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Episode 1 - House is Warming Empty Episode 1 - House is Warming

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Episode 1 - House is Warming Intro_10

Episode #1 - House is Warming

In this parallel game of Big Brother, 22 strangers were locked up and propelled into a fantasy world like no other. While trying to survive the elements of this house and the game played within its walls, the 22 players will have to compete in grueling challenges, find trust and know when to betray. It’s a ride you don’t want to miss.

Welcome to Parallel Big Brother Season 1: Survival!

Tonight on Parallel Big Brother, we meet our players and we lay down the foundation for an epic battle that is sure to ensue shortly. Buckle up, we’re getting ready to rumble.

Host: "Welcome HouseGuests. You have officially moved in to this parallel universe. This is where the game will be played. You may now start posting. Rules will follow shortly and so will the schedule. We wish you all the best of luck!!! Always remember this is a game, have fun!!!"

Caleb: "I guess I'll break the ice first? Hi my name is Caleb. I'm 22 and I'm a student."

B: "hello everyone:)"

Trey: "hello!"

Damola: "Hi guys"

Jala: "Hii" *smiles*

Johnny: "Hello!"

Bianka: "hello"

Bianka walks in the Diary Room

I'm totally new to this game. It's a bit overwhelming but I'm looking forward to it. The paranoia is already setting in lol

Victoria: "Hey guys I'm Victoria I'm 19. I'm a college student too"

Andrew: "Hey everyone!" *smiles*

Bill: "Hi" *gives peace sign*

Luke: "lol I feel like the baby here I'm turning 17 at the end of July"

Syd: "Ah hey guys, and Luke I'm 17 in July as well. Your not alone"

Luke: "WOAH CONNECTION" *laughs*

Bianka: "Anyone speaking French? (French connection 2.0)" *laughs*

Caleb: "^ They were slain by the queen though. Is anyone else really liking the games avatar picture? I'm here for it."

Sara: "I'm Sara without an H; hopefully not the next Sindy Wink 18, I'll be 19 in October!"

Cerina: "Hey everyone Smile"

Trey: "the avatars are cool"

Luke: "Oh and I'm a camp counselor. Lol forgot about that part"

Trey: "and i am probably the youngest. i am 16. and my name is trey."

Bianka: "So far I'm the oldest. Don't ask lol"

Meredith: "WASSPOPPINGG!? I'm Meredith call me Mer or Queen! 19 btw."

Cerina: "I think I'm the oldest. They told me this was a game for senior citizens"

Syd: "haha cerine"

Victoria: "Yeah the avatars are cool"

Luke: "Lmao @bIackiIos if mine wasn't so outdated, I'd love mine but everybody else's avatar is fireeee"

Trey: "your avatar is fine. hush."

Victoria: "Hey Meredith I'm Victoria and I'm 19 too!"

As soon as Johnny saw Queen Meredith, his eyes changed to heart shapes and his heart started to flutter heavily.

Johnny: "Hey Meredith! Missed you!"

Bill: "I've got you all beat when it comes to age I think haha"

Luke: "Pull a Karen and beat us all!!!!"

Caleb: "Karen stole my heart from the minute she told them "this is why none of you won the first time." I knew she'd be a one liner legend after that"

Syd: "Karen was a legend"

Meredith: "Hey Johnny!! I missed you too slut. Victoria I already fucks with you!!"

Episode 1 - House is Warming Tenor

Host: "You might want to let people know fucking with them is a compliment for you, Meredith"

Meredith: "Lmfaoo Oh yeah Victoria I fucks with you means I fucks with heavy as in I kinda like you"

Johnny: "Nothing but love 4 u Meredith" *blows her a kiss*

Meredith: "Same boo" *blows one back*

Victoria: "Oh sorry Meredith I didn't see your messages."

Syd: "I keep on saying that I'm going to bed but then my phone lights up and I freak out"

Cerina: "She's just trying to go to sleep early so she doesn't have to share a bed"

Sara: "Are all our time zones the same?"

Meredith: "I live in the hood in NY"

Johnny: "Central"

Caleb: "I'm in the burbs in Texas"

Luke: "NC baby! Well.. the states just about gone to shit so I'm not proud of it but it is what it is:/"

Cerina: "NC here too!"

Syd: "Oh Canada over here"

Bianka: "I'm fluent in French, English and gifs"


Meredith: "Sara, Syd, How's the weed out there?!!!"

Syd: "#WeedIsntLegalYetMeredith"

Luke: "Is only legal in like, two states here.... NC is not one of them so that's a bummer but doesn't quite seem to stop anybody"

Syd: "It doesn't stop anyone in Canada either I'm just not that into it"

Luke: "I may or may not be allergic to it my first encounter did not go too well..."

Bianka: "This convo took a turn"

Episode 1 - House is Warming Tenor

Bianka walks in the Diary Room

Just by observing the main group chat I feel like there's definitely some sort of an alliance. And I think Cerina is in one.

Johnny: "If weed had as much money as the alcohol lobby it would be legal by now"

Luke: "Meredith what's your profile pic i like it"

Meredith: "Thanks I seriously fucks with ya ♡ & it's a girl with a. Ute plant held in front of her face"

Kathy overhears Bill talking about music.

Kathy: "Just wanted to say I like your reference to "Nature Boy" Not too many people know the song. Have a great evening."

Bill: "Thanks for the shout out though. And you can call me Bill btw. Enjoy your day"

Fashionably late, Millie makes her grand entrance.

Millie: "Hello everyone"

Meredith: "Ew, I'm suddenly going to sleep."

Millie: "LOL Mood"

Meredith: "That moment when there's a ghost in the group chat"

Millie walks in the Diary Room

Hello, *Takes a seat* *ahh hemmm clears throat* LaughingLaughing So far I like everyone in the house they all seem nice for now. Everyone seems to be getting along well maybe a little too well


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