take it. Should I make him in this one?"

Jenn: "Yessss! Do it!"

Andrew: "I agree, I'll let you guys know of any side conversations that I'm having with anyone. Cerina messaged me early today and she wants to work together. I'm playing along so that we can get her vote, but I'm obviously loyal to you two."

Caleb: "Okay. So don't bring Luke in?"

Jenn: "Kathy messaged me just then because she's originally from Newfoundland but no game talk at all. Just said hi. No I think we can. We'll be a solid 3, but we can have an alliance with like another person or two."

Andrew: "Yeah go ahead and bring him in, change the group name though lmao"

Jenn: "But it's up to you guys. Or you can make another with him in it"

Caleb: "We need to watch Luke. I think sara is solid."

Andrew: "I like them both so far but I agree, Sara seems more trustworthy"

Jenn: "I think Sara is solid too. Luke seems like he'd work with others on the side"

Caleb: "He'd bounce around. If we are in a position where we choose we need sara imo. But that's just me"

Andrew: "I think so too, Sara is our number 4"

Jenn: "Yeah for sure. I feel the same way. I'm on board too. I'm super nervous"

Caleb: "Crush the comp, worry after."

As they part ways, Caleb lingers around to have some alone time with Jenn.

Caleb: "You're still my number 1 friend. I just like reassurance so I give it where I feel it's important."

Jenn: "No I completely understand. You're my number one friend too. Final 2!!!! How are you feeling about the group? We have to stick together!"

Caleb: "I like sara a lot. I think Luke is interesting but idk how loyal he'll be."

Jenn: "I like Sara too. I like Luke too but he definitely has potential to talk with others"

Caleb: "He has potential to flip. I think he'll be a floater. And if he can effectively do it its impressive"

Jenn: "I think so too. If he can props to him, but we just have to be on the lookout and one step ahead"

Caleb: "The group chat is telling."

Jenn: "What do you mean?"

Caleb: "Who talks to who and responds to who. Also go look at people's likes. Jala is following like everyone but me. And that's s red flag to me cause I was following her before the game started."

Jenn: "Like go in the big group chat and look? Or peoples likes elsewhere? That's strange... why wouldn't she follow you"

Caleb: "Like their likes on twitter. Who they follow. And yeah. I was a tad upset. Mostly because that makes me think I'm a target."

Jenn: "Ohhhh okay so who they follow back you mean. So should we win this HOH? And make sure you're not a target?"

Caleb: "I want jala and Meredith out. It depends how effective they are at challenges. Don't throw it but don't go balls to the walls is mt gues."

Jenn: "Yeah I won't throw it, and I won't be aggressive either. But I don't want my #1 out either."

Jenn decided to go chill with Andrew a bit in their secret hiding spot behind the beds.The challenge was just minutes away.

Jenn: "Caleb is messaging me saying he's gonna be the first out. Like fuck off or I'll make it happen"

Andrew: "Caleb is getting on my last nerve, if the other group of 5 wants him out, I'm good with it."

Jenn: "Hahaha same. I'm willing to get rid of my fake F2. He's creating paranoia. I hope he doesn't know about us. The other group I don't trust though they're not talking"

Andrew: "Yeah I know... I'm hoping they are just waiting for the comp tonight, but also you messaged Syd, and then Syd was put in the group so maybe she's really with them and she doesn't trust me and you. Maybe later.... Laughing I don't think he does. How could he?"

Jenn: "Yeah I hope so. I did message syd. She told me earlier she has my back, but idk. You think she'd stick with me because we're mutuals. You have to at some point Laughing I don't know. I haven't given him any indication we're friends, but he's so fucking paranoid it's making me crazy."

Sara walks in the Diary Room

So much speculation about who's going home... we don't even know what the challenges are going to be

Meanwhile the rest of the house was finishing getting ready for the first challenge.

Trey: "5 minutes!!"

Caleb: "Good luck everyone!"

Trey: "gl you guys"

Jala: "Good luck <3"

Jenn: "Good luck everyone Smile"

Episode 2 - Damnit Cerina Tumblr_nhaicxIInu1tq4of6o1_500

Cerina walks in the Diary Room

Omg look what my "final 2" just said

"Well Natalie has always seemed kind of fake, but James is a dumbass Laughing I guess if I had to choose, I'd go James."

I'm going to cry. I was testing him. I asked if he's team James or Natalie.

The Hosts gather all the houseguests to let them in on the twist. Everyone thought they came to play Big Brother, but they will actually start the game off playing Survivor.

Episode 2 - Damnit Cerina Surviv10

Luke: "Wth"

Trey: "OMG"

Caleb: "Yikes"

B: "Ahh wig"

Trey: "I am shaking"

Victoria: "Whattttt"

Luke: "I'm not shaking bc I'm too confused to be shook rn"

Jala: ".......What"

Episode 2 - Damnit Cerina Tumblr_mr8vokaZOy1qfoghmo1_500

While the houseguests get back on track from their emotional reaction to the twist, they are told that it is time to pick tribe captains and that this will be determined by how active everyone was in the DR thus far.

Episode 2 - Damnit Cerina Captai10

Cerina: "Laughing"

Caleb: "I'm now shook."

Jala: "Oh my godddd"

Cerina: "How annoying! Forgive me for having a job"

Jo: "LOL"

Syd: "God damnit lol"

Victoria: "Welp I only did one dr I wasn't sure how that went lol"

Damola: "Lmao I didn't"

Cerina walks in the Diary Room

I feel like I'm making a target of myself. I think I'm being too pushy. Andrew approached me about an alliance so we got Johnny, Syd, and Jenn. Then I wanted to add Millie because how could I forget Millie and then Millie wanted to bring Jala. It now looks like I'm bringing in alliance members without asking, I think Andrew is a little bothered. We're supposed to have a final 2 deal but how can I have a final 2 with someone who called Nat fake and is Team James?!!!

The tribe captains are revealed to be Sara, Johnny and Luke.

Episode 2 - Damnit Cerina Captai11

Andrew: "Congrats guys!"

Trey: "congrats guys!!"

Millie: "congrats to the captains"

Cerina: "Thee picks should be made in public though"

Sara: "It's too hard because everyone kept talking at once."

Victoria: "Y'all were too shook lol"

Syd: "We just have a lot to say, this is stressful"

Trey walks in the Diary Room

so Luke just won the captain advantage and I'm very happy. We're aligned and now I have someone I can trust picking players for their teams!!

Furious 5 quickly gathered up before tribe selection.

Episode 2 - Damnit Cerina Tenor

Caleb: "Who you picking girllll"

Sara: "I don't have any clue yet. Meredith is on my radar though."

Jenn: "But you pick people to be on your team correct?"

Caleb: "Sameeee"

Luke: "I think so... so we can't pick all of us"

Caleb: "I bet the loosing team will have to vote someone off. Crap this like made it that much harder."

Andrew: "Congrats you two!!"

Luke: "So we hold a LOT of power rn!!"

Caleb: "Split us up you two"

Luke: "We need to pick non inactive ppl so that the other tribe is left with insects and will hopefully lose"

Caleb: "Power in the numbers!!! GUYS, I'm nervous. What if I end up on Jonny team?!"

Jenn: "Omg, if we all end up on different teams we can let each other know what's going on"

Jenn and Andrew were then approached by their other alliance, the Silent 7.

Cerina: "Should johnny pick us???"

Johnny: "Smile"

Andrew: "Sure! Sorry, I'm trying to keep up in the main convo lol"

Cerina: "lol I know, it's moving so fast!"

Jenn: "I can't keep up, omg"

Johnny: "I hope none of you get picked before I get to pick. If that happens I will be a lost puppy. Completely clueless on who to pick"

Sara walks in the Diary Room

Caleb asks who I'm picking... Caleb I don't know what's happening okay relax!

To get some order since the houseguests are so loud and noisy, the hosts took the 3 captains aside to get the selection done.

Episode 2 - Damnit Cerina Giphy

Round 1
Sara picked Andrew
Luke picked Jo
Johnny picked Cerina
Parallel Big Brother

Round 2
Sara picked Syd
Luke picked Victoria
Johnny picked Jenn
Parallel Big Brother

Round 3
Sara picked Bianka
Luke picked Kathy
Johnny picked Millie
Parallel Big Brother

Round 4
Sara picked Iman
Luke picked Jala
Johnny picked Caleb
Parallel Big Brother

Round 5
Sara picked Trey
Luke picked Meredith
Johnny picked Taylor
Parallel Big Brother

Round 6
Sara picked Mason
Luke picked Damola
Johnny picked B

Episode 2 - Damnit Cerina Tribes10

Host: "Which means that Bill is safe this round"

Episode 2 - Damnit Cerina LL

Bill: "Got you all right where I want you! lol"

Episode 2 - Damnit Cerina Tenor

Kathy: "Thanks for taking my usual spot Bill Smile"


Jala: "Thanks for the pick Luke Smile"

Millie: "Thanks for the oik Johnny"

Cerina: "Thanks Johnny"

Luke: "I ONLY CHOSE QUEENS Laughing surround yourself with royalty so you are royalty"

Victoria: "Only the best for Luke"

Bianka: "Thanks for the pick Sara without an H"

Jo: "wooo Let's goooo Smile"

Jenn sneaks away to the bedroom, Andrew slyly follows her.

Andrew: "Glad we aren't on the same team... to keep us separate and all"

Jenn: "Same. I wanted to be on your team though. Kinda. Sara could've had me but she picked syd instead."

Andrew: "I think she was trying to not make it so obvious that we were a group lol"

Jenn: "Lol true. I guess it would make sense for Johnny to choose me since I was the only one available in our group. I think Luke has other people"

Andrew: "I definitely do too. I hope his team loses and he leaves lol. Him and Meredith"

Jenn: "LOL SAME. I just died at that hahaha. His team has to lose. He should take one for the team and lose."

Andrew: "Agreed, he's the only team with 1, the others have two"

Jenn: "Yasss and he's sketchy af"

Caleb and Bianka walk out of the living room together.

Caleb: "This cerina girl needs to chill. They asked us to stop talking like 9000 times."

Bianka: "Oh man. Cerina really needs to chill lol"

Caleb wants to thank Johnny for picking him so he signals him to come hang out with him at the kitchen table.

Caleb: "Hey Johnny! Thanks for the pick bud! Smile"

Johnny: "Your Welcome"

Caleb: "Excited to get started! Do you have any idea as to what it will be?"

Johnny: "No idea yet"

Jenn, Andrew and Caleb are pleased with the tribe selection and have a little pow wow about it while no one is watching.

Episode 2 - Damnit Cerina Tumblr_numw4cVBW01qjb4ywo1_500

Caleb: "We picked good ones y'all."

Andrew: "We can all share vital information here!"

Jenn: "I think we did too. I hope it goes right. It'll work out because we'll keep the target off of our backs and onto someone else. 100%"

Caleb: "Well. Luke is wkthout anyone on his team. But I guess that's an advantage for Jenn and myself. We've two got two of seven."

Jenn: "I guess we're gonna have to trust him. We are. We got this! Hmm, what do you think about Luke?"

Caleb: "He's scared."

Jenn: "That makes sense"

Caleb: "I think he'll be fine. He's endearing. But he also shouldn't have waited to pick us.. He waited three rounds. That's on him."

Jenn: "He said he wanted other people in his group, but also said he wanted us. So it's confusing. True. He should've picked earlier."

Caleb: "I think he wanted protection but also to build bridges. That's why he's fifth on the rung."

Jenn: "Yeah he def was looking out for himself."

It was now time for the Tribe Immunity challenge.

Episode 2 - Damnit Cerina Tribe_10

Host: "We have a winner"

Jenn: "Omg this is too stressful"

Luke: "Dammit"

Host: "Tonight two tribes will be going to tribal council but it won't be your usual tribal council. Each tribe will vote like normal and the two Houseguests with the most votes from each of the losing tribes will go into a duel round that will happen at 9 pm EST tomorrow. 2 of the 4 people in the duel round will leave and 2 will stay."

Jala: "shook"

Victoria: "Omggdtjxstgh"

B: "oh wow"

Millie: "SHOOK"

Jo: "eek"

Jenn: "Holy shitttt"

Syd: "Stressed is an understatement"

Iman: "For reallllll"

Episode 2 - Damnit Cerina Tenor

Luke rallied up his ladies in the event they did not win the challenge so the vote would go the way he wanted.

Luke: "Ok soooooo sorry but I think we should vote Meredeth if we lose bc we would've won if she had been here and that way we arent stepping on everybody's toes?"

Victoria: "You make a good point"

Luke: "and then somebody from the other tribe?"

Damola: "Wait I thought it was 2 people from each tribe?"

Luke: "I thought it was 4 total... lol damn idk the"

Kathy: "I had to go back and look at the rules. Yes, it is just one person from each Tribe and I have to agree with you. With all of our letters we would have had it in under a minute No, one person from each Trimble Damola. Unless I read wrong"

Damole: "Oh ok"

Kathy: "You're right it is two from each tribe. Damn"

Victoria: "Damn I did not realize how crazy this is"

Luke: "but we vote or one and then the runner up goes up? along with the one with the most votes?"

Kathy: "Something about a duel round with the 4 and 2 go"

Jo: "We vote. 2 of the people with the most votes are up...that's what I got from it"

Luke: "could we all vote for Meredeth and then if there's no runner up, nobody eles goes up next to her?"

Jala: "Yes I agree with meredith. We only vote for one person though. but they pick from the two with the most votes"

Luke: "if we alll vote for Meredeth and there is no runner up I wonder if anybody would actually go up"

Jala: "so everyone is going with Meredith?"

Luke: "Yes"

Jala: "Sounds good to me, it is only fair"

Episode 2 - Damnit Cerina Giphy

Luke walks in the Diary Room

I also picked ppl that I wasn't in well with so I could get to know them but I think I got too many ppl I didn't know and too many ppl that are inactive. hopefully I can use this to get meredeth out. She hasnt said anything in 5ever but her first impression still isn't ok with me and I'd like to get her out wile I can. But I don't want to lose now that theres a chance I could begoing home!!

The announcement was made that Sara's Tribe won immunity and did not have to vote this round.

Episode 2 - Damnit Cerina Winnin10

Iman walks in the Diary Room

WE WON!!! This is amazing because now I get to sit back and watch the other teams go down in flames

Caleb: "Congrats sara"

Jenn: "Congrats guys!"

Johnny: "Congrats Sara"

Sara: "I didn't do anything it was my amazing team! WAY TO GO GUYS!"

Host: "Houseguests, I now need Tribe Luke and Tribe Johnny to vote. You can only vote for people on your tribe. Please refer to the tribe tweet if you're still unsure of your tribe members. The 2 people who get the most votes on EACH tribe will be propelled into a duel round that will happen tomorrow at 9 pm EST where two people will leave out. You have 12 hours from now to cast your vote in your DR (@ParallelBB_DR) account. If you fail to vote, you will get a penalty vote for the round and also it will be one strike against you. Two strikes and you're out of the game. Oh I want to also mention that once you vote, the vote is locked. Take your time if you're unsure because you won't be able to change. Just don't miss the deadline. Tribe Sara and Bill, have a great rest of evening"

Sara: "WOOT WOOT!!!"

Bianka: "Very Happy"

Kathy: "It was chaotic, but fun."

Bill: "I thought it was rather stress free and relaxing"

Luke: "LaughingLaughingLaughingLaughing"

Kathy: "I was just thinking that that is what you'd be thinking. Lol"

Host: "I want to clarify something about the vote. If let's say the vote falls 3-2-2, all 3 will go into the duel. Only 2 people leave, that part won't change, but there's a possibility that more than 4 people will duke it out tomorrow."

Caleb: "Oh shit."

Sara walks in the Diary Room

WE WON. I'm so grateful for you big brother! I'm so glad that I was able to win the first comp my team is always superior #TeamSara4Life

Damola walks in the Diary Room

Tonight was the first challenge of the game and it was fun and my tribe members are really cool. I wish Meredith was available though cause we might have won if we knew her letter. Her not being around made the challenge harder for us.

Millie and Jenn quickly made an escape from the group to go talk about the vote.

Jenn: "We should vote together on this tribal council."

Millie: "I agree we should and try to keep each other safe"

Jenn: "100%. I got your back. Us voting together ensures someone at least gets two votes against the"

Millie: "I have your back too. Hmm do u have anyone in mind"

Jenn: "Do you have any preferences? I mean B and Johnny kinda screwed us over, but I'm up for a chat"

Millie: "I'm not really sure and yeah they did screw us over. But idk if we can choose Johnny since he's captain?"

Jenn: "Yeah that's true. I don't want to vote for any of them since they're on our team."

Millie: "Same it sucks we had to choose between our own"

Jenn: "It really does. Who do you feel like we should vote?"

Millie: "I agree with your picks. and I was also thinking should we pick someone who isn't on much or someone we feel will do good in the comp?"

Jenn: "I don't think we should get rid of someone who's not on much yet. It works better for us later. I think go for someone who's good. That's why I think B is a good nom but idk"

Millie: "I'm okay with B going we just need the numbers for it. Do you have anyone or think of anyone who shouldn't get a vote."

Jenn: "True. I was just talking to cerina and she wants to vote B too. So that's 3. What do you mean?"

Millie: "Someone who we shouldn't consider as the 2nd option. B is one so that's 3. Cerina also msged me about B too"

Jenn: "Johnny is good with B too"

Millie: "4 for B then"

Jenn: "Okay so looks like we're splitting the vote?"

Millie: "I'm not sure because idk how Caleb or Taylor is voting. And B"

Jenn: "Yeah, I feel like we should layer the votes on B. But that's just me."

Millie: "I agree but we also need another person too. because it's 2 with the most votes. but all on B is a good idea"

Jenn: "That's true. I don't know who the others have voted for"

Millie: "Neither have I. I only know of what we have discussed thus far"

Episode 2 - Damnit Cerina Brenda

Victoria was walking around trying to find people to talk to when she noticed Caleb who seemed on his way somewhere. She stopped him dead in his tracks.

Caleb: "Let's talk about who we think will be the the two to go?"

Victoria: "I think people who are less active on here since we don't get much chance to interact with them. How about you?"

Caleb: "I was thinking the same thing. But you never know who is with who in this game"

Victoria: "Yeah that's true...."

Caleb: "That makes me nervous you know?"

Victoria: "Yeah..if i ever see anyone saying game related stuff about you I'll let you know for sure. I just hope we don't have a lot of group comps. I do not want to rely on people being here to help me compete lol"

Caleb: "haha same!"

Caleb: "So I was looking at the group, and I think we should get someone who's in the midddle. People in the middle are dangerous. You know?"

Victoria: "Yeah you're right..and you never know who's side they are on the most...Anyone in particular?"

Caleb: "Victoria you're the only person I've told this to. If this gets out I will know it's you. I'm really trusting you okay"

Victoria: "Don't worry I won't tell anyone"

Caleb: "I was thinking Millie maybe?"

Victoria: "Millie? I swear I do not know half of the people on here lol"

Caleb: "You're working with her huh Sad?"

Victoria: "Noooo lmao"

Sara walks in the Diary Room

I feel a little bad that we're going to throw Trey under the bus... but this is a game. I'm almost wondering if we should be getting rid of Johnny or one of the other older guys. I don't want to report to Syd first I want her to fill me in to see if she's the real deal. If not maybe I should go with final 5... it's still early in the game but I think I'm making some pretty educated decisions... Can't leave her completely in the dark now can I? This works so much better for my game. "Who are you working with Sara?" "I don't know anyone!"

Andrew walks in the Diary Room

What a crazy first challenge!! Trying to balance all of these conversations, keeping my alliances straight, and stopping them from targeting my other allies is draining! Is Kathy actually Karen part 2??

Caleb was feeling uneasy about the vote so he went to talk to some of the people on this tribe.

Episode 2 - Damnit Cerina C399ecf57aafccf679d859790b0b99b9

Caleb: "I was lowkey scared that you guys were gonna think I was to forward but I was so scared of the duel lol"

B: "same. but it's a game someone has to go lol"

Caleb: "True. I just don't want my name to come up. I want to try to talk to other people but I don't wanna seem gamely lol"

Taylor: "I kinda wanna talk to the others to see where their heads are but I feel like they'll suspect something"

Caleb: "Have you guys talked to anyone?"

B: "i haven't talked to anyone else they haven't said a word to me"

Taylor: "Nah"

Caleb: "Hmmm. I wonder who the other side is voting then. I just realized it's two of us."

Taylor: "I'm gonna ask Millie"

Caleb: "Okay"

Taylor leaves for a few and comes back letting them know that Millie told her everyone is voting for B.

Taylor: "Not B for me"

Caleb: "Yikes. Don't worry. We already have three at another person."

Taylor: "Okay good"

B: "omg. why would they wanna vote me sksks. ahhh"

Caleb: "I don't know. They aren't speaking to me at all."

Taylor: "I have no clue. maybe bc you came in late. I'll try to find out."

B: "yeah I knew people were going to hold that against me. but it wasn't my fault \:"

Caleb: "Awh :/"

Taylor: "Yeah I know :/ I think you'll be safe though"

Caleb: "I do too."

Taylor: "Watch me get blindsided or something"

Caleb: "Johnny was pretty absent from the challenge."

Cerina was rallying her allies to make sure the vote went properly.

Cerina: "Johnny and Jenn. We need to be on the same page"

Jenn: "Yes we do. Who's the other guy?"

Cerina: "It needs to be Caleb or B"

Jenn: "Yeah. I'm leaning more toward B but that's just me"

Cerina: "Syd, Andrew help?"

Johnny: "I agree with b"

Andrew: "I haven't talked to anyone except you three on your team so I wouldn't know. It's B, M, Taylor, and who?"

Johnny: "Caleb"

Cerina: "B just dm's me. This is embarrassing."

Jenn: "What did he say?"

Cerina: "He wants to get out johnny. So it's settled. He's out"

Jenn: "B wants Johnny out? Wtf"

Cerina: "Jenn and Johnny, we're voting B out?"

Johnny: "Not nice"

Jenn: "I'd say pile em against B"

Andrew: "I wish I could help vote guys"

Cerina: "Any idea who Taylor is vitkng out?"

Jenn: "No idea. I haven't talked to Taylor"

Cerina: "I've talked to Millie. We have a plan. If everyone follows it we're all safe.

Jenn: "What does Millie think?"

Cerina: "Do we have room for Millie in our alliance? She's so cool!"

Jenn: "Yep, let's do it."

Cerina: "So we have to be a tragic. Johnny and Jenn vote B. Me and Millie vote Caleb. Plus B says I'm the only person who's talked to him, he said he'll vote Caleb too. So regardless of how Caleb and Taylor vote, B and Caleb have the most votes"

Jenn: "Yessss! That's a sweet plan. Then the 4 of us are safe."

Johnny: "Got it"

Andrew: "Taylor doesn't talk at all which kind of sketches me out. Just throwing that out there"

Cerina: "Taylor is on board with our plan and if it doesn't go well, we know who lied"

Andrew: "Thats true, stick with it then"

Jenn and Caleb joined up to compare notes on what they had been hearing.

Caleb: "I pulled B. Go pull someone and we can form a voting block. Split the votes. Try pulling Millie. B wants to vote Johnny."

Jenn: "Yesss I'll pull Millie now"

Caleb: "Vote for Cerina?"

Jenn: "I'll see what she says. I can't vote cerina if she doesn't agree"

Caleb: "I have taylor and B. We can swing this"

Jenn: "Millie wants B out..."

Caleb: "As long as it's not us."

Jenn: "Make sure you two vote for Johnny."

Caleb: "Taylor, B, and I are voting Johnny"

Jenn: "I'll see if I can change millies mind."

Caleb: "Noooo vote B. He's not an ally. As long as it isn't us we divide 5 votes from 7. I messaged Cerina but she didn't respond"

Jenn: "She seems a bit crazy. I'd be careful around her"

Caleb: "Unless Cerina partners with Johnny. Then it's Chaos"

Jenn: "Cerina just messaged me and said B told her that he's gonna vote for you"

Caleb: "Don't let her vote me tho Sad. lol I don't want her to get Johnny on board."

Jenn: "B also told her that she's the only one that has talked to him. So I feel like he's honest with you. I'm trying to backpedal them and make sure they vote just for B"

Jenn had enough and asked Andrew if he could meet her in their usual game talking spot.

Jenn: "Fuck. two of my alliance wanna go after each other"

Andrew: "Who?"

Jenn: "Caleb is aligning with B while Johnny and cerina want B out"

Andrew: "Oh fuck. We have 12 hours so we can figure out what's best"

Jenn: "I'm also talking to Millie who's not gonna target Johnny. I want Johnny out."

Andrew: "Is there any way to sway someone to vote Taylor? She seems irrelevant."

Jenn: "I think it's gonna be B and Johnny"

Andrew: "That's good, hopefully all the votes will go to those two so that they won't know you voted differently"

Jenn: "He wants a screenshot. How am I gonna do this fuck"

Andrew: "Who does? Caleb?"

Jenn: "Yeah. Fuck"

Andrew: "Shit. Shit. Shit."

Jenn: "Fuck. I trust Caleb so much more."

Andrew: "How can you prove it to him though? If you can't, you might have to flip on that side and vote with the other 5. Dammit Cerina!"

Jenn: "I know. I'm not going against him. I'm voting B like they told me to. He knows (not us) that or thinks that Johnny and then added me to a group"

Cerina walks in the Diary Room

I knew from the second Caleb walked in the house and started running his mouth, he couldn't be trusted. When it came to voting, he hinted at wanting Johnny out which is a no no because Johnny is an ally. He then says he wants to vote how I'm voting.

I told Caleb, I'm voting B out. I told B I'm voting Caleb out. We came up with a plan to have johnny and Jenn vote B and me and Millie vote Caleb. That left us with Taylor, Caleb, and B.

Taylor said she's voting Johnny, Caleb said he's voting B, and B said he'd vote Caleb. Turns out Caleb and B lied and voted Johnny. The joke is on them though because now Caleb and B are at the bottom with Johnny.

Now Caleb is running around sending screenshots and throwing B under the bus for wanting Johnny out. Which doesn't make sense because Caleb is also guilty of wanting Johnny out and it's not like we're voting. Why expose someone for no reason?

Sending screenshots is the ultimate red flag for me. Caleb, you have to go. Always be wary of a Chatty Cathy. Don't let the door hit you on the way out

Caleb walks in the Diary Room


So right away after the challenge loss I immediately looked for who I thought would be the most vulnerable.

B came in late so I was like people will probs blame him. So I went and I asked who and he wanted to
Vote Johnny. So I was like cool. Give me like .33 seconds and let me go get someone else.

So I went to taylor cause she has a sweet face and I sent jenn on a mission to go get Millie and possibly Johnny. Taylor agreed to vote and we sent our screen shots for proof

But THEN B DECIDES HES GOING TO TELL CERINA HES VOTING FOR ME AND THAT SHE SHOULD TOO?! So I'm probably getting a vote cast against me cause this asshole just couldn't say another name on the list. Safe to say this kid is NOT on my good side. He better hope I don't get HoH. I'm gonna be a flop. Sorry I didn't do better.

Luke walks in the Diary Room


*A moment later*

what happens if there is a tie and our whole team votes for only one person? Oh shit I didn't even think about that. lol but my "lets all be friends" attitude walk out the door I got Victoria and Kathy to vote Jo while the rest of my alliance votes Meredeth, whom has gone totally MIA. But I don't think anybody is smart enough to catch Meredeth still has to vote lol heres hoping it works out!! If I'm up I won't be shocked bc I mean, I'm making all the decisions here and I'll just win my way off the block but if I somehow leave I'll be a TOTAL Devin and played too hard too quick.

Episode 2 - Damnit Cerina Tumblr_nctxfi4csJ1qk08n1o1_500

After some back and forth and Jenn trying to play the middle on this vote, Tribe Johnny was the first one to get all their votes in. Johnny, Caleb and B would be facing off in the duel. This might get ugly... lol

Episode 2 - Damnit Cerina Tribe_11

Caleb: "Well"

B: "Ahh wtf"

Cerina: "Mad"

Caleb tries to talk it out with Johnny.

Caleb: "I really wish you would have messaged me back. B was gunning hard for you. I tried messaging you guys first and no one responded so I messaged him next and he was the first to reply."

Johnny: "That's okay. I'm sorry it went this way but you gotta admit this game is awesome!"

Caleb: "No it definitely is!. I enjoy it! Good luck tomorrow man. Hopefully we can make it out alive Smile"

Johnny: "Good Luck to you also Caleb"

Andrew went to check on Jenn and see how she was dealing with the outcome of the vote.

Jenn: "I want Caleb gone. He's savage"

Andrew: "I'm assuming you guys are talking privately?"

Jenn: "Yeah he's going crazy"

Andrew: "This sucks. I kind of hope he goes but doesn't expose anything obviously"

Jenn: "Same. He's unstable AF"

Andrew: "I'm assuming he thinks you're the "rat" by the way he's talking. He's dumb af"

Jenn: "If he comes after me he has another thing coming. He's the one who decided to vote against Johnny without consulting anyone"

Andrew: "True, if he explodes, we can still try to rekindle the relationship we have with the others"

Jenn: "I hope he leaves"

Andrew: "Hopefully he leaves, but if not and he tries to go against you, he hopefully won't associate us and I can stay in the chat and see what's going on. If he get too nasty, then maybe you should create a chat with Sara, me, and Luke and says he's crazy and show screenshot of proof."

Jenn: "Yeah like we can separate if need be, and keep each other safe. If he leaves it kind of makes it easier."

Andrew: "It definitely does. We will get through this!!"

Next up was Luke's Tribe. The votes came in and Jo, Meredith and Kathy would join the other 3 to face off in the duel where someone would be going home. The houseguests quiet down for the night after the votes were revealed and all went to bed.

Episode 2 - Damnit Cerina Tribe_12

Kathy was not too happy so Caleb took this chance to go talk to her.

Caleb: "Awh Kathy. I'm sorry to see ya up there friend"

Kathy: "Me too - thanks Caleb. Just a little annoyed that there were 7 votes cast when only 6 of us participated in the challenge. The 7th person wasn't there so we didn't have all the letters. Oh well, it's just a game."

Caleb: "Yeah. I had to remind myself of that. But I hope to see you still around after the duel. Smile"

Kathy: "Thanks Caleb - and same here - you're smart - you'll be fine. I cannot imagine ever doing the real thing....lol."

Caleb: "i'm a challenge panicked lol"

Kathy: "Well, she did say it was a quick one - so short and sweet - that's the way I like it....lol."

Caleb: "Let's be petty Kathy and hope two people just don't show up lolol"

Kathy: "And if all else fails - we'll have Dairy Queen....lol. Or a McFlurry....lol. Hugsss"

Caleb: "Good luck friend. Smile"

Kathy: "Caleb. You no doubt saw the ABC clue...Any thoughts?"

Caleb: "No"

Kathy: "The only thing I could think of is that they'd want us to put something in alphabetical order?"

Trey walks in the Diary Room

So after the votes were revealed, I was upset. One person I haven't contacted yet want to work with is battling in the duel. Hopefully they can win, and I can safely approach them whenever I feel.

Caleb walks in the Diary Room

Not only am I going to do my best to stay tonight. But when I do I'm coming for Cerina and M. They both lied to me on the first night. There's no need for lying on the first night. Just be honest. Let's me know they're a snake  it lets me know right away I can't trust them. Also; I'm lowkey a snake because three people are telling me that I'm their number one but I'm only loyal as a number 1 to Jenn. The other two are Luke and Andrew. But I haven't told them they're my number one. With Andrew I said final 3 because we were a three part alliance. And with Luke I said final 5 because he was brought into our final 5 alliance. So I'm not to concerned tbh. But I'll allow them to protect me for as long as I'm here. It's ironic I felt I was doing so good and now I'm where I'm at  Laughing. I can't begin to explain why I am so nervous but I am and would like to stay. This is going to be an intense challenge. But I feel I am as ready as I'll ever get.

Caleb then decided to go hang out with his final 3 alliance (Andrew and Jenn).

Episode 2 - Damnit Cerina Source

Caleb: "Cerina needs to be the target if I leave. She's faker than a bottle blondes hair color."

Andrew: "Is that who screwed you? Should I keep in contact with her to try and feed her false information about where to vote and stuff?"

Jenn: "Caleb you're not leaving"

Caleb: "I really feel I am. My feelings are hardly ever wrong."

Jenn: "You're not!!!! We're gonna help you."

Caleb: "I'm just saying prepare for the worst. Stick together and if I leave bring sara in"

Andrew: "we may be able to help you with the duel!"

Jenn: "I know, but I don't wanna think about the worst. We will help you 100%"

Caleb: "It's a pretty solid way to do things. Then you're happy if things turn your way."

Andrew: "What do you mean?"

Caleb: "Talking with Luke about forming a side alliance with people. I'm 100 still with you. I'll show screen shots if needed"

Jenn: "Be careful"

Andrew: "Do what you need to do! Just don't target me hehe"

Caleb: "I'll be fine. He's crafty though. I'm glad he's on our team rn but we might need to cut him soon..."

Andrew: "We will watch him, JT you're right, I'm glad he's on our side and not against us"

Kathy walks in the Diary Room

Well that was certainly an interesting night.  I am so glad I particpated in the group chat today.  I sent messages out to some people earlier today - not all, just to introduce myself.  I am so so glad Luke picked me.  Seems like a good guy and he is PLAYING the game already.  Think I am going to have to step up my game....lol.  He had a wise strategy this evening and I have to be honest, I never would have thought of it.  I am hoping he was the only one who did.  Meredith didn't show up this evening, so that was an easy choice that he pointed out to the group.  But how to keep oneself safe?  We both voted for someone other than Meredith in the hopes that it would keep us safe this week.  I tell you, he's brilliant!  And he's the cause of me buying myself an ice cream tonight.  How can you go wrong with that?  Unless he's pulling my leg and I am toast....lol.  One never knows in Survivor or BB.  Thanks for all the hard work.  See you tomorrow.  Hugs  (P.S  I am a hugger....get used to it for as long as I am here.)

The next day. Caleb was still angry and talking about quitting to some of his allies.

Luke: "CALEB. I stg don't quit you have the comp to decide if u win or not and then u gonna win HOH and seperate those rats. U my #1 rn don't stop fighting and just win the comp u can do it."

Caleb: "Hahaa im bad at he comps tho."

Luke: "How do you know this is ur first time and there no skill involved"

Caleb: "Idk. I just feel it. Sorry if I'm being to much"

Luke: "Lol no your good I'd be doing the exact same thing. I totally understand I tend to sound and type like I'm pissy or petty or sarcastic but I swear I'm not. Laughing"

Caleb: "I just feel I set myself up so good and then got a shitty ass draft pool"

Caleb heard Jo in the kitchen and decided to talk with her as well since he wanted her to stay too.

Caleb: "I'm gonna stay and win so I can take the lying liars out before I leave. They told me I was fine and then afterwards told me sorry."

Jo: "LOL I didn't even get a sorry LaughingLaughing I had a feeling they were voting for me anyway. Liars haha how did y'all determine who you guys were 'going to' pick?"

Caleb: "I've no clue"

Meanwhile in the living room.

Caleb: "57 minutes."

Victoria: "Hey guys how's everyone doing today"

Mason gets up.

Mason: "Bye guys"

Caleb: "What?"

Mason: "I'm leaving the game my real life outside of twitter is to chaotic and I don't have time for this sorry hopefully you all understand" Meanwhile he just leaves to start his own game Laughing

Episode 2 - Damnit Cerina Bye-GIF-Image-Download-2

Caleb: "Awh man. We will miss you dude!"

Andrew: "Things happen. Hope all goes well in the real world!"

Damola: "Aww bye"

Mason: "The best of luck to everyone and remember it's big brother expect the unexpected "


Syd: "Ahhhhhh! Could u imagine"

Kathy: "It is challenging to commit when your schedule is so busy. I am sure everyone understands. Best of luck."

Iman walks in the Diary Room

I have a lot planned for today! First I have to strengthen my relationship with some more people so that if any of them win HoH I am safe. The ones I'm going to focus on are the people in my team Because though our time together was temporary, I'm hoping that our win together formed some sort of loyalty between us. Also building those relationships will make it easier to convince them to stick together if there are any group votes in the future


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Episode 2 - Damnit Cerina Empty Re: Episode 2 - Damnit Cerina

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After Mason's eventful exit, it was now time to start the duel challenge.

Millie walks in the Diary Room

I haven't found my Positive person yet. I hope to find him soon Laughing Laughing kk bye #PVibes

Episode 2 - Damnit Cerina Duel10

Syd: "Can someone catch me up real quick"

Millie: "Johnny, B, and Caleb are nominated"

Syd: "Ah, sorry Johnny"

Cerina: "B and Caleb lied about their vote. I guess credit to Taylor for being honest about voting Johnny"

Johnny: "No worries"

Millie: "True ^ although Caleb didn't give me and name and I didn't talk to B lol"

Cerina: "B said Caleb and Caleb said B. I wasn't even pressuring them, the acted as if they wanted to vote how I voted. Now let's just hope one of them two gets evicted. As far as I'm concerned, Luke's team hasn't lied to us"

Jenn: "That's weird. Maybe to see what you'd say? Yeah, that's true. We'll have to wait and see"

Andrew: "That's strange..."

Millie: "probs to catch u in a lie?"

Cerina: "Yeah, whatever. They can catch me in whatever they want. I don't owe them anything"

Johnny: "Be careful of Caleb he just exposed B to me. Showed me B dm"

Millie: "Oh! What did he say"

Johnny: "Said b wanted me out because I was a bad captain. Which is true I should have made sure b was in the group"

Andrew: "Accidents happen!"

Cerina: "I don't like how he's exposing people. It's not like we're voting to keep someone. No, it's my fault. I added everyone and told you guys to add Taylor and Caleb. I must have missed B"

Jala: "I had a feeling Caleb was a rat"

Cerina: "To me that's a red flag, when someone goes screenshot happy"

Jala: "100%"

Millie: "Agreed. Caleb being a rat early on smh"

Cerina: "He's playing too hard, too fast. He has his hand in too many cookie jars"

Episode 2 - Damnit Cerina Anigif_enhanced-buzz-9057-1419814421-6

Jenn walks in the Diary Room

Okay so I don't know how I'm gonna do this... lol. I wonder what will happen tonight? I'm so confused as to where everyone is at. Like everyone is all over the placeeeee. People have their hands in so many cookie jars and I feel like that's not a good thing. This vote is gonna be crazy!

Elsewhere Jala and Luke were trying to figure out this voting nightmare they seemed faced with.

Jala: "Well if we know me and you were the votes for Meredith, Meredith of course wouldn't vote for herself so she either voted jo or Kathy, not sure why everyone voted elsewhere. Yes Jo was very chill! She didn't do anything to make me want her out"

Luke: "Paranoia is high since it's the beginning and there are so many ppl I guess"

Jala: "Yeah true. It's just strange they voted her out of all people when she didn't really give a reason to be paranoid imo. It's still all good cause us two are safe!"

Luke: "Tru!! And they aren't out for sure yet either which is nice"

Iman whispers to Caleb on their way to the challenge area.

Iman: "Hey, just wanted to wish you good luck tonight! Be the inner demetres I know you are :lol"

Caleb: "Ha. Thank you friend. Smile I appreciate it."

Luke: "11 mins good luck nominees!!"

Kathy: "Ty Luke - although I think they refer to us as outcasts "

Caleb: "if I don't get to talk to you guys again just wanna wish everyone good luck and I hope you guys have fun!"

Andrew: "Thanks Caleb!"

The challenge officially gets underway

Caleb and Kathy are safe so far

Kathy: "Good because my nerves are going to need that long to recover....lol."

Caleb: "Girl SAMMMMEEE"

Johnny is now safe

Jo: "Bahaha I did it. Probably super slow but whateves still done thanks Kathy!"

Caleb: "Welcome to the safe club. Smile"

Caleb walks over to Johnny to congratulate him.

Caleb: "Congrats!"

Johnny: "Congratulations Caleb! That was insane!"

Caleb: "Dude it really was. I was so panicked. Laughing"

Johnny: "You and me both!"

Caleb: "Hey listen I have a question and I don't want to come off as forward but I have a question. I'm kind of out here in the ocean drowning and I'm not quite sure who to vote because I have only really been talking in the group chat."

Johnny: "I'm not sure at the moment. I've been busy keeping an eye on the challenge and getting ready for bed. I get up at 3:00am ct. You have any ideas?"

Caleb: "No I really don't and I know that people think I'm after them but I'm really just looking for a group to work with"

Johnny: "Who are you supposed to be going after?"

Caleb: "I heard I'm after Cirena? But I am not after her"

Johnny: "Who's saying that?"

Caleb: "The person asked to be anonymous :/ they just said I should go set things straight if I'm not because it's silly to go home after a miscommunication. And I don't know how the tribe went last night but I really would have gone with everyone had someone responded you know?"

Caleb walks in the Diary Room

I'm safe after having several heart attacks and I feel SO much better. Today was a little stressful because in the back of my mind I knew there was a challenge but I'm here and ready to play! And hopefully I can mend a few fences along the way Smile. Ight. At first I thought Kathy was just a sweet old lady but girl is here to PLAY she's building relationships left and right and people believe her cause she gives out "how to make chick fil a nuggets" tutorials. Red flag to Kathy but I'ma keep her close.

Meanwhile the challenge was still going on.

Jo is now safe

Time had passed and sadly Meredith and B had not attempted the duel challenge and both were evicted from the game.

Episode 2 - Damnit Cerina Duel_e10

Jenn: "Bye B & Meredith!"

Millie: "Bye guys good game"

Johnny: "Bye Meredith and B"

Victoria: "Awww bye Meredith and B"

Caleb and Jo celebrate in the pantry later on.

Caleb: "GIRRRRL congrats! I'm glad we both made t!"

Jo: "yasssss bish"

Caleb: "I just want to fade into the background now and let the spotlight burn wear off of me for a second."

Jo: "LOL you are not doing a good job boy haha. you are all over the main chat Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing"

Caleb: "Omg I know. I live for the applause Laughing Laughing Laughing"

Jo: "haha you do you boo boo not me I will continue to read"

Caleb: "Have you been talking with anyone else?"

Jo: "meh not really. Kathy briefly and Bianka you?"

Caleb: "I've talked to Bianka a little and Kathy messaged me for the first time today. I'm gonna try and start casually starting conversation. That way when I sleep I don't become a target."

Jo: "lol in the chat?"

Caleb: "No in DM. Would you be willing to talk about targets ?"

Jo: "Let's talk" who were you thinking?"

Caleb: "Anyone but me. I feel like I'm a target. What about you?"

Jo: "lmfao well I wasn't going to vote for you regardless haha. why do you feel that? there's so many people to choose from"

Caleb: "I was the one voted in my tribe. What if they message people and just go for it anyways."

Jo: "lmfao so was I haha so then we're both screwed Laughing Laughing"

Caleb: "That's what I'm saying. So let's figure things out. Would you feel comfortable working to get Millie Out?"

Jo: "lol I don't even know who millie is"

Caleb: "Her name is M. Her photo is black or white."

Jo: "ohhh chilltown girl. She was in your tribe?"

Caleb: "Yes. I think she voted for me. Call me petty."

Jo: "LOL. I think Kathy voted for me LaughingLaughing. ok I'm willing to try though...not sure how to go about that"

Caleb: "Stay away from Cirena and Jala. I am pretty sure they're working together"

Jo: "LOL ya no I think Jala voted for me too so I was not gonna talk to her anyway"

Caleb: "Good. I know for s fact Cirena is coming for me. I've confronted her and she's basically admitted it."

Jo: " hahahahahaha, really?! boy you are bold I did none of that"

Caleb: "Haha I just don't understand the target. If they're gunning for me at least they know I know?"

Jo: "lol who knows...but ok they're working together then...who else was in your tribe?"

Caleb: "Johnny but he was with them. B who got evicted. And taylor? But who the hell is she?"

Jo: "Lmfao I dunno who Taylor is either hmm"

There was no time to waste in Parallel Big Brother. It was already time for the next challenge to commence.

Damola: "Hey Luke. Just wanted to say goodluck in the challenge tonight"

Luke: "You too! I haven't gotten a chance to talk to you since the tribe thingy how's the game going"

Damola: "It's going good for the most part. Haven't been evicted yet so that's a good sign "

Luke: "Lmao me too LaughingLaughingLaughing Being up is so scary! There's such a good chance u could go!"

Damola: "Exactly Laughing"

Luke: "Have you found a group yet? I'm just kinda floating around doin whatever feels right rn"

Damola: "No I haven't. I've talked to Caleb though. He's really cool."

Luke: "I feel like he has a LOT of ppl tho The two or three ppl I've talked to have almost all mentioned his name as being trustworthy"

Damola: "Really...I guess you're right."

Luke: "But the thing is that I did the exact same thing I thought he'd be a good alliance member pretty quick like, Idk what it is about him or if it's him as a person or a strategy of his. But whatever it is it's working"

Damola: "It might be a strategy. You can't be too sure though"

Luke: "Ik like is never say anything bc he could honestly just be a rly nice person that everybody trusts"

Damola: "Exactly. I think he's just a nice person"

Luke: "ATM I feel like he's gonna win bc nobody will get him out and it's kinda scary His kindness will lead to loyalty and that's a scary thing in this game.... Lol sry I'm buggin rn. But like, I'm don't rly wanna turn my back on him after I said I wouldn't. Especially if nobody else wants to go after him like, I'm not that dumb Laughing."

Damola: "lol I understand. I think it's to early to know what people will do now. They might see him as a strong social player so there's that. But I still think he's a good ally"

Luke: "He rly is. Until he's allies with everybody Like down the road he's a threat but rn he's nothing but helpful to have on your side"

Damola: "Yeah you're right"

Luke: "Idk tho I think he wants Cernia out rn"

Damola: "Hmmm I think we should see who wins the challenge first"

Meanwhile in the backyard, Millie and Sara were getting acquainted.

Sara: "Hey Millie! I just wanted to say hi and that I'm also an Arianator! And I thought we could work together. (:"

Millie: "Hey Sara! Arianators. and we can Smile"

Sara: "Yas!"

Millie: "How long have you been a fan? lol"

Sara: "I've been a fan of hers for a long time but I only followed her music it wasn't till Dangerous Woman came out that I started being a big fan of Ari."

Millie: "Oh, I've been a fan of her and her music for a while lol"

Sara: "I wish I would've been here from the beginning lmao I've wasted so much time on other celebs that aren't even as close to genuine as Ari."

Millie: "It's never late to start now"

Episode 2 - Damnit Cerina Bikercomm16

The first two casualties had left the game and already some liars were becoming evident. The lines were drawn and the heat was about to rise on Parallel Biggggggg Brotherrrrrrr

B's Aftershow Interview

Episode 2 - Damnit Cerina B_inte10 Episode 2 - Damnit Cerina B_inte11 Episode 2 - Damnit Cerina B_inte12 Episode 2 - Damnit Cerina B_inte13

Meredith's Aftershow Interview

Episode 2 - Damnit Cerina Mer_in10 Episode 2 - Damnit Cerina Mer_in11 Episode 2 - Damnit Cerina Mer_in12 Episode 2 - Damnit Cerina Mer_in13


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